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1-6-20 Mary Magdalene Message

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Christ. Mary Magdalene is here as well. We say to you Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, that this is the year of creation and manifestation. As has been spoken, this is the energy of complete integration of your soul’s pathway, in alignment to the new earth frequencies that are now being emitted upon the earth plane at this time. As many of you know, we have been preparing the way for the great paradigm shift, of moving and shifting and transmuting the lower vibrational frequencies upon this earth so that the new earth, the new earth beings, and the higher frequencies of creation and manifestation can now merge onto this planet. Today I ask each of you to begin to breathe in the beautiful frequency of your diamond light grid, that is held within your own etheric temple. And simply begin to breathe into this frequency of the purity of your beautiful diamond light frequency. There is a beautiful diamond frequency, a grid of energy, that is overlaid within your etheric field, that allows you to begin to create and manifest with the energy of the Supreme One. So I ask you to breathe. And begin to feel this connection to your heart. Begin to feel the diamond light grid, as it now begins to awaken within you, within the beautiful crystalline grid of your own energetic frequency. So begin to breathe into this frequency into your heart, opening your connection to all that is. Beginning to feel this sense of relaxation as you now merge with your Higher Self, your Supreme Self, and your beautiful I AM presence, your Divine Self. So we ask you to breathe, Dear Ones, breathe. Breathe into the diamond light of this beautiful crystalline grid that is held within your own etheric blueprint. Today as you begin to focus on manifestation and creation in this new year, of 2020, as you begin to focus and create all that is held within your own vibratory frequency, begin to allow your diamond light grid to begin to expand, as if you are now reaching out and calling forth your Cosmic Bank of manifestation and creation, that is held within your vibratory frequency. Each of you have a Cosmic Bank of riches, good deeds, and prosperity that is now to be called forth onto each of you, as if you are receiving a birthday gift, a Christmas gift. As if you are receiving energy that you have earned throughout the course of your soul’s incarnational period of time, as if this collective Cosmic Bank is now stepping forward and you are able to receive it, all the blessings, all the prosperity that are yours to receive.


So take a deep, deep inhaling breath and call your Cosmic Bank to you, as if you are breathing it into your heart chakra, breathing it into your diamond light frequency, as it becomes a part of your consciousness and integrates into your subconscious, and manifests itself into physical form. So once again take another deep, deep inhaling breath and then begin to call in this energy of the Cosmic Bank. Into your etheric field, into your diamond light grid, allowing it to manifest into physical form. So as you begin to feel this energy, you may begin to feel warmth, you may begin to see, sense or hear that which is for your highest good, that which is for you to receive. So today as you call in this light frequency, and you call in the Cosmic Bank, begin to realize at this time that as you begin to surrender to this frequency, that you shall hold the light of God’s living love, into your consciousness, into your subconscious, and there you are clearing out all beliefs, old, out-moded beliefs, that no longer serve you, so you may receive your Cosmic Bank, to be able to create and manifest at will. So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, as you receive, so shall you believe. As you believe, so shall you receive. It is time for each of you to move forward into this frequency, for in this year of 2020, as has been said, this is a time of preparation for each of you to move into your soul pathway. It is why I have come now to begin to teach my 12 Mastery Teachings, and my 12 Tools of Enlightenment, for each of you, so that you can begin to build upon this frequency of creation and manifestation. And begin to build on your divine power and strength, so that you may merge forward as an ascended master, living on this earth plane, in your own divine power. Calling the magnificence and the brilliance that is divinely yours, for you to receive.


This is the gift that Mary and I bring to you, today as you allow this energy of your Cosmic Bank of Creation and Manifestation to enter in to your consciousness. For so many do not feel worthy to receive, so many do not believe in order to receive. Others simply do not know how to create or to manifest, or to receive. So today we ask you to call it in, and to simply allow it to enter into your heart, as if you are receiving a precious gift which indeed is yours to receive. Truly may the love of God surround you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. This is your day to receive. So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, begin to feel this energy within your heart, as Lea now begins to prepare the verse from the Kuan Yin oracle.


