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Message from Mary Magdalene 5.29.2017

Greetings my Beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I do wish to speak about the journey of the soul and the transition that is taking place for all of you on this day. I know we have spoken of this topic many times, but it is of great significance as a reminder to live in the moment and be present in every moment. When we lived during our lifetimes it was most difficult for us to understand what was happening with the Great Design. We were given the information piece by piece, moment by moment, and as we always did, we would sit in sacred circle and receive clarity, for each moment of our lives. I ask each of you to hold vigil and to be patient. For this is how the soul’s journey and your life pathway unfold. We know that you are aware of this, but we do see that many of you have become impatient, and you long for days that are much easier, and simply hold greater clarity and understanding. So we ask each of you to breath into the essence of your soul, breathe in the essence, breathe in the light and the love and the peace that is being bestowed upon you today, for each of you are following your pathway, moment by moment, breath by breath, minute by minute, and we ask you to do it with joy, not with angst, not with sorrow, but with joy, breathing in the living light of God, and breathing in the essence of peace. Placing your intention that your lifeway is divinely orchestrated, and you are directed by your soul. If you listen quietly to your inner callings, you will begin to hear your soul speak to you. I repeat this again, if you listen quietly, you will begin to hear your soul speak to you. What is your soul calling you to do, moment by moment?
And each of you are being asked to live in joy, to live in peace, to live in tranquility, to live in harmony, to live in balance. It is simple as this, remember Dearest Children, in many ways you are self-contained. Please do not allow your energies to be affected by another. Keep yourself contained in the vibration of love, peace, joy, harmony and balance. Keep your life self-contained in love, peace, harmony, joy and balance. As you know the world is undergoing a major transition, and as we have spoken many times before, it seems as if your world is out of control. But you Dearest Children are the light workers and the exemplary beings of light who are holding this balance and keeping the planet in a state of grace. Yes, Dearest Children, all of you who are aware and awakened and are devoted to the earth mother and to the Great Creator are the ones that are keeping this balance on the earth plane. This is a tall order, you may not be aware of all that you are doing within your spirit essence, for as you may know, all of you are working diligently on behalf of the earth mother in your spirit essence, with your galactic families of light. Yes, Dearest One, you are all working with your galactic families of light, helping and assisting this planet to return to balance. And the key is for you to remain centered and calm and balanced within your own life, and not worry about what tomorrow brings.
Expect the unexpected and know at this time in your life that each of you are being blessed with beautiful blessings, that are being bestowed upon your soul. Each of you are receiving powerful healing that will allow any limitations that you are feeling within your life to now be cleared away. Can you visualize stepping onto the pathway and opening the door to the next leg of your journey, moment by moment you are stepping in to the essence of your life and you are free. Free to serve, free to love, free to be. Stepping into the essence of all that you are, free to love, free to serve, and free to be. Holding your light, and what we call the spark of light that’s within you, your spirit, so that others may see the way, that you may shower your light and bring peace to the world. Dearest Children know that as Jeshua and I carried through our sacred contract to the end of our incarnation we were deeply committed to holding the light so others may see. Our life as you know it was most difficult. And yet we held the light for others, and many times we were confused about our pathway and what we were to be doing, and yes, Jeshua’s crucifixion, and after his resurrection it was most painful and most difficult. But as we say, we carried on, and we carried on with faith and love and commitment within our heart. And today we continue to carry on to help this planet and all of civilization until our contract is complete. And that is what each of you are doing, never give up hope, and listen to your soul, for it knows what is best for your life pathway. You’ve made these arrangements and these agreements prior to your birth, of how you are going to live your life, and how you are going to step into your own sacred contract.
And so at this time Dearest Children we ask you to surrender, surrender to your soul’s guidance, continue to pray that your soul will guide you, not your personality, not fear, not what you believe is limitation or lack, but the soul’s journey. As you step into this remembrance, that you are living on purpose, and with commitment and with dedication. You will begin to feel what we say is a sense of relief. Any tension or fear that you are experiencing will then begin to vanish, and you will begin to relax into your life, and there as you begin to relax, your life unfolds. Let go of the anxiety, let go of the need to control, let go, let go, let go, and let God. Surrender to the love, surrender to love. It is the energy that created this planet. Surrender to love, surrender to peace. Dear Ones know that you cannot control your life without listening to the soul. And once you are in alignment to your soul’s calling, then you can take action, then you can move forward in your direction. It is not the other way around, it is not your personality dictating your pathway, and if so, you will find yourself falling short. That is why so many people are unhappy, and anxious and nervous and angry and fearful. They do not understand by listening to the soul they will find peace and tranquility. They think if they control and use their will they can make things happen. And that does work, to some degree. But it is not always fulfilling, it usually is filled with some level of angst or discontent. 
