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Why Do We Dream?

                                    Why Do We Dream?

We spend up to 7 years of our lives dreaming. Scientists tell us that we all dream every night. As a matter of fact, we each have about 6-8 dreams every single night. But we often do not remember our dreams. Stress, extreme fatigue and a lack of awareness of the importance of dreaming are common reasons that many people are typically “non-recallers.” But once you begin to understand the value of your dreams, intend to remember them, and practice a few simple tips, you can easily become a regular dreamer.

Dreams seem to have several purposes. Some dreams are just memories of our mind doing the job of “filing away” information we have learned during the day. Other dreams, however, come from our inner minds with messages for us. They come to tell us things we need to know, but may not be paying attention to. Dreams are one way our inner minds “talk “ to us.

Dreams come in many shapes and sizes. Precognitive or predictive dreams sometimes come to help us prepare for a future event that comes to pass. Telepathic dreams involve mind-to-mind communication with other people. There are visitation dreams where angels, mentors, and loved ones visit us to provide guidance. In my experience as a Complicated Grief Therapist, working with family members who have lost loved ones, about 50% report receiving some kid of “message” from their loved one–often in a dream–following the death. Lucid dreams occur when we become aware that we are dreaming. In this state, we have some ability to interact with and influence on the outcome of a dream. This is important because changes (for example befriending or standing up to a dream “enemy”) made during the dream state are reflected in the waking state as well (the sense of empowerment carries over). 

We often will dream experiential testing dreams (especially during a transition) where our subconscious is processing through different scenarios to help us make better choices or help prepare us for an arduous undertaking. Creative dreams, such as Einstein and Edison both reported influenced much of their work, come more often once you begin to work with your dreams. You can even learn to “program” your dream state to bring you an idea or to help you solve a problem. You can ask you inner self to give you advice or guidance through a dream message.

Rita Milios, LCSW, The Mind Mentor, is a psychotherapist/spiritual coach, speaker and author from Kissimmee FL.  She is available for online spiritual coaching sessions. Call: 863-496-7223 for details.

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