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Mary Magdalene's Message 12-23-19

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to your Dear Souls that it is of grave importance that you begin to hold the vibration of joy within your hearts. This is a powerful vibration that is now being infused into the planet and into the very crystalline core of Mother Earth. This powerful frequency not only is to be felt within the heart of all beings, but it is now to be emitted into the energy frequencies upon your plane, upon the earth plane. The vibration of joy, as it becomes more prevalent during the holiday season, is in many ways quite contagious, and so this pleases us that people find the joy and the happiness in their hearts during this holiday season. Yet today as we infused and bring this vibration even deeper into your souls, and embed this energy into your consciousness, into your subconscious, into your superconscious if you so shall, we ask you to breathe this frequency in, and hold it within your heart, and begin to feel the energy and the essence, throughout your incarnation, not only just during the holiday season, when the energy is heightened, so we ask you to begin to breathe in this frequency as I share with you the lesson of joy from the 12 Mastery Teachings of Christ.

Dearest Children it is I, Christ. I bring forth the final lesson, lesson 12, the lesson of joy. Dearest Children it is time for each of you to embody the energy of joy, and to no longer be affected by the negativity that exists in your physical plane. Joy is your birthright, just as the other 11 lessons are as well. It is time for each of you to live in the essence of joy, for joy is the totality of all that there is. The vibration of joy is truly the last lesson, because it resonates to the frequency of God’s love and light. Yes, it is true, Dearest Children, joy is the energy of God. The lesson of joy is an important one, as it resonates within the crystalline core of Mother Earth. At the very core of Mother Earth is where the purest essence of energy is held, which is the direct connection to the love, light, peace and joy of the Great Creator. As each of you are connected to the vibrational frequency of joy, you are able to hold within your physical presence the essence of your divine, spiritual self. As you allow this vibrational frequency of joy to bring peace, love and hope within your heart, then there will be no fear or separation from your true, divine self. When you feel joy, you are ecstatic. This is my message of the day, live in joy, and remembrance of who you truly are. Over time these teachings have been forgotten, it is now time for your veils to be lifted, if you choose to awaken, you shall feel joy, peace and love, in their fullest essence, and begin to emanate joy to the world. 

Dearest Children, do not be afraid to bring love, joy and peace onto the world. As each of you stand in the presence of God, awaken to joy. Feel the remembrance of who you truly are, as a joyous being of light. Dearest Children remember to use the power of your breath, and breathe in the energy of joy, and allow this energy to resonate deep within your system. Allow the light of the Father to enter into your being in its fullest. You are the truth, the way and the light. All of you are physical conduits, holding the vibrational frequencies of joy, love, peace and light for this planet. The energy of joy is a powerful healing vibration which God has given you to live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. Without joy there can be no hope, and without hope there can be no joy. I have chosen joy to be the final lesson, as it is the totality of all that is. Joy is the combination of all the truth teachings that hold the vibrational frequency of the number 13. The totality of all there is, for this is the energy of God. All of the 12 master teachings are encoded with the power of love and the power of the Great I AM. The Number 13 holds the powerful essence of God, as all of the 12 mastery teachings are encoded with the same power. 

Dearest Children as you begin to vibrate with the frequency of joy, you shall begin to use this energy within you for the Greater Good of mankind. Allow your heart to open to joy, as I shall imprint this beautiful energy over your heart chakra. This imprint will awaken your cells and activate your every nuclei to respond to the energy of joy. As you begin to embrace this energy within you, allow it to resonate to every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being. You are created in the image of the Great Creator, and it is your right and your birthright to live in joy, as indeed you are each a God and a Goddess. Allow yourself the gift of joy, and embrace the energy in its fullest essence. 

Dearest Children there is no need to live in fear or anger, but simply learn to live and embody joy in your daily life. You are a child of God, and you are a child of the light. You are brothers and sisters of the light, you are the peacekeepers and the way showers, and you are the children that will bring joy to the world. As you begin to radiate this, those in your presence will begin to feel a joy, as it radiates from your system. The energy of joy has a resonance and a pulsation of its own frequency, just as the other 11 lessons do. These lessons are to be taught and to be shared with the masses, to help humanity to awaken to God’s truth teachings. Your birthright is love, power, truth, oneness, enlightenment, hope, faith, rejuvenation, remembrance, peace and joy. As light workers it is your responsibility to help teach and lead the masses that we are all one, and we are all connected. I Christ have imprinted joy within each of you on this day, in order to remember your divine, spiritual essence. If you choose to embrace this lesson of joy, it will lead you back home, for home is where the heart is, and that is love.

