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Are you Mind Full or Mindful?

Special thanks to Christie Batt, M.A. , for sharing her experience and insights on this core concern for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Read on for a powerful perspective!

Recently, I was in my office and found myself struggling with a business decision. I had come across a series of treatment centers listed in a periodical and wanted to reach out to them as a resource for post-treatment referrals. There were hundreds of centers, with various approaches and specialties. All of the sudden I was frozen, paralyzed, couldn’t decide what to do (who to call, what to say, which ones to approach). Finally, I hit the pause button on my mental spin cycle, pulled out my meditation cushion, and sat down - right in the middle of my office. I proceeded to center myself. Pray. Breathe. Calm my mind. In a surprisingly short amount of time, through the calm and silence came guidance. I went back to my desk, and in a completely altered state of mind from a few minutes prior, knew exactly what to do.

We may have the practice to turn to a higher source for support and guidance when things are big: life-altering decisions, deep problems, relationship issues - or even the daily meditation, prayer, chanting, silence, yoga, etc. But how often do we consult on the smaller things? Most of our lives today are a struggle to navigate a long list of tasks, assignments, issues, relationships, problems and worries. How badly we need a set of broader shoulders to ease the intensity, find solutions, and provide moment-to-moment peace and serenity!

One of the reasons I became a spiritually-based therapist is because whenever friends or clients would call with problems, I would listen to them share about all the areas of life that weren’t working: “I’m unhappy with my work, I can’t get along with my spouse, my kids are driving me crazy, I have constant anxiety…” When they drew a breath, I would kindly ask: “How is your spiritual practice these days?” The answer was immediate. “Non-existent…sigh!” Whenever I find myself talking to someone else and sharing a similar litany of issues, I ask myself “How is my spiritual practice these days?” The answer is immediate. “Not good…sigh!”

As holistic entrepreneurs, our entire business or practice rests on our shoulders every day. We worry about getting clients, keeping clients, serving clients well, and staying in business. A spiritual practice isn’t recommended, it’s vital. Vital for our sanity. Vital for our physical, emotional and mental health & well-being. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, dramatic, scheduled or what everybody else does (spiritual people do yoga, right?). It can be right in the moment that you are reading this. It can be called upon for the next decision you need to make - no matter how small. If you need assistance with this area of your life, if you feel stuck and don’t know where to start, ask for help. Those few moments I took that day not only eased me into greater peace and clarity, they resulted in a very lucrative business connection and partnership. Each of us is doing important and significant work in a rapidly changing world. We are needed. Let’s make sure we get the support we need for the road ahead.


Christie Batt, M.A., is the owner of White Lotus Relationship Coaching in Agoura Hills. She holds degrees in Communications and Spiritual Psychology, as well as study and certification in Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Eastern & Western Spirituality, and Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). Christie counsels individuals, couples and families.

White Lotus is committed to spiritual transformation, education and community support.  


Camille Leon is the Founder and Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a growing community of professionals, practitioners and business people who support each other in blending spiritual values with building businesses and helping consumers find holistic and eco-friendly solutions. She is available as a speaker, emcee and consultant. For more information or to become a Member, please visit

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