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How A Pre-med Student Became A Stock Market Pro

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My Sirius XM Show guest this week is J.R. Fenwick, founder and CEO of and Hold That Stock, an education and technology company that specializes in teaching beginners how the stock market works and how to make money flipping and holding stocks from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

FLipThatStock’s fun, and uncomplicated platform includes videos, audios and live weekly training, including access to private social media groups.

J.R. graduated from Hampton University with a degree in nursing/pre-med at the urging of his father, who was a doctor and his mother, who was a nurse. Upon graduating and working as a registered nurse for a year, he joined corporate America, taking on sales and marketing positions in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment and diagnostic industries.

But J.R.’s true passion was being an entrepreneur. While still working in corporate America, he began turning each of his passions (including recording and producing music, martial arts, coaching, and marketing) into profitable businesses that combined and surpassed his six-figure corporate salary!

He quit his $100,000 a year job! He went on to write the award-winning book, How I Quit My $100,000 A Year Job, which inspires, motivates, and educates others on how to turn their passions into profits. He even launched a TV show called “The Kick Your BOSS To The Curb.”

J.R. Fenwick is a featured speaker for entrepreneurial conferences around the country, on the topics of the stock market and entrepreneurism.

J.R. believes that when you “do big business,” you learn how to make your money work for you, and not just work for your money. Then, invest and get rewarded monetarily when those businesses grow.

Here are some words of wisdom from J.R.

  • Learning is the key to earning in the stock market.

  • The quickest way to lose money in the stock market is to be so anxious to make money quickly that you don't take the time to learn how the market works.

  • If you are serious about success, it starts with learning and investing in yourself and in your thinking.

  • The three-step process to making money in the stock market is: 1.) Learn it, 2.) Practice it, 3.) Then do it.

  • It is necessary to develop the right habits and become proficient at them, if you want to be successful. You must be committed, persistent, and have great desire.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people.

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To get FREE Online ACCESS to J.R. Fenwick's audiobook, How I Quit My $100,000 A Year Job, please click here.

This powerful Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show interview on Sirius XM Radio airs this Saturday at 4pm ET, next Tuesday and next Thursday at 6pm ET on channel 141-HUR Voices.

It will be available the following week on The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Tunein, iHeart Radio, C Suite Radio and Spotify. Listen and be inspired!

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How A Pre-med Student Became A Stock Market Pro

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