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Mary Magdalene's Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment 3-19-2018

Greetings, Dear Beloved, yes, it is I, Grand. I am very happy to be with all of you today. I bow to each of you for this is a very important day. It is a celebration of my love for my beloved Lea and for all of you as well. I stand with you to bring a message of hope and faith and devotion, for without these frequencies, the human condition would certainly suffer. I have lived in human form many incarnations, but I choose now to remain as a spirit guide to Lea at this time. I am with her throughout this incarnation, and will continue to be with her throughout eternity. And today, I ask each of you, if you so shall, I am more than willing and more than happy to help assist you with your own life pathway and your own journey, so that you do not feel alone, or you do not feel unloved. We understand that oftentimes your own spiritual team can seem elusive, and if you are not connected telepathically, it is difficult, at times, to feel the presence of the angels, guides, and master teachers that are always around you and working with you. Therefore, we understand the hopelessness and the disconnection from your Higher Self and from your spiritual team and advisors, but we say upon this day, that you are surrounded, all of you are surrounded, by your own beautiful spiritual team of light. And this is of great significance and great renewal that each of you enter into this phase of life with a renewed sense of hope. For you see, Dearest Ones, this new energy of the Earth, the new Jerusalem, is here, and this new age of enlightenment has now been sparked into the hearts of so many. There is a great deal of excitement here on our side that we are able to now assist at even a deeper level to those whom we are guiding. And so all of your master guides and teachers are now able to assist each of you at a higher frequency of light. And so expect this, and know this, and hold the faith and hold the hope that you are able to let go and to surrender and to simply allow yourself to receive the guidance telepathically, kinesthetically, or in your own cognitive and clairvoyant knowingness, so that you are able to feel, know and sense the energies of your own master guides and teachers. This is of grave importance that you begin to tap into these essences of these beings that are working with you, just as I came and appeared to Lea 25 years ago through auditory communication. It was a simple process of me bringing my energy to her level of vibration and she was able to raise her vibration so that she could begin to communicate with me.

We are telling each of you that this is all within the realm of possibility for all of you now, where all of you are able to lift your vibration where you are able to work with your primary guides and master teachers. Therefore, Dearest Children, realize that this energy of hope and faith is an essence that is alive and well within you, and this frequency is now allowing you to be able to tap into and to connect with your own spiritual advisors. The only thing that you are in need of doing is simply surrendering, letting go and letting God, and calling in your Higher Self, and allowing your Higher Self to orchestrate this connection. Some of you have different ways of connecting, some are able to bring the information through auditorily, some through the healing energy and the vibration through your hands, some clairvoyantly and are able to see, and some simply through your own knowingness. However it works for you, please call this in today. This is of grave importance, for as I have said, the energy has shifted, and now the opening and the doorway and the pathways can open for each of you to be able to connect. Just like Lea did 25 years ago with me, you are now able to do this without effort, and you see, the veils continue to be thin between the Higher Realms of the light beings and the spiritual angelic team that stand with you, and your Earth. We know this has been spoken of through Mary Magdalene and the Holy Family many times, but the veils are becoming thinner and thinner and thinner. And all of you will surprisingly be able to communicate with your spiritual team. This takes devotion, this takes faith, and if you have hope, then your faith and your devotion go hand in hand.

And so, today, I would like to begin to open the energy centers of the frequency and the vibration of hope and faith. So I ask you to take a deep breath, place your feet upon the ground, and begin to connect your energy first into the vibration of hope. This is the vibration that Jesus, Yeshua, Lord Sananda, has brought forth into the human realm, into the energy field for humans to be able to tap into. This is in The Twelve Master Teachings of Christ, it is a real frequency, it is alive, it holds a powerful essence. This is why I am coming forward to you today, so that you can tap into this frequency. It is my honor to do the work and the bidding of our beloved Jesus. And so, please take a deep breath, and breathe in this powerful frequency, as if you are inhaling the beautiful energy of love. As if you are calling in the vibrational frequency of peace and tranquility upon your soul. I ask that you begin to breathe in the vibration of hope, Help Our People Evolve is the acronym, HOPE. Help Our People Evolve, HOPE is the acronym. And so, take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath and breathe in this frequency. And allow this energy now to enter into your vessel, and enter into your essence, and begin to feel this sense of inspiration, excitement, passion, rejuvenation. This is of grave importance that you always hold and carry the frequency of hope. Without hope, Dearest Ones, the human spirit is not able to move forward. For this is difficult, when people lose hope, it causes great turmoil, depression, and other negative harmonic frequencies within their systems to overtake them.

