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Are You Ready For A New Track to Achieve Goals?

Are You On The Track You Want?

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On occasion, we need to put the brakes on to focus and ask the serious question to ask of ourselves, ‘Do You Need To Be On A New Track To Achieve Goals?’ It is essential to recognize whether there is satisfaction in life in general, work and if the outlook for future endeavors is favorable. A daily routine to consider is to dedicate one minute to meditate on what you want most in life.  


Early in the early years of one’s career, the focus is on helping the family. However, it can be challenging to figure out what is to come next after achieving goals. It is the point for answering the question, do you need to be on a new track to achieve goals?  


Many of us face hardships of many types as employees, and little satisfaction comes our way. Sometimes, nastiness comes our way on top of the grueling workday for unknown reasons. But as we mature, it is helpful to realize the lessons we learn and how best to proceed as we move forward. Reflection generally brings an a-ha moment when we recognize our better new track to achieve goals.


Although I never wish the events that I experienced on anyone else, they set the benchmark to continue forward. On a side note, being stubborn helps considerably. 

A brief recap of my career experiences include:

  • Mocking
  • Attempts to get me to quit
  • The lack of equity and acceptance


The willingness to routinely reflect, meditate and visualize our ultimate destination give us purpose, passion, and the desire to continue. A side benefit is that as others continue to watch our progress, our brand becomes recognizable and challenging for others to compete. We become more motivated than ever to continue climbing the staircase to success and learn to use negativity as our motivator, never to give up! Enthusiasm can be contagious, and accordingly, we encourage others to join us on our journey.


The beauty of social media is that we can connect with people located globally who hold similar principles and ideals. Their experience can be substantially different from ours, but by hearing one another out, we can develop a more robust plan together for fixing the issues we hold dear. In the process, we build appreciation for one another. Better yet, we realize new ways to collaborate and make a more significant impact on what we want to accomplish. 


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Your Turn:


Should you be stopped due to unending criticism or thinking about quitting, it may be the right time to implement the daily practice of a one-minute meditation. For a moment, believe you have a magic wand and can accomplish anything you desire. As you take this route daily, your magic wand can appear authentic. The power of positive thinking, determination, and not giving up will lead you to a new track and achieve goals previously not thought possible.  


Issues Facing Many:

  • A theme of negativity; the why and how you proceeded.
  • The results you achieved due to learning from the unpleasant experiences.
  • Where you are today and what you plan to do in the future.
  • How you can make your plan more robust than previously envisioned.
  • The types of connections you might seek out for future activities.


As experience becomes yours, consider which communities may welcome your expertise and insights. Volunteer to help on a committee or provide training as the need arises. As commentary arrives, both bad and good, explore how you may improve your offerings, including creating new products and services. Be willing to learn from trial and error to see continuing momentum forward.


Experience can be your best friend as it provides insight and the motivation for continuous improvement. As others see you on the exciting journey, some will invite you for opportunities never previously thought to be possible. Similarly, invitations for collaborative efforts will expand upon what you have in place and put you in the excellent company of leaders in your field. Upon arriving at this point, you will be on the track you want and ready to create your ultimate vision for how you want others to remember you.


Sales Tips:  Are You On The Track You Want?

  1. Make it a daily routine to quickly reflect on where you were to become who you are today.
  2. Acknowledge the previous errors that pointed to better ways to perform.
  3. Review the lessons you learned to get to where you are today.
  4. Verify unexpected achievements and how they encourage continuing.
  5. Remain ahead of the curve by reviewing business predictions and developments.
  6. Incorporate the new ideas that are within your budget and framework into your business plan.
  7. Remove older processes from your day-to-day operations.
  8. Strive to learn from everyone around you.
  9. Be stubborn and persistent to achieve being on the track you want.
  10. Celebrate Success!


Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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