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Mary Magdalene Call 6.12.2017

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to you on this most auspicious day to speak about the power of truth and how significant it is during what we call these troubled times, to stand in the light and the frequency of truth. As many of you may recall, the third lesson of Jeshua’s teachings is the power of truth, in the 12 Master Teachings of Christ, truth, the power of truth. It is of great importance Dearest Ones that you stand in the power of truth, regardless of whether others understand, regardless of whether you understand the full impact of what you are offering, what you are sharing, and what you are bringing onto the world.

It is of great significance at this time that each of you receive the powerful frequency of Jeshua’s truth teachings, and the powerful frequency of love, in the essence of your being. There was a time Dearest Ones when the word and the honor of what you spoke perhaps even with a handshake was considered to be honorable. And now Dearest Children it seems as if the world does not understand the frequency of how they speak, how they act, or what they share with another. It is truly sad indeed when humans and humanity are not able to stand in the frequency of love, honor and truth. It carries a shadow and brings darkness over this planet and all of creation. If you could see what we call the collective consciousness over the atmosphere of this planet, and the shadows of darkness that linger over so many who do not speak truth, it is why Dear Ones there is so much anger and so much frustration at this time, for many cannot trust what another says. Many cannot trust your own government, cannot trust what the corporations or the institutions, or even the medical establishment tell you is truth. This is sad indeed that humanity and your current civilization is living what we call under the shadow of darkness. And it is why we are infusing the power of truth inside of each of you. And so each who hear this and each who read this will be downloaded with this frequency if they so choose. They will be downloaded with the frequency and power of Christ’s truth, holding this frequency within your essence and holding the honorable light codes that are being downloaded into each one of you. Yes, Dear One, we call them honorable light codes that are being downloaded within each of you. 

These are powerful frequencies of the pure white light particles that come from the essence of the Great Creator. The creative force and the power that is of original creation, is being infused inside of each of you. Original truth. This frequency Dear One is held within your DNA, it is encoded within your DNA. It is why when you hear an untruth, you know deep within your being that this does not resonate with you. And Dear Ones you are unable to hide from the aura and the frequency and the vibration of an untruth, and so we ask you to stand in the vibration of your own truth, and speak, and have the courage to share your light, what you know is your truth, what you believe in your heart is held within the very essence of your soul. Remember Dear Ones you are collective energy of the creation of all that is, and your truth and your light and your love is held within the power that lies deep inside of you. All of you have so much to offer and to give, do not hesitate to speak, do not hesitate to share your truth. Perhaps this will help another, perhaps it will help yourself. It is why you’ve been given voices to speak, and so Dearest Ones do not hide behind what you perhaps may not be sure of, listen carefully to yourself, what do you tell yourself, what mental chatter do you hear your mind telling you? That perhaps you are not worthy, that perhaps you have nothing to offer, perhaps no one is interested in your truth? We say, Dear Ones, you are here by Divine Appointment, and today we are infusing this frequency inside of you. Listen to the stirrings of your own inner truth. Listen to the stirrings of your own inner truth. 
When someone disagrees with you, do not become offended, but listen. Perhaps there is something that you can learn. And yes Dear Ones it is of great importance that the planet return to the original state of balance, and the original state of truth in which she was created. Mother Gaea was created in the energy of original love, and this frequency has been what we call polluted over time with the energy of humanity’s collective thought forms, of anger, hatred, prejudice, and bias. And those who speak only the truth for their own selves, that is self-serving. Yes, as I repeat this, there are many who are speaking what we call their own truth, to serve themselves. And so Dear One, know that everything affects the whole, what one does affects another, and every vibration, every word, every action, every deed holds a vibration. Can you imagine all of this energy as we say being bombarded upon your planet? No wonder your people are confused, no wonder your planet is struggling to stay in balance, no wonder humanity is having a hard time being at peace. Once again I say, if you could see what I see, you could see the thought forms that are bouncing off one another, as if there is a scramble of energy and confusion in the ethers. That is why I’m bringing it to your attention today, to stand in your truth, to be at peace, and to know at this time that your frequency is of great importance. You are indeed children of the light and you are stars. You are powerful powerful souls who hold great power. And once person can make a difference, one person can change the world. So Dear Ones let it be you. Let you be the example of truth, peace, balance and love on this earth plane.

