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3-4-19 Mary Magdalene Message

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Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Yeshua. I come to you at this time to explain the vibration of the energy of the power of now. It truly is a frequency of great magnificence. It is a forcefield of energy that is all-encompassing, and I ask you to begin to focus and to bring this vibration into your being, as if it is a forcefield that is standing right in front of you. It is again a powerful vibration that is alive and well, and ready for you to access. So please take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this frequency of what we call the power of now, bringing this frequency into your mind’s eye, calling it in, like a circulating energy, a forcefield of light, and allowing this energy to enter now into your consciousness, and enter into your etheric body, and allowing it to access into your heart. As you begin to take another deep breath, begin to feel this essence and presence of the energy now begin to infuse inside of your consciousness, into your subconscious, and into all aspects of your being. Continue to breathe, breathe my children, breathe. Breathe in the frequency of the power of now. Breathe my children, breathe. Breathe my children, breathe in this frequency of the power of now.

I ask you Dear Ones also at this moment to call in the beautiful frequency of Elohim Grace, the gentle frequency of Divine Mother, calling in this powerful frequency of Divine Grace as it now begins to be infused with the energy of the power of now. These two frequencies will begin to co-mingle as if it is like an energy, the ying and the yang, the Mother energy coming now to support the energy of the frequency of the masculine energy, the vibration of action, now coupled with receptivity. So, Dear Ones, as you begin to feel or sense or see these energies merging together, it is truly the energy of Divine balance, Holy Grace. Begin to call this forcefield into your mind’s eye, and simply begin to breathe. Holding the vibration within your breath, and calling this frequency into your heart, and feeling the love as you begin to calm yourself and to know that you are able to move forward, to manifest and create that which you will, at will, in Divine will. So, Dear Ones, simply hold this frequency of love within your being, and now as I begin to invoke the energy of the resurrection flame into this aspect of the power of now, and into the energy of Divine Grace, Grace Elohim, I ask that you begin to use this frequency, the I AM presence, calling the resurrection flame into every cell, atom, electron, into your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies, all of your body elementals and all of your subtle light bodies, as you now begin to resurrect the energy of manifestation and creation, into your being.

As you now begin to invoke this energy of the resurrection flame into the aspect of your being that is able to create and manifest, as if these two forcefields are now entering into your sacral chakra, your creative center, and into your solar plexus, your emotional center. Allow this frequency now to begin to stir within you, as if the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, and also the root chakra, are being connected into this forcefield of manifested light and creation, as it is infused and invoked and ignited by the resurrection flame. I ask of each of you at this time to hold within your vision that which you wish to create, that which you wish to resurrect, that which you wish to manifest, and what you wish to bring forward into your life. Perfect health and wholeness, abundance, financially, abundance in your relationships, abundance with inspirations, passion. Simply calling the energy of all that is, as you now begin to feel this energy merging as the resurrection flame ignites the flame and the passion of your I AM presence with your creative center, the seat of your soul, as they say, is now being ignited as you infuse the energy of Elohim Grace with the power of now, and the resurrection flame. Simply breathe this in, into your solar plexus, into your sacral chakra, into your root chakra as you ground this energy into your physicality. As you know that your true nature, you are a powerful being of light, a master here on this earthplane to create, to manifest and to make whole all that is yours, all that the universe has in store for you. So breathe my children, breathe. Breathe in the power of now, breathe in the power of now, breathe in this vibration of the power of now. 

As you allow this frequency to move through you, once again to feel the forcefield of energy as if it is like a tornadic energy around you, purifying and clearing and healing all that no longer serves you, into the power of now. Feeling this energy as a forcefield, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God. So I ask you at this time, as you settle this energy into your energy field, we ask you to feel your solar plexus and your sacral chakra and your root chakra beginning to become reactivated, as if you will be activated in the energy of your own creative abilities and your own manifested light. As the beautiful spirit beings that you are. So can you imagine, and can you feel the power of your beautiful spirit, as you are being ignited again with the resurrection flame to bring forth your ability to create and manifest. For you see Dearest Ones there has been a vibration within your own mental mind and your own emotional mind that has been laid over you like a veil, that you are not able or do not know how to manifest or create at will. Today, Dearest Children, this is the power of now, this is the moment of manifested light that is being brought forth into your being so that you can create and make whole all that is yours. So breathe my children, breathe, breath my children, breathe. Breathe in the power of now.

