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Eleven Wealth Building Principles To Live By

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My guest this week is Alfred A. Edmond Jr. SVP/Executive Editor-at-Large for Black Enterprise, responsible for providing brand, marketing, and content leadership as a member of the multimedia company’s senior management team.

Edmond is an award-winning multi-media journalist, and a recognized expert on business and economic trends, entrepreneurship, personal finance, leadership development, and healthy relationships. He appears regularly as a guest expert commentator on national television, radio, and podcasts.

Edmond also serves as writer, co-producer, and host of Black Enterprise’s weekly interview series, Beyond The Hype and Your Money, Your Life, broadcast on Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, in addition to

Edmond also co-hosts "B. Lifted Up!" a nationally syndicated, faith-based radio program focused on encouraging listeners to commit to smart financial choices and the creation of generational wealth with Girlfriends Pray Founder Dee C. Marshall.

He is a trusted mentor, advisor, and confidante to many professionals, leaders, and accomplished entrepreneurs, who have followed his advice to win national “pitch competitions.”

Edmond serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at 3rd Space, a boutique co-working space in Newark, NJ, where he teaches his monthly Destination Success Masterclass and interviews prominent entrepreneurs and founders via the “Successpert Conversations with Alfred A. Edmond Jr.”

Prior to his current position, Edmond was SVP/Chief Content Officer, responsible for overseeing all the media platforms of Black Enterprise across events, video, digital/website, social media, print, and other content distribution properties.

From 2008 through 2010, Edmond was SVP/Editor-in-Chief of, helping to lead the transition from a single-magazine publisher to a digital-first media company. From 1995 through 2008, Edmond was chief editor of Black Enterprise magazine.

A highly respected social media enthusiast, Edmond is known as “The Successpert” and enjoys a large, active, and influential following across several social media platforms.

Edmond believes that health and fitness are foundational to business, financial, and life success. He’s a natural bodybuilder, who competes as a member of the Organization of Competition Bodies (OCB) and the Drug-Free Athletes Coalition (DFAC), earning his OCB Masters Bodybuilding 40+ Pro Card in 2019.

Edmond was a member of Team USA at the 2017 and 2018 DFAC World Finals in the amateur bodybuilders 50-plus Masters class.

He’s an unabashed evangelist for four types of fitness: financial, physical, mental, and relationship. He’s an expert on wealth development and has worked with many great Black achievers over the last 30 years, including Reginald Lewis, Bob Johnson, and Earl Graves. If that isn't impressive enough, Alfred A. Edmond, Jr. is a radio show host, MSNBC contributor, and best-selling author!

Here are 11 powerful strategies for creating generational wealth that Alfred A. Edmond, Jr. shared on my Sirius XM show:

  1. Every crisis creates new needs.

  2. Don't focus on what is lost, but on what is being created.

  3. Do not measure wealth by how much money you make, but by what you own.

  4. Wealth is measured in assets that you accumulate.

  5. Develop an abundance mindset.

  6. Once you decide to trust God, you must reject the idea of scarcity, because God and scarcity don’t go together.

  7. The Parable of the Talents is not about what you start with, but what you do with it.

  8. You were created to produce. So, commit to lifelong learning and lifelong achieving.

  9. The great wealth achievers are not focused just on how much money they generate, but what they do with it.

  10. Always focus on net worth more than just your present revenue.

  11. Real wealth is about assets that create long term income generation.

This powerful Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Show interview on Sirius XM Radio airs this Saturday at 4pm ET, next Tuesday and next Thursday at 6pm ET on channel 141-HUR Voices.

For access to this and more interviews, download The Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways Podcast on C-Suite Radio or wherever else you get your podcasts. Listen and be inspired!

Eleven Wealth Building Principles To Live By

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A Dose of Dee

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

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To Warrant or Not.

A 32 oz. bottle of Super Tech Power Steering Fluid is $4.94 at Walmart. I buy two bottles at a time and keep them in the back of my 2005 SUV. My mechanic says to repair the steering wheel chamber leak is more than the car is worth. So, Sunday is my day to add power steering fluid to my car.

It's in need of a catalytic converter too. But Mercedes-Benz discontinued making my model. I’ve even tried the secondary market. No luck.

All the dashboard warning images light up whenever I turn the key in the ignition - battery, airbag, brakes, etc. But I’m good with it.

I intend to drive it until November when my registration sticker on my windshield expires, or the car just stops running.


CarShield ads are everywhere, featuring the celebrity Ice-T. By the way, I love him in the show, Law and Order!

So, I had the bright idea to investigate whether getting a warranty for repairs might be an economical way to help extend the life of my car – at least until November.

Their advertisements say you need a warranty when your car is old to help with repair costs. And my car is old.

So, I investigated.

They offer a wide variety of plans and cover almost any vehicle type. Overall prices start around $99 a month. They offer month-to-month plans and their coverage is transferrable. That means if you sell your car, you can include the coverage, giving your vehicle a higher resale value for the duration of your extended warranty. CarShield offers towing and 24-hour roadside assistance, just like AAA.

Interesting. CarShield is a reseller. They function as a middleman, so their customer service team is dedicated to selling plans and not processing claims. And, since they don’t deal with vehicles directly, they don’t have mechanics or other experts on call, which some other companies offer.

They were friendly and helpful, but my 235,078-mileage car made it cost prohibitive to consider getting a warranty. Does it make sense to pay the cost of a used car note ($166.99 and up a month, for possible repairs), for the life of my car, when I could “cash flow” my future auto purchase by saving those funds in my “repair/replace account” now?

Save, Then Buy

My car’s shock absorbers no longer absorb the shocks of the road. The right front “running board” light uses tape to keep its light in the socket well. So, I’m motivated to save an extra $250 a month in anticipation of the guaranteed demise of my SUV.

Credit card solicitations come daily via mail and email. They want me in debt paying those high interest rates. That’s how their stock prices can continue to rise, and they can pay dividends to their shareholders.

By saving and paying cash for my next used car, my “no consumer debt” mantra is intact. I will not be a debtor. I can become a shareholder and receive dividends. Passive income. That’s my goal. I will pay cash.

And yes, actor, Ice-T is a favorite of mine.

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