Again we are infusing this frequency of truth within you, as if you are being embodied into this frequency, in the frequency of Christ’s healing energy. You are being encoded once again with the original energy of the Great Creator. Over time, even through your own DNA, there has been an altering of the frequency of the original energy of creation. It is why each generation seems to be a little be different than another, and why it is difficult to relate to a generation other than your own. We say Dearest Ones that the purity of this frequency will allow you to vibrate with a core of love that each person holds within their essence. Each person holds a kernel and a seed of love, and this frequency is extremely powerful. And you Dear Ones are the messengers and yes, you are the way showers, emitting this powerful frequency onto the earth as we speak. This may seem confusing to you, but as we are infusing this powerful pure frequency of love and truth into your auric field, into your essence, it is radiating out from your merkabic field and is now vibrating and sending an emission of pureness, of the original energy of love, light, peace and Holy Grace out into the world. Love, light, peace and Holy Grace is being emitted from you as we speak. You are stars emanating this energy and holding it purely within your essence. It is like a way, what we may call clearing the negative thought form pollution upon this planet. I will say this again, the energy that is emitting through you, of God’s pure white light of love and healing is clearing the negativity of others. Clearing the darkness from this planet. It is difficult to comprehend all that you are doing on multi-dimensional levels, as you remain in your earth body, but I tell you Dear One, your planet can no longer tolerate levels of fear or negativity. 

When you return and transition out of your physical body, and many of you will come directly to us, to the Holy Family. You will understand what you are doing. We ask you to trust and to hold in the truth today that you are making a difference. You are changing the world. You are the light and the love and the peace that is assisting this planet. We’ve said this many times before, and it may be difficult to comprehend, but we are telling you this so that you have a greater understanding that you are literally helping this planet and all of creation. It is not just “a nice idea,” or lovely philosophy, it is truth. Your frequency, your vibration, the energy that is being encoded within you is literally clearing the negative thought forms that are being emitted upon this planet. And perhaps you are saying will this truly help, what can I really do? We ask you to simply accept this assignment and to stand in your light, and to be the purest vessel that you can possibly be. Yes Dear Ones, you are human, and you have your human frailties. But your pure essence is Divine. And this is the energy that is being emitted onto the earth, to Mother Gaea. This energy of your divinity is clearing the frequency as we speak, and also Dear Ones it is clearing any energy around you, that is in your personal lives and in your environment. You’re keeping your frequencies at a very high vibrational rate, and they are as pure and pristine as is of your original state that you were created in the image of God. Yes, Dear One, you are your divinity is more beautiful, more powerful, more potent than you realize. And so call this energy into your consciousness, call it into your daily life, call it into your world at large. As we’ve said many times before, be the change you wish to see, because Dear One, you are the change. You Dearest Children are the earth volunteers that have come to assist this planet, to help this planet move into peace. Never give up, never stop trying, never be afraid that the truth of God’s living light will never be felt or heard or embodied upon this beautiful planet. That is not of truth. Mother Gaea will return back to her rightful place of the planet of peace and love. It is why you came, it is why you are still here. You are living your individual lives, serving in great capacity, each of you serving the living light of God in your own individual way, in your own individual truth.

Just as each of you are holding the love so purely within your essence, we feel it, we resonate with it, we know that your heart is pure, and that your love for God and this planet is your driving force. And so today we commit to you our undying love. You are not forgotten you are not forsaken. We are here at this time to clear away any shadows in your individual lives as well. And once again I’m going to repeat this, as you are holding the light and the frequency for the planet and all of humanity, we are shining our light and our love and our power and our truth for you individually. Perhaps you are having struggles in your own individual lives, and we are clearing the way for each of you so that you will have clarity and truth. So your lives will unfold with a greater ease and understanding. That you will be able to sense and feel the truth of what you need to be doing, perhaps what you don’t need to be doing, but simply we are clearing these frequencies from your individual force fields. Indeed, Dearest Children, living on this earth plane is not always easy, but we tell you Dearest Children it is an assignment of great importance, and as you know, you are here by Divine Appointment, you did not come here by happenstance, and you did not come here without purpose. And so let us carry you, yes let us carry you through these most difficult times. Let us take your worries and your burdens from you, and allow Jeshua and I to lift you from the heaviness of the thought forms, of your own thought forms, and yes of the collective consciousness that is so prevalent upon this earth plane. Many of you are struggling with clarity at this time because the energy has been very dense and heavy. That is why many are struggling and feeling a bit confused, and that the energy is not moving. Those who are sensitive to energy may perhaps feel that nothing is moving within their individual lives. And that there is a hesitation to move forward. It is because of these thought forms that we are speaking of today, that is why we are speaking of clearing them from you and for you holding the light to clear them for this planet.