You have been given free will, you have been given the power of your mental mind to make decisions, and that is well and good. But today we are speaking about listening to the soul, and there you will find peace. And surrendering, truly surrendering and allowing your soul to dictate to you. When you listen to the stirring inside of yourself, you will know that your soul is talking to you. What is your soul calling you to do? Today, we speak of seeking union with yourself. This is a part of what our book is about, partnering with yourself, seeking union with yourself, seeking union with your soul. This is what is to be taught to the world, and how the world will come back into balance, one person at a time. Each soul at a time. Merging your life with grace and ease. Centering your heart with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. In this moment can you feel the peace that is being bestowed upon you? Can you feel the love within your heart growing? Can you feel the contentment of knowing that your life is Divinely orchestrated? Can you trust yourself, can you trust your soul? Can you truly trust your soul to guide you? 
And so we ask this question to you to ponder upon, to consider this is how you are to live. Moment by moment, listening to your soul’s guidance. So much that is happening on this planet is in need of balance and of grace. And you see the confusion, how will peace ever prevail? It is why Jeshua and I came to teach you, to show you the way, the light and the truth. To show you the way of listening to your soul’s calling. It is why we would sit in sacred circle together and we would each connect to the earth mother and we would feel the resonance of the heart of the mother. It is why we come together in these Monday calls to help you, to guide you, to prepare you so that you may feel your heart beat and listen to your own sacred message of your own soul. It is your choice Dearest Children, it is your choice to return to sacred union within yourself and to be at peace. We are here to guide you, for as we have said, we know your struggles, we know the difficulty of living on this earth plane and all the entrapments and the fear. And so today I would like to take you on a journey into the heart of the earth mother so that you may fully connect to the energy of peace.
And so please place your feet upon the ground and take a deep inhaling breath, and Isabella opens the gateway to the crystalline core of Mother Earth. And allow your essence to enter into the core of the Earth Mother, and begin to feel the nurturance and the love and the sanctity of being protected, nurtured, loved, rejuvenated, going into the center of the earth, into the womb of Mother Earth, and take another deep breath and begin to deepen your connection to the soul of the Earth Mother. As you align yourself to the soul of the Earth Mother, you’re aligning your own soul with your sacred mission. You are here to serve the earth mother, and she is here to serve you. So take another deep breath and allow the earth mother to assist you and to protect you, to nurture you, to guide you, soul to soul, can you see your soul connecting to the heart of the Earth Mother? Can you feel her love? Can you feel her essence? Can you feel her joy? Feel the pulsation within your own heart, the excitement of living as a free spirit, moment to moment, living your life in purposeful harmony and grace. Yes, we say purposeful harmony and grace, with intention. Choosing the freedom and letting your mind and your body be free. Living in a relaxed state of grace. Knowing that your soul is being guided, not only by the energy of the heart of the Earth Mother, but the soul and the energy of your own essent self. When you feel called to do something or if you feel called by sensing that there is more for you to do, to experience, begin to listen and allow and trust. 
On this day the Earth Mother is infusing this strength of her soul, her heart, her essence into your heart, into your soul, into your essence, so that you are strengthened. For each of you, as we have said, are way showers and peacekeepers, and stewards of Mother Earth, you chose to come to assist her. She willingly also chooses to assist you. For it is not simply a one-way street, you are giving and receiving. And it is time that you receive. It is time for you to understand that as you have given in service, for eons and eons of time, that you are receiving the love, and all goodness is bestowed upon your soul. Do not allow your ego to get in the way. Do not allow the confusion of what you do not understand to affect you. And at this moment the earth mother is shrouding you and surrounding you with so much peace and so much love, and so much grace. That perhaps you will begin to feel this strengthening and a new level of confidence, that yes, all is in order and all is as it should be. As we say, expect the grace and love of God’s healing energy to renew your soul. You are being renewed, not only by the Great Creator, but you are being renewed by the Earth Mother, being given an infusion, like a blood transfusion of energy, so that you may carry on for the rest of your incarnation with a new understanding that walking in peace and being at grace is your birthright. There is no need to hurry, there is no need to struggle. There is only grace. What concerns you, what might baffle you, no longer need to be a concern. We make our promise and our covenant to each of you individually, that whatever concerns you will be healed. Whatever concerns you will be healed. And we repeat, whatever concerns you will be healed. It is why Jeshua and I would go into the cave and we would go into the cave of creation and we would incubate ourselves, and surround ourselves with silence. Listening to our soul’s essence for clarity, silence is golden. It is there that the extraneous chatter within your mind can be silenced. And you can listen to your soul’s calling. 
