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Mary Magdalene's Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment 1-1-2018

Greetings, Dearest Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to you at this time for you to hold the balance within yourselves, for yes, as has been said, there is a new frequency that is now upon this planet. We here in the angelic and spiritual realm have been working very diligently to prepare this frequency upon the Earth plane so that freedom may reign, that balance may return to beloved Mother Gaia, and that all souls shall find freedom. Freedom within their own emotional, mental, physical, and psychological natures. Freedom, freedom, freedom. This is the year of freedom. And so, I ask you now, Dearest Children, to take a deep breath and allow yourself to return to balance, and to allow the frequency of freedom to enter into your being. Holding the space of love, first for yourself and then for another, breathing in the energy and the essence of love, breathing in the energy and the essence of peace, breathing in the energy and the essence of joy, calling in the vibration of freedom, feeling the essence of peace, feeling the essence of love, feeling the essence of joy.

 And so, Dear Ones, understand that we have prepared this new gridline, this new timeline of energy upon the Earth. This has been in preparation for thousands of years, and now, in your year 2018, this frequency is ready for all to receive and all to step into. This is a paradigm shift as we call it, and it is a shift into a higher vibrational frequency. It is now available for Mother Gaia and all inhabitants upon the Earth. It is simply an energy that is now lighter, freer, more balanced, and filled with peace and love. Perhaps you shall allow yourself to step into this frequency. We invite you now to allow yourself to step into this frequency, and to begin this journey through the rest of your incarnation and beyond, holding the essence of peace, holding the essence of love, holding the essence of joy into your essence and into your very presence. And so, Dear Ones, we ask you to hold this vibration and allow yourself to truly receive. Receive the Living God essence inside of your being. Please take a deep inhaling breath and begin to allow yourself to step forward into this vibration, if you so choose, allowing yourself now to ascend into this frequency of Divine Love and Divine Peace.

 Our daughter, Sarah, is standing with us at this time, and she is infusing this energy within each of you, and placing a blue azurite crystal upon your third eye. Allowing each of you to awaken into the vibration, into the essence, as an exalted being of light, now becoming fully awakened and free from the lower vibrational frequencies and energies that no longer serve you. Please breathe in the energy of freedom and allow freedom to ring upon your soul, and freedom to enter into your being. Freedom. And so, Dear Children, as you stand in this vibrational frequency, we ask you to open up your third eye and begin to see the world as a peaceful and as an abundant and glorious frequency, just as if you are re-remembering heaven on Earth, re-remembering heaven on Earth. During the beginning of the inception of this planet, it was in balance and harmony, and the planet will return back to its exalted state. And now, this frequency will begin to accelerate the energy of peace and balance on Earth, and it will begin to accelerate and open up the hearts of so many who are yearning for peace, who desire balance, wholeness, and unity for themselves and for this planet. And so, I ask you to stand in the light and in the love and allow yourself to feel this essence and presence as you know within your heart that you are now able to hold this frequency in your essence, and you are to make a difference upon the Earth plane. You literally are able to shift your consciousness and to step into this new vibrational frequency, and you will begin to change the world. You will begin to shift your vibration into an exalted state of glory, and make a difference in the lives of others around you.

 They will begin to feel your peace, and feel your tranquility, and feel the balance inside of you, and they will want to know what and how you have acquired this frequency. It will be, as they say, contagious, like a wildfire of energy. And so, Dearest Ones, please call this in, because you are all needed to hold the vibration of peace and balance, for this planet and all of creation. Know that through the incarnational time period in which you’ve all lived, you have shifted your vibration many times, but this will be the most exponentially powerful shift of energy you have felt thus far in your physical incarnation as the soul essence that you are. And so, Dear One, please allow yourself to hold this level of excitement and anticipation, that you are now returning back to your original state as the beautiful spirit that you are, returning back to the beautiful essence of the original spirit in which you first entered into this atmosphere and into this Earth.

