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Mary Magdalene's Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment 11-13-2017

Greetings, Dear Ones, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I wish to say to each of you, Dear Ones, that it is of great significance and great importance that you begin to hold the energy of peace within your essence and within your very presence. This is a very important time on your Earth, to bring the vibration of peace into the heart of the sacred Mother, into the energy of what we call the energy of the Sacred Feminine. The energy of the essence of peace and tranquility is to be felt as a powerful vibration in each of your hearts. As you know, there is the coming of a closure, simply meaning that the old domination is beginning to crumble, the Old World Order of the patriarchal system is now beginning to crumble. You can see in the world that the tensions are rising as the energy of the misdirected energy of the patriarchal world is trying to hold on, to control. This is why there is so much escalation in all that you see and feel in the world. Not only within your own political system, but throughout the world, tensions are rising as the energies are escalating. You see, Dearest One, the energy of the Sacred Feminine, the energy of sacred love of sacred peace, is so strong now upon your planet. It is as if the light and the love and the tranquility of this power of the Divine Feminine is causing the fear of the male dominated energy to upsurge. Simply, what I’m trying to say is that the energy of the Mother will prevail, and peace will prevail, and love will prevail. And yet, the escalation that is appearing around the globe is desperate to hold on to its own power. And yes, Dearest Ones, the energy of Divine Mother will now step forward and within the hearts of every soul and into every being, there are many, many, many souls who are awakening to the love and to the peace and to the tranquility.

And so we say to you, Dear Ones, that it is of great importance that you hold peace within your system. That you call in the energy of the Sacred Mother, for this is the energy that is prevailing on your planet, and regardless of what you see or believe or hear in your media, the Sacred Mother’s energy shall come forth and is coming forth, and peace and love shall prevail. It is simply a time for the world to return back to sacred balance. As you understand, Dear Lea went to Kuwait, where the energy of the male-dominated controlling presence in that particular region of the world has held on so tightly that she was there to experience it, she was there to simply feel it, she was there to bring the peace of the sacred Mother to the land in which she walked. She was not aware of this when she went, and so we are explaining this at this time, but her frequency was needed there to plant the seeds of peace and love and the Sacred Feminine into that region. It is of great importance that you understand at this time that the Middle East is now upsurging and being recalibrated with the Divine Feminine energy, just as other parts of the globe are as well. But this particular region, where Lea was guided to be, will become a haven for many. It will become a region where the Mother energy will be received. This may seem to be impossible, but the energy of the Mother energy is now stepping forward and the women will become empowered in the most beautiful and peaceful way, holding the space of love for this frequency to begin to shift and to vibrate in peace and harmony and into balance. Know at this time that each of you, we are asking, to hold this vibration of the Sacred Mother within your hearts. And so please take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the energy of the Sacred Mother, breathe in the energy of the Sacred Mother, and be at peace. Calling in this powerful frequency into your body, your mind, and your soul, we send this vibration out onto the world and into your own government, and into the Middle East, and we send this vibration of love to the crystalline core of Mother Earth.

And so, Dearest Children, this is of great significance and of great importance, that you carry this vibration within every soul, every fiber, every pore of your being, breathing in the vibration of peace, calling this into every aspect of your being. Peace, peace, peace. Breathing in the vibration of peace, calling in the energy of peace. Know, Dearest Children, at this time, as you walk in this frequency, this is of grave importance, and great significance. Breathe in the power of peace. And so, Dear Ones, as you enter into this sacred contract, you are entering into an agreement at this time, if you so choose, to be an anchor and a way-shower and a peacemaker using your energy and your frequency to bridge the world of the Sacred Feminine and the energy of the male-dominated Old World Order of the misdirected male energy, now to merge together, bringing balance and peace onto this Earth plane. We know this is a tall order, but it is the energy in which Yeshua and I left our footprints for each of you to step into.

It is why Dear Lea went to Kuwait into this region, to feel this energy, to have it magnified, as they say, within her essence so that she could understand it, she could feel it, she could witness it, she could observe it with her own eyes. And then she was brought forward into France, into the energy of the Sacred Feminine, walking in our footsteps, walking in the energy there in Southern France, and walking in our frequency, so that the energy of the Sacred Feminine could be unified and solidified into her energetic field, into her etheric body, and into all aspects of her being. It was a very emotional experience, bringing the Sacred Feminine into her essence. Without going into all of the details, it was bridging and solidifying the energy of Divine Mother into the very core of her being, into her cells, into her DNA. The resistance and the difficulty of breaking down the barriers of the old male domination that has ruled this planet and has affected her personally, caused her to feel out of balance and unsure of what was happening to her emotionally. And so we come to explain this to her at this time, and this is for each of you, for you may begin to feel this inside of yourself as well as you break down the resistance between the beauty of the Sacred Feminine’s energy, and the misdirected energy of the masculine frequency. This is, as they say, a clashing of energies, and yet the beauty is the integration and the willingness to bring this balance and to hold the power of love to be able, as they say, to face the challenge and the fear and the energy of the male dominance energy that is affecting each and every one of you. To make it clear, you are all affected by this energy, and all of you are now to make a choice to hold the vibration of Divine Mother Love so strongly, so purely within your essence.

