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What Do You Expect?

Are You Ready To Change Habits?

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The desire to excel no matter your endeavor is vital to answer the question, what do you expect?  Upon hearing or receiving an unclear request, questions become essential to see if what is in front of you measures up to your expectations.


Most of us receive numerous invitations each week in various ways.  We have an offer to join a group, contributing to a project, and attending webinars. On the one hand, we don’t want to offend anyone by declining the invitation, but on the other, our time can be consumed, thereby preventing advances on our end.


Groups can be cumbersome, and it’s essential to uncover all expectations of us before joining.  I always inquire about the vision for where it may head, and the second question is how the leader of the group sees my participation. Previously, I wrote about the need for remaining loyal to our two P’s – passion and purpose; without doing so, we accomplish little. Giving way to the requests of others without considering our unique goals leaves little room for accomplishment.


“The only person who can ultimately derail our goals is ourselves. 


Frequently, I lay out the reason for a nightly review of what we accomplished during the day and what we plan to do the next. We often get side-lined with ‘have-to-dos,’ which can have us lose focus regarding our priorities. By keeping our goals and projects in mind, it becomes easier to accept or decline new offers.


The next qualifier as I clarify expectations is whether the suggestion aligns with the work I am doing. Long ago, I learned that consistency is everything for building a trusted brand, and one deviation can damage everything we have accomplished to date. Not everyone strikes a chord with their intuition, but on occasion, ‘something’ will tell me not to proceed, and I heed that thought.


Last, the all-time best qualifier for doing business with another is their honesty. Today’s inquiry about an apparent time-killing request received the all-time best answer! The person relayed that others requested that she use a particular software; my concern was that it appears exceptionally time-consuming. 


Her response was, ‘I agree with you!’ Even better, the person relayed that she will keep me in mind for future opportunities as she enjoys working together. It’s a mutual arrangement and one that I look forward to for the long term. It is always best that you and I clarify expectations!


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What Do You Expect?


Those who do not make the effort to ask questions and dig deep before accepting a proposal, a job offer, or a collaborative partnership, they cannot lay blame on anyone except for themselves.  It becomes essential to ask oneself, ‘what do you expect?’  And then proceed to uncover whether the possibilities will materialize.


On occasion, it is necessary to take a position on a dilemma of whether to proceed or not. It’s essential that you know where to draw the proverbial ‘line in the sand.’ Being able to do this well and efficiently requires that you clarify expectations. Otherwise, the deliberation, plus the agony and sleepless nights, will eat away from your productivity during the day.


Upon receiving a somewhat troublesome proposal; consider asking these questions:


  • What are the expectations for my contribution?
  • What is your timeframe?
  • How will my contribution be used and or distributed?
  • Will anyone else be involved?
  • What are your expectations for the results of the effort?


Please note that when one of your questions does not receive a concise answer, it may well be a sign to avoid the request. Hearing ‘just trust the system’ does not work well. The reply should answer your expectations aka 'what do you expect?'

Additional factors to consider:

  • The time involvement detracts from your projects and goals.
  • Losing momentum.
  • Getting stuck in time with the need to ponder what comes next.


At times, we are anxious to expand our audience and grow our business that the thought arrives to accept versus taking precaution. Then the next question becomes, can the outcome be worth taking the potential risk? The answer is for you to ponder before making a final decision.  


Ultimately, we are each responsible for our decisions, and if we allow others to disrupt our process, it becomes less likely for us to succeed. In conclusion, take all requests under consideration, but only accept what fits your current plan and ultimate vision.


Sales Tips:  What Do You Expect?


  1. Carry knowledge of your tasks, projects, and goals with you at all times.
  2. Make your work your priority.
  3. Assist others when you are able.
  4. Consider new requests as they relate to your work.
  5. Ask questions to gain a complete understanding of all requests.
  6. Clarify what appears to be misleading or facts omitted.
  7. Listen to your intuition to help guide you.
  8. Accept complementary requests that will benefit those who agree to work together.
  9. Ensure the new idea is collaborative and that all parties will have an equal footing.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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