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The 14 Benefits of Happiness For Personal and Business Success

1. You eliminate fear, anxiety and stress. You can’t be happy and depressed at the same time. It is impossible. When you decide to be positive within yourself the negative has to leave. It is just like walking into a dark room, you don’t yell and scream at the darkness and tell it to get out. You don’t try to grab it and physically remove it from the room so the light can get in. No! You ignore the darkness because you know that all you have to do is simply flip the light switch and the light comes in. When the light is present the darkness automatically disappears. No Struggle!
2. You feel better – When in the mental state of joy and happiness your body releases chemicals that give you that “feeling great” feeling; sometimes even a feeling of euphoria.
3. Your body heals itself – When happy, your body produces endorphins and other chemicals that help your body repair and heal on its own. There are a multitude of stories of people who have had “miraculous” healings. Often the body has even healed or eliminated cancer or other diseases that doctors couldn’t cure. Science has proven that when fear and doubt are eliminated it gives the body a better chance to heal itself.
4. You are moving in a higher (positive) energy frequency. When you are happy you are in a higher state of spirituality; a state of giving and loving, the same characteristics of God, Spirit, Higher Power, Source, whatever word you want to use to explain the intelligence that is keeping your heart beating and the planets in orbit.
5. You generate positive energy outward to others – A smile – When you smile at a person walking by, they will usually smile back. Doesn’t that feel good? It also felt good to them when you smiled at them.
6. Others are positively affected – your positive energy stirs up their endorphins, causing them to feel better also.
7. Others are drawn to you – they like feeling good so they want to be around you. This works really great if you want to eliminate negative people and start attracting more positive friends.
8. Others send positive back to you – You stir up their endorphins, increasing their positive energy and it comes right back to you. Example: Doing a good deed. Do you remember during the gas crisis there was a man showing up at different gas stations in the Tampa Bay area handing out money at the gas pumps? He would have a five dollar bill covering $20’s and even 50’s. Well, you can just imagine how great that felt; to give that kind of money to people who were so appreciative. And what about those people who received the money; want to bet they felt great. But it doesn’t stop there. Everyone who watched the money transaction also got a “feel good” rush while sharing that moment.
9. You will be finding the good in people and in life. When we are happy we naturally see more of the good around us and in others instead of what is wrong. People respond better to positive reinforcement than negative. So, in business, finding the good in people and the job will make you a better leader, manager,
organizer, instructor, co-worker etc. And in your personal life you will be a better spouse, lover, friend, neighbor, and parent.
10. Others will want to give you their best instead of just getting by. When you recognize someone’s strengths and constantly build them up, you are encouraging and inspiring them. They really like that feeling, so they want more, so they do more. They will do more of the things you are speaking positively to them about. This includes the management team, your employees, spouse and children.
11. Out of all the other sales reps in the office, more customers and clients will want you. A person filled with peace and happiness exudes confidence because they are happy within themselves. That confidence will attract more customers and clients. My daughter is a great example of this. When she was in her twenties she worked as a server in a very nice restaurant. She was friendly, cheerful and had a sincere desire to please her customers. So much so that she became their friend, relating to them on a more personal level. This caused them to ask for her each time they came back to eat and very often she received extremely generous tips.
12. You could possibly earn a raise or promotion. There are statistics now proving that happy people do better on the job, get better jobs and make more money. There is a very good chance that when your boss, manager, supervisor sees you working better with the customers/clients and being more productive he will want to reward you in some way, possibly with a bonus, raise or promotion.
13. At home your spouse or partner will be more loving in response to your giving love and joy. Anything you don’t feel you are getting from your spouse, start giving it in a loving way. Eventually it will start to come back to you. And if you find it hard at first, pretend you have it until you do. Your happiness does not depend on what someone else is doing or not doing. Find the good in everything and everyone. When you are happy you automatically want to give, you see the good in others; eventually they will catch the wave and bless you in return.
14. Children respond really well to positive thoughts and emotions which bring about positive actions. You will find children jumping right in there with you; laughing, smiling and enjoying life. They want to please and when you are building them up and encouraging them in a positive and loving manner, the sky is the limit to what they will accomplish.

“Stop waiting for prosperity to bring you happiness.
Start using happiness to bring you prosperity.”
Christina Courting

Did you enjoy this list? It was taken from Christina’s book, It’s Better to Laugh!
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