So I ask you to imagine before you what we call the sea of abundance. As if it is like an open sea or ocean that you can see and feel the opulence of the expansion of this forcefield. What I am trying to say to you, is that as you look out onto the ocean or sea, and you can only see the horizon where the water, where you think, ends, I ask you now to call this expansion and begin to feel and sense this energy of the power of now, the forcefield of your manifested light and creative being, to see beyond the limitation and the expansion so that there is what you may call untapped, unlimited potential that is there on the horizon. So that your mental mind, your emotional mind does not get trapped into the limited beliefs of what you think or feel is all there is. This is not of truth, you see Dearest Ones, the energy of the God essence is unlimited, and so once again I ask you to invoke the energy of the I AM presence, from the Lord God of my being, I call forth now to receive the infusion of the resurrection flame into my finances, my talents, my relationships, my personal health, into all aspects of my being, I infuse the resurrection flame so that I may feel the power of now and live in my true creative and manifested power to create my life as I see and as I desire, and how I wish to be. So, Dear Ones, allow this to open your heart to the remembrance of the beautiful spirit that you are. Can you feel your spirit expanding into your consciousness, and saying yes, I remember my power, I remember my power, I remember my power as a Divine Child of God, manifesting and creating at will, the use of your mind to manifest and create at will.

It is Divine Will, it is a use of this energy of Grace Elohim that will bring forth the calmness and the receptivity for you to receive, and just as you are now filling your own emotional center with this self-love and self-acceptance, I am a powerful child of God, I am the light of the world, and I am here to bring forth my beautiful gifts and talents, and to live in abundance in this abundant universe, and to live in the joy and the remembrance of who I truly am. So take another deep breath and breathe this once again into your solar plexus, into your root, into your sacral chakra, ground this energy into the frequency of Mother Gaia, as you are anchored into the earth and you are connected to her love and to her light and to her power, and to her joy and to her abundance. You see, Mother Earth is abundant, she is prolific and just as you, you are connected to this same frequency, you are able to create at will, you are able to manifest at will, you are able to use the Divine powers that are within you, at will. You have this ability to use your mind, body and spirit in union with the Divine, to manifest. So this is the frequency, Grace Elohim, the vibration, the energy of the power of now, with the resurrection flame to infuse within your being. This, Dearest One, is the tool for you to use, if you so choose to manifest what you desire, opening up the channel of your own true remembrance, and opening up the energy that you’ve held inside of your being, waiting to re-remember. 

I remember union, I remember union, I remember union. I am here to open up my memory, my energy, my essence that I am an unlimited being who is able to create and manifest at will. You are not helpless, you are not left without the energy and the tools here on this earthplane. God has gifted you with these abilities, God has gifted you with these energies. I, here, today as Yeshua am here to help you to re-remember, for I use these same tools, these same energies, these same flames and vibrational frequencies to create and manifest at will. That is why many people believe me to be, as they say, the only Son of God, which is not of truth. I was able to access the energy of God’s essence, and so people have seen me or projected me as special, but I am no more special than you. I was literally able to tap into these frequencies to manifest and create at will. That is why I am offering and showing you this today, so you can re-remember, just as I have accessed the gifts that God has given you at your birth. They have been veiled, but today is a time to remember, I remember union. The beautiful energy of the Sacred Balance, Divine Mother/Divine Father held in the frequencies of Grace Elohim, and in this powerful frequency of the power of now, which is the energy of what we call the manifested light that is present for you to access. Yes, it is a frequency of manifested light for you to access, to create that which you desire.

