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Are You Enthusiastic About Work?

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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

Today’s question, ‘Are you enthusiastic about work?’, may sound a bit strange.  We are typically excited about vacation but not about work.  Many people dread their daily occupation.  They find the work tedious, but for some, getting food on the table is the priority.  But for those who are able plus motivated, it just may be time to seek new work or begin an entrepreneurial adventure of a lifetime.

Imagination is everything, so imagine what work might be like if you were to study for a higher-level position or begin your own business.  Just thinking about it, you may feel a surge of enthusiasm.  Should this be the case, no doubt, you may be charting out a new course of action tonight!

My Story

It is no secret that negative commentary can get us down.  I eventually concluded that the not-so-nice remarks arise because others feel they compete with us.  They either don’t want us to leave their corner of the world or admit our ideas will put us seemingly ahead.  I learned to embrace the negativity as it signifies that I am onto something that holds potential.

I believe that boredom is to be eliminated for those motivated to achieve more.  It is better to strive for one or more levels over our heads so that we may advance.  Just thinking about the idea can bring a smile and have us feel more enthusiastic about work.

Accordingly, we begin creating new goals, planning projects, and creating the right program for us. The follow-on is an increase in energy and seeing ourselves as enthusiastic about work.

But working alone can be difficult as entrepreneurship is a long journey forward.  There are times when quitting may enter our minds.  Of course, we are all aware that we will be back to square one, facing a mediocre job at best if we stop.  The better answer is to find peers who have the same desire and determination to build something special. Another possibility for maintaining momentum is contributing to a community that dedicates itself to a cause in which we believe.

Again, there is a need to select our community with care.  The people, events, and messaging are to align with what we believe as individuals.  Once we verify everything is in order, the momentum will pick up, assuming that we are carefully connecting with those with similar interests.  One side benefit is that our social connections can increase by sharing the individuals’ insights alongside the organization.

One community I find impressive is that of Vengreso; they are a premiere trainer for how to sell well on the LinkedIn platform.  Upon taking their training, I was duly impressed and made their suggested tweaks for my profile. New connections picked up at a solid rate as did partnering opportunities. Reciprocity is everything in the business environment.  Upon seeing my praise, Vengreso asked to interview me to ask my insights about selling.  I was happily surprised by the video they created on my behalf – enjoy!  

Learn and Be Inspired

Enthusiastic About Work


As we move toward a happier outlook, ideas for new projects and collaborative efforts come about.  The turning point arrives to answer, Yes, we are enthusiastic about work!


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Your Story:  Are You Enthusiastic About Work?

Several essential indicators exist about whether or not you are enthusiastic about work.

Do You:

  • Look forward to or dread beginning the new day?
  • Possess a negative or positive mindset?
  • Rapidly dismiss ideas or take time to consider them?
  • Continue envisioning how to get to the next level?
  • Contribute to communities as service to others and possibly collaborative efforts?

Should your answer be no, you don’t look forward to the next day’s work; consider what you may improve.  If you are an employee, will you be happier on another team or in a higher-level position?  Do you have the motivation to learn what it will take to remain an employee plus move up the ladder? If you feel a tinge of excitement answering these questions, begin charting out your course of action today.  Surprisingly, you might feel enthusiasm tomorrow morning!

As an entrepreneur, are you tired of facing the same old every day and primarily by yourself?  The situation can be a dilemma for solo entrepreneurs.  However, the commitment to learning stirs ideas for new products and services, which can assist both your mood and effort. Listen to the views of associates and accept conversations about potential collaborative efforts.  You never know what may unfold. 

Upon reading articles of those who inspire you, check out the social profiles to see if it may be someone with whom you want to connect. Should you realize they are active within a community, inquire about it as it may be what you seek.

In summary, instead of letting life get you down, seek out what may motivate and inspire you to do more.  We put needless limits on ourselves, thinking we don’t have the talent.  Surprisingly, when we are enthusiastic about work, the motivation to learn more and advance to new levels takes hold.  And then we become more. 

‘Be Inspired!’


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Sales Tips:  Are You Enthusiastic About Work?

  1. Know what you enjoy doing.
  2. Maximize the enjoyable pieces of your work.
  3. Create new products or services related to what you like doing.
  4. Collaborate with those whose work complements yours.
  5. Promote the work of those who share similar values and goals.
  6. As an employee, figure out what your next steps are to climb the career ladder.
  7. As an employee, decide if you wish to remain or if it is beneficial to interview elsewhere.
  8. Join a community that can use your talent and helps more people.
  9. Feel the motivation and inspiration to charter new programs.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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