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How to become an online B2B Influencer (Our exact Program Blueprint)

Positioning, Preeminence, & Influence Program™ is an advanced Program that includes mentorship, training, skill-building, Done with You elements that will support you to generate consistent growth, help you become the thought leader in your unique industry and enhance B2B sales.

First, you design your Roadmap to Influence. We will be using mastermind group meetings, Done with you LinkedIn Optimization, LinkedIn Outreach, Social Selling, and content creation training. 

Guiding through Press Releases, quote opportunities, podcast appearances, and how to build an email list following.  In addition, we will have access to mentorship from partner and  Influencer Cory Warfield. 

We will work on building credibility and omnipresence in your industry by implementing Specific Business Systems to magnify your outreach. Once we have implemented and optimized, you will grow your reach both with search engine results and social following.  Through this process, we expect you to grow a minimum of 15,000 new targeted followers in 12 months, and add a minimum of 30 new entries to the (SERP) Search Engine Results Pages, and $120,000 in new revenue. 

Contact Jess 612-440-8286


Note we reserve the right to modify and adjust the Program as we grow to better serve you and our other Clients. This may include altering the Stages, adjusting the coaching times, and enhancing the Program in multiple ways. Guarantees are void if the user is no longer participating in the process in a meaningful way.

What’s included in the Program

Stage One: The Game You Are Playing

In Stage One you get clear on key foundations to success in this program. Clarity on the strategies you have used in the past, your Business Model, your Online Growth Strategy, Sales tactics, and the habits you need to get there. Armed with this, you then complete your Positioning, Preeminence, and Influence Roadmap.

We will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current online positioning. 

In addition, we get clear on your Ideal Target Market, your messaging, and your hook. 

Then we support you in branding your new and improved you. 

Stage One Finish Line: You have completed your Positioning, Preeminence, and Influence Roadmap™, Optimized your LinkedIn profile, and have added 1,000 new target connections.

Stage One Prize: You are confident that you can position yourself as a thought-leader and grow your influence online. In addition you are beginning to grow your tribe and seeing momentum. 

Stage Two: Habits and Processes for Growth

In Stage Two, you implement habits that will help you move the needle in gaining exposure and building a network. 

You get clear on which bad habits to remove and the new supporting habits you are going to replace them with. We will share ways to grow your LinkedIn profile and start gaining traction with your content as well as how to properly build a beneficial sales outreach to your target audience.

In this stage, we will give you insights and tools to start building your influence by growing an email list using a non-salesy approach. If you do not have a personal website, we will help you set one up and help with hosting as well. 

Stage Two Finish Line: You will have expanded your targeted audience to over 2,000 targeted prospects via LinkedIn, have a list gathering system in place for email follow-up and sales, and an online presence outside of social media. 

Stage Two Prize: Your online prowess is beginning to show. Your personal website is up and running, your prospect pool has grown a minimum of 2,000 people via LinkedIn connections, you have learned better habits to build relationships in order to grow trust, you have 200 email subscribers as well as made your first $25k in sales during the program. 

Stage Three: Visibility and Credibility Building

In this stage we will begin to utilize resources to build your personal brand online. First, we will let you know about resources to get you quoted in newspapers, online magazines, company publications, directories, listed as an expert, and much more. 

You can learn how to gain knowledge and tips to get press releases, be a guest or a host with podcasting, find interviews for online videos and articles and other visibility hacks. 

At this point, we will expand your social reach and help you develop an omnipresent strategy to continue growing your brand across the internet.

You will continue to learn and build on what you started in stages one and two. You will gain new insights how to leverage personalization and other sales techniques and thought processes. 

Stage Three Finish Line: When you are googled, you are found through various channels. Your LinkedIn network is growing, and you are gaining additional traction with your mailing list. 

Stage Three Prize: You are able to feel confident that your brand is beginning to shine brightly. Opportunities you had not really considered are starting to fall into your lap on a more regular basis. The email list has now grown to over 500 ideal prospects. You are able to get 4-10 targeted appointments each week and able to close a minimum of $75k in additional business. 

Stage Four: Expanding Your Influence

In Stage Four, you create a plan for expanding your network and starting to scale your influence. 

Stage 4 gives you the opportunity to learn about book publishing, how to hire a ghostwriter, tips to write your own book faster, gain further media exposure, pursue featured articles (paid and organic), find speaking opportunities, and leverage your brand to continue to grow your Influence. 

Stage Four Finish Line: You have a game plan mapped out to massively grow your business network, following, nurturing ongoing relationships, and close more sales. 

Stage Four Prize: You confidently can tell someone to look you up online knowing that the credibility you have is massive. Opportunities to work with bigger and bigger clients start coming to you. You have cleared over $150k in sales since beginning with the program and have an email list of over 1000 subscribers.  

Stage Five: Influencing and Nurturing

In Stage Five, we teach you how to use your influence to make an impact and to continue nurturing your followers. 

Now your Business is making notable gains through the credibility established to your brand through this process.

It is now time to begin to further expand your network, as well add additional ways to monetize your efforts through various channels. 

We will discuss leveraging joint ventures, communicating for advantageous business relationships, building trust and ways to be adding value to your world. 


Stage Five Finish Line: You have over 15,000 targeted followers on LinkedIn, your raving fans are now over 2,000 and you have successfully monetized your network. 

Stage Five Prize: You are now in a position to be seen by the masses as a successful entrepreneur. Doors are now open to you for speaking opportunities, career advancement, and achieving the goals you had set for yourself. Your email list has grown to over 2000, plus you are able to bring in over $250k in revenue through new opportunities. 

- This program is powerful and will build preeminence. Contact Jess if you are ready to explode your following and revenue. Call 612-440-8286

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