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How To Walk Your Way To Health

One of the very best ways to stay healthy and active is one of the simplest.  All you have to do is walk.  Walking is one of the very best exercises you can do, you can do it just about anywhere, and you can do it at whatever pace you want.

The basics of walking

What do you need to start walking?  A good pair of shoes and your doctor’s permission.  That’s it.  Whether you have been an active fitness buff for many years or you’re just starting to increase your level of activity, walking is perhaps the easiest and most beneficial exercise you could choose.  It’s all about the number of steps you walk each day, and it can be a lot of fun to find ways to add steps in very simple and easy ways.

The great thing about walking as exercise is you don’t have to do it all at once to get benefits.  While you might really like taking a walk that’s one or two miles long, you can get just as much benefit by going for shorter ten minute walks two or three times a day.  Adding in extra walking to your day is easier than you might think.  For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Choose a parking spot that’s a little further away from the front door.  Walk to the store each morning to pick up your newspaper.  Or even make a point of walking around your living room two or three times every time there’s a commercial on TV.

It’s a really good idea to get a pedometer.  A pedometer is a small device to clip on to your waist each day that measures the number of steps you take.  They’re available with many different features and functions, but you probably don’t need more than a basic version to start.  They are relatively inexpensive, in some cases as low as $10.00 or $15.00, and they’re very easy to use.  Just click it on in the morning and it will count your steps all day long.

Mix things up a little bit

Once you have started walking more, you can think about mixing things up a little bit and doing things a little bit different to keep up your energy and enthusiasm.  For instance, you could add to the distance you walk each day.  Or, you could take a walk each day with a pair of one pound or two pound weights in your hand.  If you’re using a pedometer during the day, set a goal for yourself to add 100 more steps per day.  If that goal is too easy, make it 200 or even 300 steps per day, whatever works best for you.

A change of scenery is another great way to perk up your walking activities.  Instead of walking your usual route, go to a local park and walk around the perimeter several times.  Walk the beach. Or, if there is a nearby lake or river with a walking path, go walk there.  If weather is a problem, there’s always the local shopping mall; in fact, many shopping malls have organized walking programs you can join for free.  It’s a good way to get your exercise and meet new friends, too. Or you can even start your own walking group.

Measure your progress

As with any fitness program or activity, there will probably be times when you get a little bored or maybe wonder if it’s really doing you any good.  A good way to overcome this is to measure your progress.  If you’re using a pedometer, take a look at how the number of steps you take each day have increased.  Or, if you measure your walking by distance take a look at how much farther you can walk now than you could when you started.

Although walking may not seem like intense exercise, it really is an incredibly effective way to improve your health and stay active.  It doesn’t matter how active you were when you started, what matters is how much your activity has increased.  So celebrate and take pride in what you’re doing, because you certainly deserve it!


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