We’ve come to share with you the importance of living in peace. Being at peace within yourself. Finding peace in your world, in your life. No longer being troubled by the extraneous. Meaning, do not allow the external world to affect your inner peace. Use discernment. Use caution. And trust that your life is in Divine Order, regardless of what is occurring, it is in Divine Order. And we say to expect the unexpected. Your soul will be showering and will continue to shower gifts upon each of you. Both in the form of material gifts and spiritual gifts. And for all that you have done in service, you are now being rewarded. Please trust in this, and trust in the knowingness that it is indeed time. Each of you have had many lifetimes of devotion, and this is the lifetime of the culmination of all of your lifetimes. And you are mastering what you call this earth life, as earth volunteers. This is a lifetime where you are mastering your lifetime as earth volunteers. So that is why we are taking you into the heart of the Mother today, so that you can feel this excitement, and the rejuvenation, that what is being offered onto you on this day, is the gift of love, the gift from the heavenly father, and the gift from the Earth Mother, for all of your dedication, and your commitment, that you have served the living light of God.
Today as you celebrate your holiday, of Memorial Day, we ask that you honor yourself, and honor the aspect of yourself that is now ready to come alive again. Today on your Memorial Day you honor those who have transitioned and have served the whole, for all of humanity. And we say honor yourself, for you have also served, and served and served. You have given so much out of sacrifice, and little has been given back to you. But you see the Earth Mother wishes to give you more. She has tended to your needs of food and water and air, and the ground that you walk upon. Today she is infusing her soul into your soul. And this powerful rejuvenation, and the power to create and manifest, just as Mother Earth is able to create and bring her beauty onto the world. Here in your springtime of new growth and new rebirth, you are being given this gift as well, rebirth, a chance to live again. For many of you, you have been like the walking dead, not living your life fully, not honoring yourself, not honoring life, but going through life with drudgery, pain, sorrow. Today it is a choice, I choose to set myself free. I choose to live in remembrance of the essence of who I truly am. By listening to your soul, and feeling the heart of the earth mother. Can you feel her love coming into your heart? Can you feel her filling your heart with love and peace? Can you feel yourself becoming renewed again? It is what Jeshua and I did when we went into the cave of creation, as I have said. We were filled and rejuvenated with love and grace, devotion and honor, and then we could carry on with what we were expected to do next. Not with drudgery, but with love and devotion within our hearts. And today this is what is being gifted to you. You are being gifted with this powerful frequency to commit to yourself, loving yourself enough to commit to yourself that you will live in peace, love, joy, tranquility, happiness, and balance. 
I will not allow the influences of the outer world to affect me. I will not even allow my own mental and emotional angst to affect me. I choose to be aligned with the energy of love and peace. Regardless of what is happening around me, I choose to align to love and peace. And with each soul that makes this choice, it effects the whole. What we call the 100 monkey syndrome, one life touches another and another and another. And so today choose peace, choose to listen to the calling of your soul, choose the willingness to be the powerful light bearer that you are. You are here by divine appointment, you are not here by happenstance. Perhaps you feel that your life has not been as you desired it to be. We say, think twice. Think twice. If your life is not to your liking, then we ask you to begin to listen to your soul, and to surrender your mental mind, surrender the control of your personality and follow your spirit and your soul’s calling. Be a free spirit, this has been for many a phrase that has not been honored. People calling someone a free spirit, as if it is not a good thing. We say to you Dear Ones, choose to be a free spirit, choose not to follow in the pathway of the other sheep who follow blindly without understanding. Listen to your inner stirrings and your inner callings. And trust within your soul. It is why you came to this earth plane. Your soul called you here. Your spirit called you here. When you are complete with your mission you will then leave. But until that appointed time, listen to the stirrings of your soul. Silence is golden. Turning within and listening to the still, quiet voice. And upon this week, all of you will begin to feel your soul calling you stronger and stronger, and you will know exactly what you need to do, not do, or simply to be. Stop your mind from telling you what you think you should do. And listen to your heart. This is the time that you have been waiting for. This is the moment that you have been waiting for. This is the presence of God’s healing love that you have been waiting for. 
Go my children and know that all is in order and all is as it should be. You have prepared the way and allow the living light of God to heal you. Now Dearest Children, as you return back from the crystalline core of Mother Earth back into your essent self, remember the peace, be still be still be still and know that you are God. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. Be still, be still, be still and know that you are God. You are the living light of all that is.

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