And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to hold this energy, as if you are holding it within your heart chakra, and begin to feel this energy that you are not alone. And so, Dearest Ones, I ask you to behold the healing nature of the Divine radiating through you, and now activating your heart chakra, as all of your angels, master guides, and teachers are surrounding you with love and offering you their spiritual support and guidance. We ask you to reject those who are not of the light, and accept only those who are of the light, who are a part of your spiritual team, and of your angelic frequency. Simply allowing yourself to call forth this energy of hope as you are now able to clearly feel and sense the loving guidance of their energy as they watch over you. And so, take a deep breath, and begin to see and feel the energy of renewal and hope and the transformational light that they bring as you begin to feel and sense their energy guiding you and directing your every action. Call forth the energy of renewal, and say to yourself, I lack nothing because they are there to help me, and I am no longer alone. I lack nothing, because they are there to help me, and I am no longer alone. I lack nothing, because they are there to help me, and I am no longer alone. And so breathe this energy in, that you are not alone. Breathe in this energy of hope, that you are able to now begin to renew your connection onto your spiritual team and advisors. They’ve always been with you, but because of the veil, because of the heaviness of the human condition, and because of your own divine timing to awaken to the frequency, this is the appointed hour, this is the appointed moment. On this day, March 19, 2018, this is the appointed hour, this is the appointed day where each of you are able to open the floodgates as they say, and the veils are released, and you are able to step forward into your own power, into you own light, seeing and feeling and connecting to the Divine, guiding you in every step that you take. Remember that you lack nothing, because you have all of the angels, guides, and master teachers, and the great I AM, and the great Heavenly Host, all helping you. You are no longer alone.

And so, Dearest Children, begin to breathe in this frequency of faith, calling in this vibration of faith into your being. Calling in this vibration of faith into your being. It, too, holds a powerful resonance, just as the energy of hope, as it has this beautiful frequency of Divine, Cosmic Love running through the beautiful frequency, as if the energy of Cosmic Love and Faith are intertwined like a marriage, each holding the energy for the other. And you see, this frequency of faith, the sweetness, the frequency of the sweetness of faith, the purity of faith, as the beloved Jesus brought forth the energy for those to call forth their faith. For all those to call forth their faith. We know it’s difficult, Dearest Children, but it is held inside of your soul, within the very essence of your soul, the frequency of faith is anchored. And so, we say today, Dearest Ones, that it is your birthright, it is what you were born with, it has nothing to do with religion, it has nothing to do with your culture, it has to do with the frequency and the vibration. When people say what faith are you? You will say, I am the energy of All That Is. I hold the vibrational frequency of All That Is. For this is the frequency of faith. For many have misunderstood or misconstrued one’s faith. People have separated themselves, as you have known, into various sects and categories and belief systems. And yet, the frequency of faith is encompassing of All That Is. It is the frequency of the heavenly Divine presence. And there is no separation, there is only Oneness. And so, it is instilled within you, it is anchored within you, within your soul. And so, Dearest Children, call forth this vibration, and re-remember the power that was gifted to you at the inception of your soul and the inception of your spirit. You were gifted with all of the gifts to succeed and to move forward into this Divine pathway of your physical incarnations here on Earth.

And today, it is a day of letting go and surrendering, letting go and surrendering, letting go and surrendering. And letting your beautiful light shine, letting go and surrendering, letting go and surrendering, and allowing your beautiful light to shine. Today is a powerful, powerful day of reclamation. It is a powerful day of healing, it is of great importance that you allow these frequencies of hope and faith now to begin to run through your system as if it is a part of your physical blood, your vital life force. Call in this frequency, call it into your heart, call it into the essence of your being, that regardless of what is happening within your life, there is always hope, as you deepen your faith. And with your faith, it allows you to have hope. And with devotion and also with determination, you are able to overcome any obstacles in your current life situation that you feel you are struggling with, mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically, psychically, financially. You are able to overcome and call this energy into your heart, and feel the presence of the light that you are. Feel the presence of the love that you are. Feel the renewal as you begin to enter into this frequency and feel the love. Feel the energy of renewal as you feel the love. And so, Dearest Ones, we ask you to hold this also within your third eye, your all-seeing eye, calling the vibration into your third eye so that you will begin to visually see the visions, for your future. This is a gift that I am honored to bring to you today, to awaken your third eyes, all of your third eyes are being awakened, so that you are able to see your pathway like a trajectory, like a movie theatre, that you are able to see the glimpses, and to see the bigger picture of your pathway, so that you will be able to remain calm and centered and focused in your faith, in your devotion, and remain centered and whole.