So Dearest Children, begin to open your heart to the wonderous remembrance of the truth that you are a Divine Child of God, and remember as you invoke the flame of resurrection, I am the resurrection and the life. Yes, Dearest One, restoring all the wonderful gifts of your Divine essence. Can you imagine all the wonderful gifts of your Divine essence? Therefore you are not limited, you are not without, and you are able to create at will. There is no mystery, you see, it is just re-remembering. So, Dearest Children, know within your heart that you are the heart of the energy of all that is. You, Dearest Ones, are the heart of the energy of all that is. What do I mean by this? That God has gifted you and created you as the essence of the heart, the vibration of love. The encompassing frequency of love that allows all to grow, all to nurture, all to thrive. Just as you love your newborn baby and you help your child to grow and to thrive. When there is no love a child will not thrive. They call this a failure to thrive baby, because there is no love, there is no nurturance, there is no care. This is literally truth, and this physically exists with young children, and we say to you Dearest Ones, in many ways you are like young children, for you have forgotten to infuse this frequency within you, to nurture yourself, to love yourself so that you can thrive and once again be restored with all the wonderful gifts of your Divine essence. What a beautiful gift that you are remembering today, what a beautiful gift you are receiving today, what a beautiful gift that you are offering to yourself today. I choose to thrive, I choose love, I choose the remembrance of my beautiful, Divine essence.

So Dear Ones, hold the frequency within your heart, that you are worthy to receive, that it is your birthright, and that it is time. You see the sky is not the limit on how you can receive, there is no limit. If you experience lack of any kind in your life, then you are not in the flow of manifested energy, and there lies suffering and pain. Call the resurrection flame to come to your rescue, call in the power of now, and Elohim Grace. Everything shall now begin to fall in order, this is a universal law, this is an aspect of God’s gift to humanity, to live in the abundance of who they truly are. So, Dearest Children of the Light, know as the energy of the resurrection flame becomes more active, as we begin to approach the time of Easter, the time of my resurrection, I am asking you to use these frequencies so that you can begin to manifest at will, and begin to master your fears, and to create what you desire. For you see by the time of the day of my resurrection in April of 2019, on the day of what you may call the day of Easter, all of your lives will change, there will be a resurrection for all of you. This is my promise, this is my covenant onto you, as you work with the resurrection flame, as you work with Divine Grace, as you work with the power of now, calling in these frequencies into your body. So, you see, Dearest Ones, you have called and I have come, I have come to help you now, to resurrect so that you may find peace, happiness and joy within your life, and that there will be abundance in all aspects, for this is what and how you are to live, in the joy and the remembrance of who you truly are. Sununu who is the angel of giving, she continues to give to each of you. You may wish to access her energy and call upon Sununu, to live in the joy, to live in the remembrance. As you search for the God and Goddess within, today Dearest Children of the Light, feel my love, feel my heartbeat, as I connect to each of you with my Sacred Heart, so as you prepare now for the next few weeks, to merge into this frequency with the resurrection flame, with the essence of the God essence, your life will begin to change and miracles shall unfold. One by one by one. Miracles will unfold. I hold you dear to my heart, and I understand that if you use this energy you will be able to benefit by invoking it, and resurrecting that which you so desire. Which is that which I used to resurrect my physical body at the time of my crucifixion, and with the help of my Mary and my Dear Elizabeth and my Mother, and with so many other beings of light, and with God’s Grace, I was able to resurrect my physicality and continue on with my mission.

So, Dearest Children, I offer you this gift today, in preparation for the beautiful gifts that you are now ready to give to the world. Believe in yourself, trust in yourself, know the truth of who you are. Hold this energy as you bring this forth into your life, so know Dearest Children of the Light, the time, the power of now, is here for you to receive. Go now my children as I send the blessed light of unconditional love and grace upon you so that you may feel the presence of the manifestations of God’s grace upon your soul. In this I thank thee.

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