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How To Live A Life That Leaves A Legacy

17 Nov 2022 | Posted Under Success

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Today we celebrate the life and impact of one of America’s great speakers!

Glenna Salsbury, has been one of the pre-eminent speakers in America for over five decades. She was a guest on my Sirius XM show about a decade ago, yet her ageless wisdom about living a full life continues to ring true today.

Glenna was considered one of the icons of The National Speakers Association. She won every major award in the professional speaking business, including being inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame and being awarded the highest service award of the industry, The Cavett Award.

The “Cavett” is presented annually to a professional speaker whose accomplishments over the years have reflected outstanding service, honor and admiration by clients and respect and love by the members of the National Speakers Association.

Glenna was also a past president of the National Speakers Association.

Here are 11 lessons Glenna Salsbury shared in this powerful interview:

  1. Faith in God is the foundation for success in business and in life. The word Worship in Hebrew is the same as the word work!

  2. After faith, long term success in business (and in life) is built on connecting with others. Connections make the difference. As you help others to succeed, you position yourself for greater success.

  3. Make it important to make other people glad that they saw you by having a positive impact on them personally as well as professionally.

  4. Be purposeful. You can be purposeful even if you do not make a sale that day. You can make a difference and develop a relationship that can help you in the future. Make a commitment to be a blessing to people and leave them better than you found them.

  5. Be genuinely interested in others.

  6. Be enthusiastic about others and let them know you are interested in them and their lives. The word enthusiasm is taken from the Greek word “entheos” which means God within. Let your “God within” come out as you uplift others.

  7. Be joy-full. Scripture says, “A merry heart doeth good like medicine.” Be full of joy, and share it all year round…not just at Christmastime!

  8. Be excited about life – even when life gets tough. Glenna was diagnosed with terminal Stage 4 cancer. Yet, she woke up everyday, gave God glory and lived daily with excitement and enthusiasm. “Everyone is terminal,” Glenna said, which means one day we will all die. She was not scared. She stayed busy as ever because she trusted God and had a lot of life to live!

  9. Fill your life with good news, not the bad news from the news media. God’s word is good news; so make sure to read it daily! See the Bible as a success book, not just a book of do’s and don’ts.

  10. Take a conscious time out everyday and make a list of what you are grateful for. Learn to really have an attitude of gratitude.

  11. Ask yourself daily, "What would my life look like if I woke up every day with only the things I gave thanks for yesterday?"

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How To Live A Life That Leaves A Legacy

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