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What is channeling?

Interview with author Lea Chapin and editor Angela Valentine

ANGELA: How do you personally define channeling?

LEA: Channeling is opening yourself to receive knowledge from the higher realms. You do so by coming into a connection with Spirit by listening and stepping out of your own way so you can hear, see, or sense that higher guidance. Many people are actually channeling Spirit, unbeknownst to them, when they are writing books, playing music, or creating art, for example. You simple allow Spirit to move through you by listening to the still quiet voice within.

ANGELA: What is the difference between channeling and psychic intuition? 

LEA: The difference is in how it feels. When I’m channeling, the stream of consciousness from the spiritual beings I am working with is very fluid, peaceful, and beautiful. I am in contact with their higher vibrational energy, which feels very powerful and is so serene. But when I’m receiving information intuitively from my higher self, it has a different vibrational feel to it, it is more dense. There’s a big difference in how it feels to channel versus just tapping into your intuition. 

ANGELA: So how exactly do you channel? How do you begin a channeling session? Do you intend to connect to a specific person? 

LEA: No, I don’t set an intention to connect to any specific being, because I let the Spirit who wants to come speak to me step forward. However, if I’m teaching my Mary Magdalene classes, for example, I do invite her to step forward. I always start by grounding myself into the crystalline core of Mother Earth. I always start with a prayer before I channel in order to open a sacred space of love in which to bring the messages through from Spirit. I also always end the session with a prayer to express my gratitude to these magnificent beings of light for bringing forth their beautiful words of wisdom, healing and grace.

ANGELA: Are you aware of what you are doing when you are channeling? Or are you so deep you don’t know what transpired?
LEA: I do go into a slight altered state when I channel, but I’m not a trance channel. I’m consciously aware of all that I am doing and all that is going on around me. Now, if I’m interrupted by something, it can pull me out of the altered state like a jolt, but I can go back into the vibration instantaneously. Like one time, I was channeling with a group in my office, and suddenly the doorbell rang. So I got up to answer the door to help someone. When I came back to the group, I was able to go back into my altered state and finished the same sentence I was in the middle of before the interruption. My friends were amazed! I still laugh about that.

ANGELA: How do their words come to you and what is it like to have them speak through you?

LEA: I feel their vibration, and then I hear them talking to me just as I hear you talking to me. I can hear them, see them, and sense them, and it’s like I’m right there with them. But I don’t feel their physical presence in me, I just sense their energy surrounding me. In the beginning of a session, they usually say their name, and I hear a word or two, and then it just becomes a steady stream of consciousness. I have audibly heard voices, but that’s not how it usually works. It’s not like I listen, and then I say what I’ve heard, and then I repeat this cycle over and over, like a translator. Instead, it just comes directly through my mind telepathically and then I speak it through my voice.

ANGELA: Do you remember what they have said? 

LEA: I remember the gist of it, but not every word, verbatim. I’m a conscious channel, but I don’t remember everything that I said. I prefer to keep my eyes closed so I can concentrate on hearing their messages without distractions.  

ANGELA: Does your voice or your appearance change when you channel?

LEA: No, my appearance doesn’t change, but sometimes people tell me my voice changes with the different beings or entities that I channel. Sometimes it can be difficult to translate the messages if a collective group of beings come to me at the same time. I often channel the collective energy of the Carpathians, the Hathors, and the Sirian Council of Light. They transmit so much energy when they are downloading their messages that it is more labored to receive their transmission. It can also be a little more difficult to receive transmissions from new beings that I have not channeled previously, because I am not used to their vibrational frequency.

ANGELA: What does it feel like to channel?

LEA: When I’m channeling, and my vibration is raised, I feel really peaceful, really empowered, and very connected. And I feel a sense of absolute confidence that what I am bringing through is the truth. It’s the most amazing feeling, and I feel really energized. They have this really powerful vibration that’s quite beautiful, indescribably loving, and positive. Being in that state with them, it just feels like everything is ok. I don’t have to worry about anything. They’ve proved to me over and over that everything is in divine order and comes about in divine timing. They really want people to understand that everything is divinely orchestrated in our lives. And if we are in balance, if we are connected, if we are quiet and listen, and if we’re not in such a rush all the time, we would realize that everything is as it should be. 

ANGELA: How do you know when they are done channeling?

LEA: At the end of the session, I can just sense when their transmission is nearly complete. I feel their energy winding up, and once their frequency is no longer within my energy field, I no longer hear their transmission.   

ANGELA: Is there anything more you would like to share?

LEA: My primary purpose in stepping forward and sharing my work as a channel is to help take the mystery and fear out of connecting to Spirit and the magnificent beings of light that are helping humanity to evolve into unity consciousness. I am at peace with my role as an oracle and messenger for so many amazing beings. It is not only an honor and privilege to serve in this way, but it has brought more joy into my life than I could ever put into words.

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