And so, allow me to open up your third eye, and simply begin to breathe. Open up your third eye and simply begin to breathe. Breathe in the energy, and breathe in the essence, and breathe in the peace. Breathe in the energy, breathe in the essence, and breathe in the peace. Breathe in the energy, breathe in the essence, and breathe in the peace. Calm yourself, and know that all is in Divine order, and all is as it should be. Remember, your spiritual team is directing every action, and you lack nothing, and you have all the help that you need, and you are not alone. Remember, Dearest Children, you are not alone, you are a part of the family of light. We are all one, one family of light, who have stepped forward to assist this planet and all of creation. And as you hold this devotion within your heart, you are serving from the Living Light of God, you are serving from a place of devotion, you are serving in the heart of all that is. Begin to feel this light and this frequency as you enter into this light.

Today, we are anchoring, as they say, into this tube of light, into this frequency of hope, faith, and devotion. This is being anchored within you so that you are able to move forward, as they say, with grace and ease. And just as I came and made my presence to Lea 25 years ago, she did not shy away from me, she remained devoted and hopeful and filled with faith. And so it is for each of you to hold the faith and devotion and remain devoted in order for you to perfect your connection to your own master guides and teachers. We know that this is not a simple task, nor is it an easy request, but we say to you, Dearest Ones, we are here for you, all of us are waiting for you to connect. And many of you have this hope to do this, and this desire to do this, and so it is very real, it is very palpable. It is obtainable. And so understand, at this time, the importance of faith. So you have the devotion, if you so choose, you will be anchored into this tube of light with this frequency of hope and faith upon this day. And I am grateful that I have been gifted this opportunity to activate your third eye so that you are able to see your pathway with greater ease. Dearest Ones, know that you are all beautiful, beautiful children of light. And that your devotion on this Earth plane is of great significance. And we here appreciate all of you and all the work that you do to help this planet and all of creation evolve and ascend into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. For you see, this new age has emerged and, as has been spoken, the new cities of light are now ready to move forward. So feel the essence of the love that you’re holding, and begin to feel this sense of excitement that a new day is dawning. For it is true, all of your lives are now opening to a new direction, and expanding into a higher frequency of light.

And as each of you shift your vibration, it assists all of us here in the heavenly realm. Each one teach one, each one lead one. Just as you shift your vibration into a higher vibration and frequency, I am able to shift my vibration and frequency and on and on it goes. And so, you see, it can be a bit confusing, but we are all one. And we are all working for the common good of the Galactic Federation to bring this planet to its rightful state. And so you are needed to awaken, you are needed to awaken and to hold the vibration of faith and hope so that you can bring this to others and awaken them, and instill the frequency of love so that they, too, may begin to tap in to the frequency of Cosmic Love, Cosmic Grace, hope, faith, and devotion.

It is a very important day, Dearest Children, that you center your remembrance on who you are. For this is a very, very important day, that you enter into this frequency with devotion to yourself. That you are devoted to yourself. Please remember how important you are and how you are filling your heart with such purity that the energy is overflowing through you. And others can feel it, and they will want to have what you have, they will want to learn from you, they will want to understand, they will want to embody the energy of hope and faith, just as you, as a faithful servant of God, who has come to this planet as a physical spiritual being, serving from your beautiful heart, an open heart, filled with hope, love, faith, and devotion. It is of great significance, Dearest Children, that you feel the presence of your heart chakra now beginning to expand, as you begin to behold the healing nature of the Divine, radiating and activating your heart chakra. Begin to feel the healing nature of the Divine, radiating through you and activating your heart chakra. And as you return to love, may you be at peace. Center your heart now, Dearest Children, into this day of great gratitude as you enter into this frequency of pure, Divine Love.

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