My truth teachings are resonating around the world for all to feel, for all to embody and to embrace, within their physical essence. When you embrace and embody the frequency of joy, you will understand that living in this state is truly the peace that you have been looking for, for indeed you have come home. I Christ have chosen to share these truth teachings to help awaken humanity to their own divinity, so all can hold these 12 energies within them. To embody the energy of peace that they desire. As you receive this gift, God has given you to awaken to your true, spiritual self, understand the responsibility it holds and carries, not only for yourself, but the world at large. You are all one and you are all connected. You are all one with the Divine Father and the Divine Mother. No one is separate from another, for you are all one. Therefore it is your responsibility to share and bring peace to your fellow brothers and sisters, as you embrace the energy of joy within you, then and only then can you share this with the world around you.

Each of you were created in the essence of love and light, as you embrace the circle of love and light that you were created from. Then and only then can you feel God’s light as it radiates light from your being. The vibrational frequency of joy is what others will see or sense if your presence. Some may feel it on a conscious level, and some won’t feel it at all. But your light is shining brightly, for those who choose to awaken. When I lived on this planet over 2,000 years ago, I was taught these truth teachings which gave me great joy. I devoted my life to understanding God’s principles, so they could be shared with the world. These teachings may sound simplistic, yet they are quite profound. Perhaps you do not understand the true meaning or essence of these teachings, or how to embody them. It is by releasing the veil of forgetfulness that will awaken you to the true essence of my teachings. As your veils are being lifted, you tap into the essence of each of the 12 master teachings through your own divine remembrance. This is a conscious decision each of you shall make. As you read these teachings, your veils are being lifted one by one by one. The totality of joy vibrates to the number 13, as it vibrates to the energy of God. This energy frees you and brings you back into balance and harmony. It is your responsibility to bring these vibrational frequencies into your physical essence, as they were imprinted within you at your birth. All those who chose to receive these gifts will be activated as I speak, all you have to do is allow yourself to receive them, and they are activated. The energy of joy vibrates at a power, which increases the frequency within you faster than the speed of light. This vibrational frequency allows the energy of joy to pulsate from your own embodiment for all to see, all to feel, and yes all to know. 

You are the children of the light who have chosen to embody and embrace these teachings, Dearest Children, I ask each of you to embrace and embody this lesson of joy within you, in a sacred and responsible manner. My truth teachings are a part of the Great Design for the age of enlightenment, as they are for all to receive on a conscious level. Dearest Children, much is being given to you, and much is being asked of you. If you so desire, I ask you to embrace these teachings in the responsible and sacred manner in which they were given. Today they have been imprinted within your soul’s essence, and activated within your physical being through my words and through my presence as the Living Christ. As you allow joy and peace to enter into your being, allow the vibrational frequency of God’s love to resonate through your essence. All of the 12 mastery teachings can begin to radiate from within, and embrace them and hold them as no other. Dearest Children, allow joy into your heart as the imprint of joy is forever imprinted within your system, your soul and your soul’s essence. It is imprinted within the essence of your soul’s being. It is your internal birthright. Hold and carry this energy of totality, of all that is within you, regardless of what you feel, regardless of your daily circumstances, hold and carry this energy of joy within you and you shall be brought back into balance and peace once again.

My Dearest Children bring this energy of joy within your essence, and know that you are loved, you are at peace, and you are one with the Father. Joy to the world. Go in peace and above all go in love. May you embrace my teachings as they were intended to be shared. And so it is.

So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, yes it is I, Christ. I come at this time to once again reactivate and to recalibrate this frequency of joy. As we bring this frequency into your heart, into your being, into your consciousness, into your vibratory field. For since we have started this process, of bringing these frequencies onto the earth plane, today the vibrational frequency is now being amplified. With each successive year that these frequencies have been brought to the earth plane, the vibration of joy has cleared the collective energy and has cleared karmic debris and negativity from the earth. Today, this frequency is now infusing upon the earth plane in a very powerful and potent manner. You will begin to feel more and more souls becoming lighthearted, more joyful, and feeling this vibration of joy within their hearts. Sharing their love, sharing their gifts, sharing their light with the world. And so I am so pleased to be able to bring this frequency onto the earth plane at this time of the holiday season, in remembrance of my birth, and in remembrance of the energy of peace and love that are being emitted upon this planet. 

So today the Supreme Creator’s energy, of the vibration of joy, is now being amplified. Can you feel it, can you sense it, can you allow it now to enter into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being? Can you allow it to enter into every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being? Allowing God’s love and light and joy to enter into your vessel. We know Dearest Children that there is much upon the earth plane that holds discordant energy, that is why we are infusing this energy of joy very potently and powerfully, into the earth’s atmosphere. Today we ask that you clear all memories, conscious or subconscious, of that which is not of joy. As if you are simply erasing and eradicating all memories, that are not of joy. Allowing your heart to be healed from all trauma, sadness, sorrow and heartache, that you have experienced since the inception of your soul’s incarnation. From the beginning of time, that is held within your Akashic records, may this vibration of joy begin to heal and clear all pain and suffering. Today if you are suffering, may you allow this clearing to be a gift from Mary and I. That this vibration of joy is a gift, is a gift to you from Mary and I. We gift you joy, peace, love and tranquility. Today we bring this vibration of joy, because it brings the energy of the totality of the God essence, and in your holiday season, the excitement and the joy and the wonder of gifting love, gifting peace, gifting joy uplifts the heart. 

