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12-9-19 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings My Beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. Yes, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, the collective consciousness of humanity is affected by trauma that has been collectively held within the Akashic records of each individual soul. Today as we call in this frequency of healing, of soul reunification, we ask each of you to begin to receive your own individual healing for your own soul trauma. As you begin to unify, as you begin to integrate, as you begin to allow the healing for your own personal self, to begin to heal within your own essence, then this will help the collective to heal. For you see all are connected and all are one. What you have faced with trauma in this lifetime and in other lifetimes is held within the collective consciousness of humanity, and what is happening at this time with all the gun violence and with all of the mental illness, with all of the suicides, with all of those who are drug addicted, with all of the discordant energies and behaviors where people are being affected by the collective, it is affecting their individual lives more than they realize. So this is a new perspective on the gun violence, this is a new perspective on suicide, this is a new perspective on drug addiction, alcohol addiction, opiate addiction, food addiction, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, whatever each of you are holding within your essent self as an imbalance is affecting the collective consciousness. So today Yeshua and I stand with you as we represent, as we have said many times before, the Sacred Union, the sacred balance, the divine union of balance for this planet to return back to Sacred Union, collectively, individually, for all to move forward into their ascension process, into the fifth dimensional frequency. 


So today, Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, we ask you to begin to acknowledge and to receive this healing, as a gift to each of you, for it is our gift onto humanity at this time, to bring this awareness and this healing in order for peace to prevail in the hearts of all souls, of all sentient beings, and for the healing of the planet. So I ask each of you now to take a deep inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in the vibration of peace, begin to breathe in the vibration of peace, breathe in the vibration of peace, breathe in the vibration of peace. It is of utmost importance, Dearest Children of the Light, that you allow your heart to open, and your mind to be healed. Any soul fragments now to return back to integration in with your oversoul, for the oversoul is the collective of all that you have ever been, and all that you shall ever be in your earthly incarnations. So we ask you to take a deep breath and if you can imagine your oversoul as an energy that is hovering over your crown chakra, over the eighth chakra, and we now ask you to breathe into your root chakra at this time, to connect to the earth plane, allowing the breath to enter in through your root chakra, as if you are literally breathing in through your root chakra and connecting into the earth, feeling safe and grounded, and centered. Into the healing vibration of Mother Earth. Imagine as you take this breath that you are connecting your oversoul and it is being grounded in your root chakra, being connected to the crystalline core of Mother Earth. There in this frequency there is love, there is peace, there is balance, there is joy. 


We ask you to take another deep, deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the frequency of the white light of God, as you allow yourself to be aligned to your eighth chakra, breathing in this frequency of divine, holy, sacred union, and alignment into your physicality. On this day, as you give permission, for your soul fragments, to be reintegrated, to be reunified, into your oversoul. May you call in all energies, all fragments, all fractals of energy that have been traumatized throughout time immortal. And if you feel ready, please call back these soul fragments and allow them to be reunified with your oversoul, breathing them in through your eighth chakra, and then breathing them all the way down through your root chakra, reintegrating your soul back into your physicality, anchoring this energy into your root chakra, and imagining the energy going down from the soles of your feet into the very crystalline core of Mother Earth, where you feel safe and centered and protected, now letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God.


