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Seven "Truisms" to Live By

The following golden nuggets of wisdom are based on the lessons I have learned while working on myself and working with others. As we live these “truisms,” we are moving toward optimal health for the mind, body and soul. The overall quality of our lives and relationships will also improve. I hear myself thinking and saying these “truisms” often. They have served me well, and I share them with you in this blog post.

Where your mind goes; your energy flows.

Your mind is the builder of your life. A thing is a thought before it shows up in material reality. The mind creates thoughts, and our emotions, energy and actions turn that thought into a reality. When you regularly focus on an intention with passion, you influence how it shows up in your life. Positive thinking does make a difference in your quality of life and sense of self.

Ask for what you want; and work with what you get.

Set the intention for what you want; ask for it from an empowered place of personal truth; and avoid the emotional turmoil that accompanies forcing things to be your way. With objective awareness, you are able to work with the feedback life offers. Feedback is a signal that you can accept the situation and change something about your perception; work to change something about the situation; or leave the situation and move on with an open heart and mind. You will feel empowered when you work with “what is.”

Show up and do your best; allow the Universe to do the rest.

All we can do from the human perspective is our best, which is always good enough. We do not have to be an Olympic champion to feel like a winner. Some time we are a winner by just getting through a difficult day. Do not allow unrealistic expectations to keep you feeling inadequate and prevent you from having gratitude for who you are and what you have in your life. Once you have set the intention and have done your best, turn over the outcome to a power greater than yourself. Your life will be filled with ease and flow.

It’s OK to make mistakes while learning; and we are always learning.

When you view life as a classroom for trial and error learning, you will move toward your goals with less angst because you have silenced the inner critic. Life is here to help you learn to become your best self. We are always learning and need to treat ourselves as we would a child who is growing and evolving. Criticism shuts down the learning process, and praise encourages us to take risks in order to be and do more.

Take charge of what is within your power to change; surrender the rest to a Higher Power.

To be efficient and effective and live with less stress, make peace with your limited power to control things and people. All you can do is influence others, you cannot change them. Change is always an inside job. It takes practice and wisdom to recognize when you have the power to influence a situation or person and when you do not. Once you have done your part, mentally practice turning a person or situation over to a Higher Power; then, TRUST the process.

Small steps in a purposeful direction lead to extraordinary outcomes.

Set the intention with passion and purpose and develop a plan of action. The magic happens while you are taking small purposeful actions. As you fully immerse yourself in the actions of the NOW, the attractor factor is working to bring you the desired outcome, or something better. When you trust yourself and the process, the extraordinary finds you. The Universal Law of Attraction works, when you know how to work it!

Life events offer opportunities to grow in love, power and wisdom.

Every situation in your life is growing you through valuable life lessons. Pain and suffering enable you to discover more of who you are and learn how to work with life, not against it. Adversity is often a stepping stone to greater awareness, empowering wisdom and spiritual growth. It also strengthens your coping skills until you feel invincible and offers an opportunity to give and receive more love, especially toward yourself. When you let go of blame or resistance, a power greater than yourself carries you through the rough spots filling you with the courage to keep going.

These nuggets of truth reflect the value and power of mindful awareness, the Universal Law of Attraction, self-acceptance, purposeful action, and grace. They remind us that we have the power to create a life that expands our thinking, nourishes our bodies, and replenishes our souls. These mindfulness strategies also improve the quality of our lives and relationships.

Optimal health and wellness do not just happen, it takes wise choices, discipline, purposeful actions and grace. When you work this process, healing occurs on many levels.

To live well longer, tap into the inspirational life that is within your reach.

Sandy Miniere
Integrative Wellness Coach

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