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What you can do with a virtualized operating system

What you can do with a virtualized operating system

Odds are, you’re running Parallels Desktop for Mac because you have that one program, that one holdout that is keeping you from going full native on Mac. Or you have that client that needs to see the work in Windows, or you’re not out of the woods and still need to develop for Internet Explorer. Either way, we’re here for youbut there are a few benefits to running a virtual machine you may not have thought of yet!

Access bad data

There is little in the world that is more nerve-racking than testing some bad code, opening a potential virus, or unleashing anything on your machine that could have unintended consequences. Instead of tracking down a clean machine, you can create a new VM and use it to open your questionable data. In less time than it can take to flag down IT for an additional machine, you can create a new VM, test your data, and delete the VM when you’re done.

With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can create snapshots for any time, and revert back to that moment. Hit a milestone in your project? Create a snapshot so you can quickly get back to that moment. About to make a lot of changes to an OS and want to quickly get back to a clean state before adjusting all the settings? Make a snapshot now, then make all your changes.

Sometimes bad data gets to you before you realize it, though. One of my personal recommendations is that you automate the creation of snapshotsthat way, you never have to go back too far if your VM gets corrupted by bad data. Our support team has a whole article here on working with snapshots: 

Test upgrades first!

We’ve all been there: The latest OS is out, and you’re ready for all the new bells and whistles, only to find out some of your required software isn’t ready to work on the latest OS. Save yourself hours of wasted time trying to uninstall an OS that wrote over your current machine (especially if you didn’t make a snapshot as mentioned before!) by making a new VM with the new OS. Then you can load your programs as you play with it, and you don’t have to risk your current environment while you check it out. Our senior product manager, Kurt Schmucker, wrote about doing this very thing when macOS Sierra was first in beta.

Run old apps

Here’s one we hear a lot: A client comes to you with a piece of software they need you to run for one reason or another, but it doesn’t work on a Mac. (Or they failed to test their upgrade like we mentioned above and found out that they need it, but are now on an OS that doesn’t allow them to run this needed software!) Or for me, it’s running a super old computer game that I’ve kept around long enough that it won’t run on my OS.

Dig out those old programs or those old computer games! Get that needed functionality from the old systems that have upgraded away. Show off your old 16-bit computer game collection. (I have a soft spot for the old ’90s point-and-click RPGs like Gabriel Knight that were never made for the Mac!)

You have a powerful tool at your fingertips with Parallels Desktop for Mac. Make the most out of it and see what else it can help you do!

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