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Ideas are worthless!


You may have a great idea, but that doesn’t make you a successful entrepreneur.

With the idea, you’re about 1% of the way there, execution is the other 99%.

So why don’t you execute? Because it’s difficult. Because it means you have to change. Because it takes energy. Because it takes commitment. Because you aren’t good at new things until you have some experience. Because you may fail. 

The point in question may be better explained by this little story!

Once upon a time there was a BlackSmith named Jarin who wanted to make a sword.

A sword that would slay a dragon to save a maiden. A sword that would be raised to lead armies to victory and to plunder the enemy. A sword to knight honorable warriors, create Kingships and become a symbol of the country’s sovereignty,

He had heard of legends that told of mythical swords that were made from indestructible ore, but all he had was some tools, an anvil and his idea.

Jarin said, ‘I must think about it. I must try and make the best sword there has ever been”

He had heard of legends that told of mythical swords that were made from indestructible ore, but all he had was some tools, an anvil and his idea.

“Let me think about my sword. Perhaps I can make the perfect sword.” he said.

So he thought and thought about his sword, and nothing happened. He didn’t make drawings or even try to make a wooden prototype!


His neighbor, Merek, who was also a Blacksmith like Jarin, also wanted to make a sword. But instead of worrying about how or if he could do it, he got to work. He also didn’t worry about his competitors, he just focused on making the best sword he could. Every day and night, he hammered away, smelting and forging sword after sword.

Some swords looked terrible, Some swords just broke as soon as they were cooled by water. Some swords were blunt. But Merek kept going until he produced a respectable one, even though it looked ordinary and simple, it was sharp and sturdy, and he was really pleased with it.

One day, a knight rushed in and said hurriedly, “I need a sword now! The enemy has attacked the land, and I have lost my sword”

Merek gave him his newly made sword and the knight left.

 Some time later, the knight came back with a big smile and said, “Are a Master craftsman?”

“No, I’m just an ordinary Blacksmith.” Said Merek. “Your sword literally saved the country.” The knight beamed. “With it, I led my soldiers into battle and killed the enemy. If I didn’t have your sword, I might have not have been able to fight and achieve victory. As a member of the Realm, I would like to knight you and make you the Royal Smith and I will give you a title and riches. Well done, my splendid subject!”

So, Merek became the land’s most famous Master Blacksmith, and after his death, became a legend revered by history. And his sword and later creations eventually became artifacts of humanity’s legacy.

Still want to let your idea stay an idea?

Don’t sit around coming up with great ideas — this will prove a fruitless endeavor. Instead, consider how you can execute an idea. After all, ideas are one in a million — but proper execution can yield millions, even maybe a knighthood!

Ideas are worthless. The value is in the execution

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