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Following v. Leading Yourself

Curious observations, probing remarks and clever quotes often give me reason to pause.

They challenge me to revisit certain perspectives and search for deeper wisdom to navigate through life with an eye toward better outcomes.

The quote above from Robert F. Mager, late American psychologist and author whose prolific books on learning were translated into 17 languages prior to his passing at age 97, provides me with one such opportunity to reflect. 

How very true is his adage: If we’re not sure where we’re going, we are liable to end up someplace else!

I’m wondering if you’ve ever thought about where you wish to go. I’m not referring to destinations like Toledo, Ohio or Istanbul, Turkey; I’m thinking instead about inner, emotional places where our peace, happiness and serenity are found. 

Following Others v. Leading Ourselves

Over the past few years, I’ve reflected in several posts about mounting fears I’ve observed among the general population. Some of these people are nearby friends, some are located throughout the US and still others hail from around the globe.  Overall, I’ve been witnessing a growing sense of uncertainty, one clearly in the realm of phenomena. The phenomena includes observing even some highly intelligent and informed individuals struggling with their former sense of self.  Unwittingly, they’ve exchanged their inner anchors for the guidance and expertise of others whose voices change even as the shifting wind.

Few would dispute that nearly everything that comprised our former reality is now being challenged. Ever-shifting developments in the cosmos have created a sense of confusion, distrust and even panic throughout many nations. Unfortunately, conflicting news reports and ever-adjusting expert guidance have contributed to, rather than assuaged, the growing sense of anxiety. As a result, there’s an awareness emerging that we’re neither confident nor optimistic about our future destination. 

 Latest Podcasts Designed for a Changing World

My aim has always been to serve as a reminder of truth and peace that resides within our hearts. For example, instead of focusing on what divides or makes us afraid, I query around what unites and uplifts. My focus is to return faith and confidence to our spirit, the only place where peace and rest can be found.  

Yes, we are transitioning — shifting in some seismic way — from one era to another. Collectively, we’re like an undulating ship at sea, navigating through heavy thunderstorms at the meeting point of two oceans whose currents are converging upon each other. Keeping such a turbulent image in mind allows us to be mindful of the tumultuous effects such a “shift” can have on us: we’re the battered passengers in the midst of the maelstrom! 

No one can say when the turbulent period will end, when we sail forward into calmer waters and the rising sunshine of a New Day.

However, rather than running for cover in confusion and fear, we do have another option. We can choose to approach the future in a spirit of faith, optimism and positive engagement. We can stand in our own knowledge, wisdom and awareness.

We can also play our part to actively help construct a better world — for a history that is yet to be written.

For those with a pioneering spirit, who recognize that playing their own role in what’s to come is key, I invite you to step into my three latest podcasts: M is for Money, L is for Life and K is for Knowing.

You’ll likely note that these podcasts begin with letters of the alphabet, and that they are arranged in a seemingly backward order. They are. Like the quote above, they’re designed to cause you pause. They’re there to help you revisit acquired perspectives and seek out new wisdom for better outcomes ahead. Each one is part of a 26 part series I’ve entitled The ABC’s of NOW. If you’re an iTunes listener, you can find them all here. 

Every one of these podcasts is designed to increase your faith. They’re also here to remind you of your personal power and influence, to point you toward your inner knowing and to inspire you to be an architect of good things to come!

Repeating the theme of an epic, nautical journey, may we one day shout, “Ahoy! There’s new land ahead and it’s looking quite Good!


Click here to listen to Episode 14: M is for Money

 Click here to listen to Episode 15: L is for Life

Click here to listen to Episode 16: K is for Knowing


In keeping with the themes of destinations and the nautical, I’m reminded of a previous post and podcast inspired by the docks of Split, Croatia.  You can read and listen here at Where is Your Ship Headed?

Looking out on the Black Sea atop the Potemkin Steps in Odessa, Ukraine Potemkin Steps

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