And so Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, I ask you to surrender. And to allow your Cosmic Bank now to come to you, and simply receive it. It is my gift that my Mary and I bring to you upon this day. For your due diligence, for all that you have given and given and given, it is simply your time to receive. Just as Sununu the angel of giving has brought her message forward, it is truly time for you to receive, to live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are, giving your light to the world, giving your love to the world, giving your own beautiful resources to the world. Be it a generous act of kindness, a smile, whatever it may be, giving your resources onto the world, for you have more than plenty, your cosmic bank is full. So now Dearest Ones I ask you to hold within your heart your deepest desire, your deepest desire, that you are able to manifest now at will. So take a deep breath and call in this energy into your diamond light grid, bringing the energy of manifestation and creation into your heart, and then calling in this vibration as a match, as if your vibration now is aligning itself to the vibration of your desire. What is within your heart? What is deep within your heart? Allowing the vibration to be matched.


So we ask you to seal this energy now into your heart with love and gratitude. Regardless of what you have asked for, know that it has been received. Because the today the powerful frequency of divine creation and manifestation shall answer your call. This frequency will go, as they say, right to work, as the universe brings this work, this desire onto you. So please Dearest Children be careful of what you ask for, be careful of your thoughts, let it be your discernment and trust, that if it is for your highest good, then it shall manifest. For your soul is in alignment with your Cosmic Bank, and your consciousness and your soul are at one. So today as you feel this energy within your heart, you may begin to feel palpitations. Excitement, anticipation. What you perhaps felt was an obstacle or unattainable can be received. Simply Dearest Ones, know that you can call this forth at any time, calling forth your Cosmic Bank for your desires, for indeed there is more to be received, as each of you step forward into creation and manifestation. This assists the whole of the collective, which allows humanity and all sentient beings to receive the abundance and tap in to the collective energy of manifestation and creation. Eliminating fear, lack, poverty, and unworthiness. Which allows every soul to live in their magnificence and be able to create and manifest at will for themselves. Those who are suffering, with very little hope or faith, those who are suffering with poverty consciousness, those who are suffering from lack of any kind are now able to tap into universal consciousness of creation and manifestation as you are bringing it forward upon this day, not only for yourself, but for the world at large.

Every soul can manifest and bring forth their dreams, their hopes, their desires, and the planet can return to love and peace, and return as a safe haven for all inhabitants, without war, without violence, without greed, without intimidation, without destruction. So as you hold the vision of earth in her magnificence and her brilliance, you are holding the vision for yourself to return back to your brilliance and your magnificence. What you send out you shall receive. What you receive you shall give. So today as Mary and I stand with you, we hold the balance and the Sacred Union, of the Divine Mother, the receptacle of the Divine Feminine. Just as we spoke about the energy of the cradle of Mother Love at our last call, you are now receiving this energy because you have opened your heart to receive Mother Love. Today you are able to receive and to give. And to give and to receive, as you call in the Cosmic Bank, receiving all that is yours, and then sending the energy forward for all those to receive. As you expand your consciousness, you are teachings others, each one teach one, each one lead one. In the heart of the mother, the cradle of the Divine Mother’s energy, you have returned back to pure love, and there in this essence, is the seat of creation. There in pure love is the seat of creation. There in pure love is the seat of creation. Divine Mother Love.


It is there that I was held in the cradle of my Mother’s arms, and held in the cradle of Divine Mother energy, for my ministry to flourish, for my lifespan to flourish. For my mission to be called forth. And so today we hold the energy of Divine Mother for you, as you receive from your Cosmic Bank, and allow your mission to unfold. Go forward with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be. As you have stepped into this power, stepped into this frequency, allowing your beautiful crystalline grid, and your diamond light frequency to merge with your subconscious, consciousness and superconsciousness, and you are aligned to the power of your own divine will. So Dear Sons and Daughters of the Light, begin to feel this energy as you open the heart to perfection, and begin to feel the energy of excitement, of creation and manifestation begin to open up within you. Keep your focus, pure, with your thoughts, and allow yourself to be aligned to your I AM presence with grace and ease once again, as you pray, guide me, restore me, I trust you completely, your wisdom, love and joy lights my path and my way becomes easy for me.


So Dear Ones, we leave you with this powerful imprint of the Sacred Light of the three-fold flame upon you, that you now begin to resurrect yourself, calling in the resurrection flame, the violet flame of transmutation, and the flame of illumination, of your own divine wisdom, to show you the way. Go forward my children, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace. Mary and I send our love, my Mother sends her love as well, and as we stand with you, know that you are never alone. Go forward and receive all the Cosmic Blessings that are within your Cosmic Bank. Go in peace.

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