 You may or may not remember the peace that you felt when you entered into the Earth plane as a beautiful spirit, eons and eons and eons ago. But now, Dearest Children you will begin to consciously feel this, and re-remember your true spirit essence. And so, Dear Ones, hold the love, hold the peace, hold the tranquility, and feel the essence of your light. Feel the brilliance of the powerful being that you are. And so, allow your third eye now to begin to awaken and to expand so that you can remember, feel, see, sense, and know the truth of who you are, and why you have come to this planet. This is your first day of your first year of your year of 2018, and we say, Dearest One,s that this is the beginning for all of you. January 1, 2018 is a beginning point for each of you. And so, if you so allow, allow this day to be the first day of the rest of your life, walking in peace and tranquility and allowing it to bring forth a sense of calmness, allowing your anxiety and fears to diminish. Allow yourself to feel this confidence that you are now connected to the energy of Oneness and unity, and that you have come home again, you have now returned back to this state of Oneness, you have re-entered into this frequency in which you were originally created. Can you imagine that you are able to walk upon this Earth plane and literally be the embodiment of Oneness? Can you imagine all souls walking on this Earth plane being in complete balance and unity consciousness, what would your Earth look like? How would your world change? How would people treat each other? How would you see the energy of the Earth Mother flourish? Can you imagine this happening in your lifetime? Can you imagine this happening in your now? And so, Dearest Ones, we are asking you each to hold this frequency to the highest of your ability, as you step into this light and to this frequency of love.

 Each one teach one, each one lead one, you are the Living Light and the living essence and the living soul that is making the difference upon this Earth plane. It is what my beloved Yeshua and my daughter Sarah and I have been striving for and working for over 2,000 years. It is why we came to bring this balance to the Earth. It is why Sarah’s message is pertinent at this time, and why Lea is bringing her message forward, so that people can understand how to step into this frequency, and understand the true essence of what we came to teach, for there has been much confusion about my life, my purpose, my mission, and my beloved Yeshua’s mission as well. And so, now, Dearest Ones, understand this is why we came, we came to bring this frequency and this energy for all to step into at the appointed hour when enough souls were awakened, and the consciousness of the planet had risen, then this new frequency, this new vibration, this new timeline of energy has been created for all to step into. This is of grave importance, for remember, you are the children of the light, you are the keepers of the light, you are the keepers of the light. You, Dearest Ones, hold the energy and the frequency of what we call the secrets that are now to be brought forward onto this planet. The secrets as we call them, is the awakening of the energy of the eternal light that is inside of you. The eternal light that shines brightly for all the world to see. And so, Dear One, you are now all being illuminated as keepers of the light. Your eternal light, the frequency inside of you, is being illuminated. And this planet is becoming brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter.

 And you are stepping forward into your brilliance, into your power, with great ease, and with great anticipation, that you are sending and receiving the energy of the eternal flame, as the keepers of light, through your essence and through your Divine presence. And so, Dear Ones, please acknowledge how important it is to hold your frequency as pure as you can, allowing no one or nothing to cause you any discomfort, allowing yourself to be, as they say, self-contained, and encapsulated into this new frequency that you are stepping into. This may sound a bit confusing, but we say, Dear Ones, that you will begin to feel the shift within your consciousness, and you will begin to feel the shift within your own vibration, and you will begin to feel more at peace. And so, this is extremely important that you consciously embody this frequency, and you allow your essence and your energy to be aligned to Oneness. Allowing your physical body now to return to its perfected state of harmony and balance. Any physical disharmonic frequencies within your physicality can now be restored to perfect balance. Please ask for it consciously and with pure intention. If you have any emotional or psychological discomfort, then ask to return to balance and peace, and it shall be so. If you have financial issues, ask that you return to Oneness and be in alignment to this frequency of abundance, of an abundant universe. If there are issues that you are holding within yourself, or towards another, ask that you hold the energy of Oneness and unity, so that you may forgive yourself, forgive another, and be at one with all those that you are connected to.

