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Meet Dr. Traci Lynn The Real Deal Millionaire Maker

24 Mar 2022 | Posted Under Success

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My guest this week is Dr. Traci Lynn, speaker, best-selling author, founder, and CEO of Jewels by Traci Lynn. This is one of the largest direct sales organizations in America for cosmetic jewelry.

Dr. Traci Lynn was born in Detroit and raised in an environment where she helped her grandmother sell goods at events around the city.

She grew up and worked a few years in corporate America, but at 25 she decided to start her own business. She had a number of businesses before starting her jewelry business, which she started with only $200. It is now a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 25,000 consultants. She has earned the nickname “The Millionaire Maker” for helping so many of her consultants to become millionaires.

Dr. Traci Lynn was the recipient of numerous awards, including the Madame CJ Walker Award for entrepreneur excellence, the University of Pennsylvania Carrier of Hope Award for her community service, and The Spirit of Greatness Award for outstanding Leadership in business.

She was also featured on Good Morning America for owning one of the top-grossing businesses among young entrepreneurs, and Essence Magazine for innovative business success.

Here are 9 tips Dr. Traci Lynn shared in this powerful interview:

  1. The secret to success is a positive mental attitude mixed with great faith and massive action!

  2. To get a real mindset change, you must also change your "wordset"...which are the words that come out of your mouth. Your world is created by your words.

  3. Check out your associations. Are they moving in the same direction as you? If not, make some changes now!

  4. Who are you talking to? Make a point to get around people who add to you, and if possible, folks who multiply you.

  5. Strength Is one thing, but endurance is another! Get Endurance! The race does not go to the swift or to the strong, but to the one who endures until the end.

  6. Discourage means to “Diss” Your Courage. Don’t do it!

  7. Decide which voice the YOU are going to listen to. Are you going to listen to theYOU who wants to help you grow into your greatness, or the YOU who is always stopping your success? Choose the Big Thinking YOU, not the small minded you!

  8. Put some fun into your finances. Have fun and be good with making a lot of money.

  9. Decide to be a distribution center for God’s blessings. Let God know He can trust you to let money go through you, so more money can come to you.

This powerful Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show interview on Sirius XM Radio airs this Saturday at 4pm ET, next Tuesday and next Thursday at 6pm ET on channel 141-HUR Voices.

For access to more interviews, download The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Podcast on C Suite Radio or wherever else you get your podcasts. Listen and be inspired!

Meet Dr. Traci Lynn – The Real Deal Millionaire Maker!

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