Remember you are affected by the collective whole and the collective consciousness, even if you do not understand it. You are a living, breathing being, and you are affected by what is happening in the world. Even if you seclude yourself and are a recluse, you still are affected by the collective whole. And so that is why we are coming today to help you. We are not trying to bring a darkness and a heaviness to this conversation, we are just trying to bring you the truth. We are here to help you, we are here to help this planet. We want each of you to be as light as a feather, and adjust your thought forms accordingly, do not allow the burdens of your life and of the world to drag you down. Be as light as a feather. Be joyful. And bring that joy onto the world. There are many who are seeking what you have to offer, and they will be drawn to you like moths to a flame. Can you feel this can you sense it, can you now embody it, that many will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. It is because your light and your truth is emanating out into the universe. Remember like attracts like, and your vibration of truth is now becoming stronger. It is a force field and in your professional lives, your colleagues, your peers, and even your friends will seek you for truth. You Dear Children are the Master Teachers that have come to this planet. You Dear Children are the Master Teachers that have come to this planet. The commitment that you are giving by giving your life here on the earth plane is a true commitment of your strength and your truth. Have you ever thought of it that way? That you are courageous to be here on this earth plane? That you have given your life force energy to stand in the truth, and to bring peace, love and healing to the planet. As one who knows and understands that we are all to live in balance, that we are all to return to peace. That this planet in its original state will return back to its purest form. You’ve all sacrificed, lifetime after lifetime, to do this. You’ve given and given and today you are receiving. You’ve given and given, and today you are receiving. Know that this love that you hold within your heart is to be given to yourself. We ask you to give it to yourself first, and then give it to another. Let your light shine so powerfully, so beautifully, so purely that you feel the radiance and the energy emitting from your own energy field. Can you see or feel yourself glowing? You are the light of the world. You are the light of the world. And you are standing in the total frequency of love. And so Dear Ones, that is why I speak of truth today. And why it is so important that you honor the truth of your being. Because the truth of Mother Gaea is pure love.

And as you know she gives and gives and serves all of creation. She is to be honored, and yet you see your civilization has not honored her. And the truth of the matter is this will end. We have spoken of this many times before, but it is indeed truth. Mother Earth will no longer be ravished for her resources. And the beings that are incarnating on this planet at this time will help this planet and save many lives, and save the earth mother from further destruction. For you Dearest Children are the first way of earth volunteers who came to this planet originally. Can you imagine what a long journey it’s been? You were the first original earth volunteers that came to this planet to assist Mother Earth. And now, all of these years, all of these thousands and thousands of years, millions of years. Yes, Dearest Children, it has been a long journey. And we want you to stand in the truth that as a beautiful, powerful spirit, you are to be honored. And you are to honor yourself. And when you speak, speak with integrity. Speak with the power of love. Do not allow yourself to be afraid, to speak your own truth, regardless of what another thinks or feels or says or does. Your light is shining so brightly, it is difficult for you to imagine, but indeed it is. And now that Jeshua is infusing his frequency of truth even stronger, your own throat chakras will begin to vibrate and to glow and to expand. And those who have trouble with their thyroid, those who have trouble with their voice, those who have trouble speaking their truth will now be healed. And so Dear Ones, it is of grave importance that you stand in the light and the love and the power and the frequency, for you see the world is in need of you and your truth. 

The darkness that is on this planet, and yes the darkness that is being created by those who are misdirected and especially those who are misdirected in your own government are creating great fear and havoc. But this will not be allowed to continue, for you see peace will prevail, love will prevail. And as you shine your light, the darkness is receded into the abyss. Yes Dear One, as you now shine your light, the darkness is being receded into the abyss. And more and more light will be shone upon this earth plane, just as your last full moon, the magnificent full moon, the portal that had opened during this powerful full moon just a few nights ago, this powerful frequency has opened a gateway for the energy of truth and love and peace to prevail upon your planet. Your beautiful moon was emitting this powerful frequency of love and peace upon the earth plane. And so Dearest Children know that it is time, it is indeed time to return to love. 

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