 Remember, we are all one, and what you bring forward affects another. As I have said many times, each one teach one, each one lead one. Please join together into this frequency and feel the love, feel the peace, feel the tranquility upon your soul. Each one teach one, each one lead one, feel the love, the peace and the tranquility upon your soul. Know at this time, Dearest Children, that you are the children of the light. You are the keepers of the light, you are the vessels of God’s brilliance. And so, as you allow yourself to step forward into this vibration, it is as if you have stepped onto a magic carpet ride, and your life will become easier, and you will step into the flow, understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be, and you are holding your vibration in this powerful energy of peace and balance. Just as the beautiful Lemurians who live in the underground city of Telos are living in balance and in perfection, the surface population can also do the same. It is possible if each soul awakens to the understanding that this is possible, it is a reality, it is simply easy and effortless. It is more difficult, Dear Ones, to be separated from unity consciousness then to return to unity. Mankind has separated itself from the energy of the Great Godhead out of fear, which, as we have spoken many times, has created great havoc upon this planet, but know, Dearest Children, that it is so much easier to live in the state of balance and to live in harmony and peace, then it is to live a state of confusion and imbalance. And so this is why Yeshua and myself and Sarah have all come to help assist you. We’ve come to help assist you to return to Divine Union within yourself, to Holy Grace and peace inside of your being. There is never a time, Dearest Children, where you have been forsaken, for we have always been with you. And so, we ask that you call us to help you if you feel confused or alone or misunderstood, please allow yourself to feel that you are connected to us and we will help you.

 Stand tall and proud, that you have made this conscious decision upon this day to step in to this new frequency, to step into this new energy, to step into this new paradigm and allow yourself to feel a shift of consciousness most readily. What a beautiful gift to receive on this first day of your new year. Here on January 1, 2018, you have been gifted the greatest gift, and we are all here to assist you, to honor you, to love you, and to help you to bring yourself back into balance, knowing that there is only love, love, love. Love is the key to all that troubles you. Love is the key to all that will heal you. Love is the key that will bring this planet and all of creation back to its original state of beauty and the intention is truly to be felt upon this planet. And so, Dearest Children, step forward and remain at peace. Step forward and remain at peace. Today, as you enter into this exalted state, we ask that you begin to feel this energy around you, as we have placed a blue shield of protection around you, and a blue azurite upon your third eye, to allow you to awaken quickly, and enter into this vibration. So know, Dearest Children, it is of grave importance that you allow yourself to receive. Rest in this frequency, Dearest Children, I ask you to rest in this frequency, and allow your mind, body, and spirit to integrate into this new vibrational frequency, into this new energy, into this new timeline. It will not cause any havoc upon you, but there will be an adjustment of your vibration, as they say, for many of you may feel that you are living between the swing of worlds, or many of you may feel that you are in a void. But as you step into this frequency, you will feel more empowered, and you will feel more relaxed, and will feel more centered and calm and at peace, simply being in alignment to all that is. And so, Dearest Children, step forward and allow yourself to feel this beautiful energy as freedom rings for you, for this planet, for all souls. This is the year of freedom, truly liberating the spirit, the soul, and allowing the true essence of the mind, body, and spirit to integrate, liberating all beings so that all can return to balance. What a beautiful, beautiful day, what a beautiful, beautiful gift. It is of great importance, Dearest Children, that you stand in this strength and this truth as you honor the living light of All That Is.

 Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watch over you, wherever you are, God is, and all is well. Know, Dearest Children, that you have stepped forward, you have made an agreement, all of you on this call have prepared yourself to receive this energy. Now step forward and receive. My beautiful Sarah will continue to bring these messages and teachings forward, and yes, Dearest Ones, Yeshua and I stand holding and carrying the imprint and the energy for all of you to receive. We are here, we have always been here. It is why we came over 2,000 years ago to hold this imprint and this energy for all of you to step into now. Go, my children, and feel the beloved energy of the Great Godhead upon your soul, allow yourself to recognize the light and the beauty and the tranquility of all that you are receiving. Go now, my beloveds, and step forward into the Living Light of God. We thank you for your attention, we thank you for your devotion, we thank you for all that you have done to prepare yourself to receive these beautiful frequencies, and so until we speak again, go now with love within your heart, and be free.

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