Allow this to be your gift to yourself. Allow this to be your gift to humanity. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. Can you begin to feel this frequency, as it begins to move in through your solar plexus, so you can begin to feel this within your belly, feeling this vibration expanding and surrounding you. May you feel the presence of God’s love upon your soul. And may you allow yourself this gift, each and every day, to find joy in your life, to express joy, to give joy, to be joy. Knowing that this is what the energy of life is about. It is to live in the full expression of the love that you are, in the vibration of joy. So many have been caught up in the deep sorrows, and the pain and the suffering, and this we understand. But we come with this gift, to clear these energies, to clear the collective, so all can begin to feel this shift of consciousness, and to feel the joy within their lives. As you move into this energy and frequency of 2020, there will be many changes that will be occurring within your own individual and personal lives. And collectively, humanity will be moving into a higher frequency. Moving in to the fifth dimensional frequency, as more and more souls are awakening to their collective consciousness of who they are. The veils are being lifted one by one by one, and more souls are tapping in to these truth teachings that I bring forward, remembering and living in the joy of who they truly are.

As I brought the mastery teachings of love, power, truth, oneness, enlightenment, forgiveness, hope, faith, rejuvenation, remembrance, peace, and joy onto the world, may you begin to embody all of these frequencies, regardless of what you understand, these powerful healing vibrations are brought forth to you at this time, so you can live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. It is why I came over 2,000 years ago, to help awaken humanity to their connection to their beautiful spirit. This is the vibration of joy, that allows you to connect to the essence of God, for it is the essence of God, it is the energy of all that is, that is why this holiday season, the frequency is at such a high and illuminated level. So we ask you to hold this within your heart, and be not afraid to express it, each and every day, giving it to yourself, living in the remembrance of the beautiful energy of your own soul, which is filled with joy. That is why the soul has been brought forth into your human consciousness. It is why the soul is the guiding force of your physical presence. It holds a resonance of joy, that is innate. It is why each of you seek love and happiness, it is why the energy of joy is so needed, because it is your innate birthright. You were born with this frequency, and yet the veils have been placed over you. We know it has been difficult, throughout all incarnations of time, to remain in this frequency. We ask you to call it in, and allow the reawakening of your very nuclei, of every cell, to be infused with joy. Dancing in delight, as you live in the truth that this is the energy of the living light of God, that which you seek to reconnect to oneness. To reconnect to the remembrance, of the Great I AM. 

This, Dearest Children, is a part of your own reawakening, it is a part of the journey of the soul, and your own ascension process to return to joy. Even the smallest of moments, that bring you joy, a good laugh, sharing a moment and feeling simply joy for living, allowing yourself to laugh and to breathe, and to feel the essence of peace with every breath that you take, begin to breathe in joy. With every breath that you take, begin to breathe in joy, joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. It is not just to be repeated or recited at your holiday time, but it is to be proclaimed and felt and embodied within your being. This will keep you healthy and strong, laughter and joy. It will keep you healthy and strong, as you find happiness and peace and joy in your daily life, this is the gift of life, this is the vibrancy and the vitality that you see in young children, their joy, the joy of their spirit, the freedom, to have joy with all that they do, as has been said, even the smallest of moments, bringing joy and happiness upon the face of a young child. Yes we ask you to bring it to yourselves again, despite all that you have gone through, there is joy in all things. So reach out your hand and assist another to find joy, and take my hand and allow me to help you to find joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. May you feel the presence of God’s living light upon your soul. 

For you see it is my desire for each of you to awaken to your own divinity, and to embrace and to embody all of my teachings in their fullest essence. Each mastery teaching, each lesson holds and carries the vibration of the healing power of love. Today the vibration of joy is infused with the totality of love. If you feel sad or lonely, breathe in the vibration of joy, and allow your loneliness to be transcended into joy. Feeling the excitement of living and breathing as the physical/spiritual being of God that you are. As the physical/spiritual being of God that you are, for you see, Dearest One, joy holds the vibration of God. You are God embodied. You are a Goddess embodied, into a physical being, and this is the expression that you came to share. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. Mary and I send you our blessings and we ask that you enjoy the celebration of my birth, and through this holiday season, of this powerful week of transformation, allow joy to enter in to all of your beings, to all who are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and going in to the New Year, with anticipation and joy within their hearts, that only good shall be brought forth for all to receive. Go now my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. And be still and know that you are loved.

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