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Supercharge and Propel Your Personal and Professional Success

11 Jul 2022 | Posted Under Success

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As we wrap up season 15 of my Sirius XM Wealthy Ways show and go into hiatus for the summer, I will be featuring the some of the most popular guests of the season.

This weekend, we are re-airing the interview I did with my bride of 37 years, Dee Taylor-Jolley. In her role as the “Back Office Boss,” she reminds us that business and marriage must be thought of as enterprises that require care, communication and good back office operations in order to create a positive, prosperous legacy. This was one of the top requested shows of the past season!

The following Saturday, Juily 11, Peak Performance expert and best selling author, Dr. Delatorro McNeal (author of the hot new book, How to Shift into a Higher Gear), is spotlighted. He has been a frequent guest on The Today Show and other national media outlets and he gives rapid fire principles to grow your success. In addition he reminds us to keep our focus on the biggest room in the world, which is the room for improvement! A powerful show featuring a powerful speaker!

I hope you become “inspired to action” as you listen to these powerful thought provoking interviews.


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Supercharge and Propel Your
Personal and Professional Success

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A Dose of Dee

By Dee Taylor-Jolley

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The Halfway Point

Mariupol, the southern Ukrainian sea post, was bombed by Russia. The January 6th Committee subpoenas Pat Cipollone. President Joe Biden is in Germany. Ketanji Brown Jackson is sworn in as the first Black woman on the Supreme Court. Wall Street investors are suffering from whiplash and fear of recession. Isn’t it here already?

Stop. Stop the madness. Stop focusing on this chaos.

Bring you attention back to yourself. Focus your attention on you and your goals.

This is our halfway point.

It’s the beginning of July. Have your achieved any of your goals?

Have you even been “working” on them? Have you looked at them since the first of the year? Did you write them down?

There is endless information that says having goals drive you to achieve. That they keep you focused on the results you want.

A Harvard Business Study found that the 3% of graduates from their MBA program who had their goals written down, ended up earning ten times as much as the other 97% put together, just ten years after graduation.

There is a definite correlation between writing down goals and developing plans for those goals and massive achievement.

With that backdrop, let me take a slightly different angle.

This is the halfway point of the year.

Be still. Sit with yourself. Block out the world’s confusion. It will always be there.

Ask yourself, “why haven’t I achieved my goals?”

Be honest. You don’t want it that badly, do you? Not willing to be inconvenienced to achieve it? Don’t feel like changing your schedule? No money saved to go back to school? Too painful to create a budget – limits spending. And the list goes on.

So, we lie to ourselves.

It’s still the halfway point of the year. Why can’t you achieve your goals?

That word “why” is the problem. That word “why” is important for achieving our goals.

Bob Molle, Olympic medal winner and author of Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable, says that within each goal there are 3 parts: the will, the being and the function.

The WILL is the WHY. It’s the spirit.

The BEING is the WHO. Who do you need to be (or become) to accomplish this goal?

And the FUNCTION is the HOW. Finally, what do you need to do to reach this goal?

Knowing what we need to do and doing it is very different.

That’s the gap!

Knowing our WHY will help us close the gap to achieving our goals. That WHY is the deep-down, personal motivation for what we do.

Until we identify our WHYs, we won’t be able to get clear about our WHATs and HOWs.

Goals meet with resistance. We face roadblocks, detours, even crashes, but we can press on or push through if our WHY is powerful enough.

Many of us set solid, realistic goals we never achieve. Why is that? We are not motivated by our WHY!

If it’s not personal, we’re not driven to achieve it.

With each of our goals there should be a strong, “emotional WHY” – the rationale behind wanting to do this thing.

We’re at the halfway point of the year.

Find that goal sheet, if you wrote any goals at the beginning of the year. If you didn’t write any down, write just one important goal now.

Ask yourself, “Why is it important to me? What is at stake?”

Do not task lists. Focus on your WHYs.

For example:

Goal: In the next 10 days, I will interview 5 consulting firms so I can pick their brains.– Because I need to get to know people who have successful niche businesses, so I can grow my practice and quit my day job.

This is the halfway point of the year. Make that emotional connection with one of your goals.

I wrote my goals the beginning of the year. But I did not create a plan for each one.

Now, I’m focusing on my #1 goal.

WHY do I want to achieve it?

I’m writing down my emotional “WHY” reasons.

Keep writing your emotional reasons for wanting to achieve your goal.

Will you walk over “hot coals” to achieve that goal? Dogged determination…if that’s what it takes!

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