As Yeshua and I stand with you, we ask that you hold the light of God’s living love in your soul. Simply imagine the energy of your soul essence returning back into physicality as if aspects of you are now ready to return to be reunified. It does not matter if you do not know what lifetime or lifetimes, or even what the trauma was, it does not matter Dearest Children, what matters is that you are willing and ready to return to sacred balance and to reunify your soul into your oversoul, and bring the energy in a grounded fashion back into your body so that you may feel this level of stability and strength and balance within your life. If there is an aspect of your life that you have been struggling with, perhaps you’ve felt that you have depression or anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, or as we’ve said addictions. Any energies that are not of balance will now realign themselves in your consciousness, in your super consciousness, and within your subconscious. And into all aspects of your being. Do not worry about the mechanics of this, simply know that Yeshua and I are here helping you, if you so agree, and if you feel and are ready to receive the reintegration of your soul parts. For you see, as you return to balance, then your energy spreads like wildfire to others. You are a part of the whole, and what you do affects another, it is simply why at this time, there is such a rampant wave of discordant energy, of mental illness, gun violence, as we have said, rampant suicides, and drug overuse, because so many people are not in balance. So many people are being affected by the collective consciousness that is now being restored and returned to Sacred Union. It is a process, you see, one individual at a time, each one teach one each one lead one, it is a process. Today as you allow yourself to receive this gift, you will begin to feel it now within your heart, you will begin to feel the peace, you will begin to feel a centeredness, you will begin to feel a calmness, you will begin to feel this energy of love. As you are allowing your energy to return back home, for there is no need to be separate from your soul. There is no need for your soul fragments to be afraid, for you are balanced, you are whole, you are healthy, you are strong. You are able to live in the fullness and the richness and the oneness of your beautiful soul. In this moment of time, your individual mind is strong enough to reintegrate your soul, and there is no fear of living in your body, there is no fear of danger, there is no fear of separation. 


This will help each of you to be grounded, this will help each of you to move forward into your missions. This will help each of you with any discordant behavior that you may be suffering from. So this may sound to be too simplistic, but we say this is a powerful healing that is taking place upon this day. This is a powerful healing that is taking place upon this day, both for you individually and collectively, for all of humanity, and for Mother Earth herself. So take a deep, deep inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in this energy and this reunification of your soul, aligning yourself and feeling the strength within your heart, and then once again grounding it and bringing it into your root chakra, and seeing this energy move through your legs, down through the soles of your feet, and connecting to the crystalline core of Mother Earth. So we ask you to breathe, Dearest Children, breathe. Breathe in this reunification. And be not afraid, for as you begin to heal, as you unify, then what you bring forth brings healing to the world. One soul at a time. Again it is like the 100-monkey syndrome. So now Dearest Ones, take a deep breath and breathe this frequency into your heart, and come home to yourself, allowing your soul fragments now to be reintegrated, coming back home to yourself.


Perhaps you have felt ungrounded or disconnected, or not like yourself in some way. Now you can become more centered and calm and peaceful, and the true essence of your beautiful spirit, and the true essence of your over soul can now be brought forth into your physicality. As if the beauty of who you truly are, your I AM presence, can now merge with your consciousness, into your personality, into your physicality, and there as you allow this energy to move through you, you shall receive the blessings from the Great Godhead, the Supreme Creator, and all of the heavenly hosts, are standing with you and beside you, as you return to oneness, as you return to oneness, as you return to oneness. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May you return to oneness. Can you feel this shift within your oversoul? Can you feel this vibration entering into your being? Can you feel the love coming through your crown chakra, and now beginning to heal any and all discordant energies, any fear, any sadness, any pain, any sorrow. Now as the collective energy of the collective consciousness is now being healed from all of the traumas, from the inception of this planet, through eons and eons of time, since the beginning when this planet was originated, and any distortions occurred, we are healing these distortions as we speak for the collective, for all those who have been traumatized, all those who have been abused, all those who have been killed or maimed, for all of the pain and suffering that man has imposed upon their fellow man, now is being cleared and healed. All of this energy is being returned back to sacred balance and union. All of the wars, all of the atrocities, all of the violence, all of the chaos, all of the abuse that has been done by the hand of man to their fellow brother and sister is now being healed. This may sound like a tall order, and it is indeed of truth. It is time for the collective energy to be healed, for as we are moving into this new vibration, into this new energy, and many may understand it to be a part of the healing that is occurring now at this time, an elevation of consciousness. 