As Lea walked in the footsteps there in Southern France, wondering what this was all about, indeed it was confusing and most difficult and most challenging, and yet we ask you now to realize that the transmutation has now been completed within her, and so each of you too can now hold this transformation of calling in the duality that lives inside of you and all that has affected you throughout the course of time on the Earth plane. From the beginning of the inception of your spirit on the Earth, you were faced with challenges that affected your true nature, affected your spirit. And yet, each time you chose to incarnate, you held the essence of the purity of your innocence when the challenges of the Earth are many. And yet, understand that what I am trying to speak of today of the breaking down the misdirected old male energy will no longer have a hold on any of you. Those that make the choice to let go and live in peace, those that choose to transform the old frequency and hold the sacred feminine energy within their heart will begin to feel a shift inside of their being. This is of great importance, letting your frequency shine brightly. This is how peace will prevail upon this Earth, one individual at a time, as we have spoken of so many times before. So many times before. So many times before. And so, Dear One, as you walk in the footsteps of the Sacred Feminine with intention, we are bringing our energy to you at this time, just as the book that Lea has wrote is a portal for each of you to step through, it is a portal that will bring you peace, it is a portal that will open your heart, the energy of the Sacred Balance, of Father/Mother God, it is a portal. And so, today, each of you are being gifted with this portal, moving between two worlds, as they say, Heaven and Earth. Shifting your frequency from a lower consciousness and density to a higher frequency of peace and love and tranquility.

Today, all of your angels and master guides and teachers are with you, and they are celebrating this transformation that is occurring for each of you. You are literally being lifted into a vibration of the Mother energy. You are all connected and living as one frequency with Divine Mother Love, Divine Sophia, Divine Holy Grace. I know this might sound confusing to you, but please allow yourself to absorb it and to receive it. And to acknowledge it. And do not be afraid of the transformative energy that will be shifting inside of you. When Yeshua and I went through these initiations, and this is an initiation for each of you, they could be painful, as they say, because a part of you is dying, and a new part is emerging into a lighter frequency, simply letting go of the old aspect of you and letting that fall away. Letting the need to control and to rule to fall away. And now, living in the frequency of what we call being, receiving, allowing and surrendering to the energy of the Divine Mother. Allowing the stillness and the quietness and the softness to enter into your being. Living from a place of receptivity and listening from your heart. What does the heart tell you, what does your heart call you to receive? This is a time of grandness and greatness upon your Earth, be not afraid. For you are living in the frequency of Divine Mother Love.

Can you feel yourself being risen into this new level? As if you are energetically being lifted into this new vibration of Divine Mother Love, operating from a place of tranquility and unity and Oneness. Can you literally feel this? Can you sense it? Can you call it into your heart? And so, Dearest Children, as you stand in the Living Light of God, and you make the realization that you are a powerful God and Goddess, as you bring the energy of the Sacred Mother into your consciousness, with every intention that you make, with every step that you take, you are bringing forth the Divine Mother on this Earth plane. With every action and deed, you are calling forth the Mother energy. This is how peace shall prevail upon this Earth, this is how you will change the world. All of the upsurging of energy that you see of the chaos and the violence, the war and the hatred, is coming to a head, it is a last attempt, as they say, of control, for the energy knows that Mother Energy is here, and the Mother Energy will return to its power, her rightful place upon the Earth. This is a changing of the guard, she now comes back into the frequency for her rightful place and it is the rightful time in this time of energy, for the Divine Mother energy to hold her presence once again. You see, these frequencies have great significance in the history of time. Mother energy has never left, and yet, she has stepped back for the energy of the male energy to rule, and yet, there is misdirected frequencies that cause the imbalance, as now the Mother energy must step forward to lead the way. And then again, in due time, the male energies, if they are able to be in balance, will step forward once again, and the merging of the two, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies will return. But for now, Mother energy is coming to lead the way. And so, honor the Mother energy inside of you, honor the receptivity and the love as you open your heart to receive Divine Mother Love. She is here and shall remain with each of you, and shall remain on this planet in her presence and her strength, and her devotion until the Earth can return back to sacred balance.

As I’ve said, this is a pivotal time, and Lea has literally walked into the footprints of both frequencies, in both worlds -  the energy of the male energy and the energy of the female energy. And this is of great importance, for she is to integrate the two and hold the frequency as a template, sharing this with the world and helping them to understand the importance of balance and sacred union and divinity within the hearts of all those who are in need. Today, I ask each of you to call forth the balance inside of yourself, Divine Mother, Divine Mother, Divine Mother, call forth the energy of Divine Mother, and give her strength and give her peace, and tranquility upon your soul. Divine Mother. And so, Dearest Children, know that this course in time in your history is of great significance and of great importance. Do not become discouraged, but see that all that is happening is happening for purpose and good. It is a clearing on many levels. And each person’s life and every country and every region, there is a need for the clearing of the old, misguided order, so that the Mother energy can step forward and truly peace can prevail. Remember, Dearest Children, there is an understanding for all things, there is a higher spiritual understanding of what is happening in the world, and so we bring this to your attention so that you can share with others and hold the frequency within your being. We need you all to step forward into our footprints that we have left, and as so many walk in Southern France seeking us, seeking the feminine, seeking the balance, it is of great importance that all walk in our footsteps throughout the globe, not just in Southern France. It is why we’ve bought our book forward as the portal, and it will travel far and wide, and people will understand the necessity to return to sacred balance.

And so, Dearest Ones, we thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for your willingness to serve and to be served and we know that your heart is open to the frequency of Divine Mother Love and to the energy of Divine peace. Please accept this gift as we open each of you and the portals are opening for the balance of the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine to open inside of you. And all this energy will settle and be at peace.

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