As you move into your 12:12 frequency, and move forward into the year of 2020, this energy is to be cleared for the new earth to be established upon this earth plane. For the new vibration to be brought forth, for the new earth beings to be born into the earth. There is to be a completely free collective consciousness of energy, where new souls are entering into this earth plane, those new souls that will change the trajectory of this planet, and will be the ones who will bring peace to this planet, will bring healing to this planet, will come in with the new technologies, with new ideas, new inventions. With an new vibration that will only be of love. And the earth will respond, and the people will respond, and the vibration of joy shall return back to this planet. Just as we are in the celebration of Yeshua’s birth, joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. This is the gift that we bring to you, the vibration of peace, love and joy, during this time of the 12:12 healing, a time of the new earth vibration to be received upon this planet. Today each of you are receiving this as new earth beings, each of you, if you so choose, are being downloaded with new frequencies, new light codes, that will affect your entire DNA, that will allow you to hold more light within your body. To hold more love within your body, to hold more peace within your body, and to be grounded into your physical being, staying strong and healthy, and vibrant, as the new children of the light, you are part of the new children of the light that are being reborn and rebirthed again.


So as you step forward into this frequency today, as we heal the collective consciousness, call back the soul fragments into your individually and collectively. The collective consciousness now holds an energy of love and peace, and you say what about all those that continue to bring forth violence, anger, hatred? We say that it will be transmuted instantaneously into love. It will be transmuted instantaneously into love, it will be transmuted instantaneously into love. Yeshua and I stand holding the balance for this to occur. As if our energies are like pillars of light, we are the gatekeepers for this balance to return. That is why these new energies are very important for each of you to embody. Be not afraid to allow your soul to reintegrate, do not be afraid to allow the soul fragments to return back to unity and wholeness. Be not afraid to allow yourself to be at peace. So as you can imagine that your eighth chakra is indeed connected to your oversoul, and your oversoul is connected to the collective consciousness of all that is, you are a powerful conduit of change. You are a powerful conduit of change. You indeed are a powerful conduit of change. So we say to your Dearest Children of the Light, as you hold this frequency within your heart, be not afraid, be not afraid, be not afraid, for you are stronger and more powerful than you can realize and you can imagine, with all that you have done to help the earth throughout incarnations of time, you are much stronger than you realize, and any trauma, any abuse, any discordant energy that has been placed upon you has no power over you, for you are a powerful being of light. So transform all of the emotions of abuse, victimization that have ever been held within your consciousness, and be empowered, live in the power of now. You are receiving this gift now, you are receiving this healing now, you are being reunified now, this is the time and the energy of the 12/12 gateway, this is the gift of the soul retrieval, individually and collectively in this 12/12 gateway. So now Dearest Children, as you hold this vibration within you, you are emitting it for all the world to see and to feel. Your energy will affect another, and another and another, as if this energy, this frequency that is being emitted today through this recording will go around the world. It will begin to heal the land, the people, it will begin to clear the frequencies from the earth that have held trauma, that have held discordant energies, that have held imbalance of the male/female energies. So Sacred Mother can return, and the energy of the Divine Masculine can be in balance with Sacred Mother. 


So today, Dearest Children of the Light, as you stand tall and stand proud, know that you have reintegrated this energy within your essent self, be proud of what you have brought forth today, regardless of what you understand, you have brought this forward today for your own individual healing, and for the healing of the collective energy of all that is. So we say to you Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, that this is the reason you have come to this planet, to transform and to be healed, and as you now are healing the collective, this is how you serve, this is how you are giving to the world, your beautiful light, your beautiful peace, one moment at a time, this is truly the power of now, this is the new 12:12 gateway, bringing forth this healing, for this planet to be reunified into its original state of love, peace, beauty and tranquility. So you are being reunified into your original state of your beauty, your magnificence, your love and your light, just as Mother Earth, you are receiving this healing today, just as the collective you have brought forth through your power, your intention, to heal and to be healed. Go now my children and understand that all is in order and all is as it should be. See yourself freed, see the earth freed, see that there only be peace and love, for that is why Yeshua and I are here, this is our mission of Divine, Sacred Union, this is the balance that is so needed for all to return to Oneness. Now Dearest Children go in peace, Yeshua and I stand with you, go forward now with love within your heart, and allow your soul to be reunified once again.

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