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Mary Magdalene's Message 12-10-18

Greetings my beloved, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. Thank you Dearest Children for being the points of light and the conduits for the anchoring of this energy upon the planet. It is indeed a special time for the energy that is being created on this planet is continuing to build. It is truly the energy of the essence of my beloved Yeshua’s teachings. As many of you already know, the 12 Mastery Teachings, the true essence of Yeshua’s teachings began with the lesson of love, and ends with the lesson of joy. Today as he comes to bring to you the 12 gifts of the essence of his teachings, he asks you to open your heart so that you may receive these teachings, so that you may receive these vibrations, you may receive the essence of his love with an open and beautiful heart. I will step back and allow my Yeshua to bring forth his teachings and words of wisdom at this time.

Greetings Dear One, it is I, Yeshua. I come to bring the essence of my teachings to each of you upon this day, for it is of grave importance that humanity begin to embody the essence and the vibration of that which I brought forth over 2,000 years ago. It is why I came to the planet, it is why I continue to work with humanity, it is why we are here all happy to bring balance, peace, love and joy to the world. Today I ask each of you to begin to open up your heart center and begin to feel this vibration of love, as I begin to bring to each of you the gifts of joy, happiness, peace and tranquility upon your soul. Dearest Ones we say to you, that as you open your frequency and your vibrational energy begins to shift and ascend, each of you will begin to expand your vibration into a higher frequency of light, and all of you as points of light, as conduits and wayshowers of the messages and the healing energy of the Great I AM. You will begin to expand your frequency into a higher level, and allow yourself to begin to receive. Dearest Children as you may know, my teachings have been convoluted, they have been misinterpreted, they have been rewritten, they have been misunderstood. In the simplest of my teachings, the essence has always been brought forth with love. 

Today the first gift that I bring to each of you is love. Pure, unconditional love. Dearest Ones allow your heart to open, and begin to allow it to expand, as I bring you this frequency of love, the pure essence of God’s love now emerging over your energy field, into your physicality, into your mental, emotional and spiritual body, as if you are truly being flooded with waves and waves of love. 

Dear Ones, now bring this energy of compassion, as you begin to open your heart to compassion, begin to feel the softness of the vibration of compassion, as you have opened your heart to love yourself, and to love all of life. Begin to feel this vibration of compassion as if it is soft cotton candy, a pink pearlessence of energy, a wave of light. Compassion, how does this feel to you? Feeling compassion for yourself, feeling compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters, feeling compassion for all of life. As you open your beautiful sacred and merciful heart with love and compassion, this vibration now merges into your soul, as if the entire aspect of your soul essence is merged with love, love and compassion, deepening this frequency within your being. 

Now, Dearest Children, breathe in the energy of light. Love and compassion with light. The energy of light is the particle of purity. So it is the essence of purity, the gift I bring to you. Allow yourself to merge into the pureness of the essence of the light that you are, for you were created in light, you were created in love, and love and light you shall remain. Begin to feel this vibration.

Now as I bring you this third gift of love, of light and the compassion, as you feel this frequency, the deep purity of your soul, feeling the innocence of your spirit, and feeling the strength of your purity. Feeling your essence with compassion, for who you are, why you have come, and that you have continued to serve the living light of God time after time, from the purity of your heart, and with compassion and love. 

As I move to the fourth gift, it is the energy of holiness, allowing yourself to feel this essence of holiness and honor. Beginning to honor yourself, that you are a holy being, that you are truly whole and balanced. That truly you are a sacred being, for as you feel this vibration and begin to honor the holiness of your spirit, begin to honor the holiness of your energy, the essence of the truth of who you are, begin to honor yourself and honor all of life. The love, compassion, the purity and the holiness. Today as you begin to feel this essence and presence inside of your soul, begin to allow this essence to begin to define you. I am a beautiful child of light, I am love, I am compassion, I am purity, and I am whole.

Breathe this in as I bring you these twelve gifts, breathe in this essence and these frequencies. Now I ask you to breathe in the vibration of tranquility, the fifth gift of tranquility, calmness, as you begin to feel the calmness begin to emerge through you. You truly are a divine child, you truly are a sacred holy being, and so in this tranquility and calmness there is peace. There is love, there is compassion, there is mercy. As you begin to feel this essence of the calmness and the tranquility bathing you as if you are now bathed, and embodied in a sea of tranquility. Can you feel this tranquility? Can you feel this stillness? Can you feel the stillness of your soul? Can you feel the stillness and the brilliance of your spirit? Can you feel the power of the love that you hold?

I gift you with this fifth gift today, the gift of tranquility and calmness, peace and renewal are now merging within the essence of your being. Breathe my children, breathe, breathe in the love, the compassion and purity of your holiness, and the tranquility and the calmness of your soul. 

Now Dearest Ones I ask you to call forth the vibration of remembrance. The sixth gift is remembrance. I remember union, I remember union. I remember union. I am now merging into my remembrance, into my divine self, into my sacred self, into my holy self. Remembrance, the gift of remembrance. As you begin to awaken to the light that you are, the love that you are, the compassion that you are, to the tranquility that you are, to the holiness that you are, remembrance. I remember union. I am the light, and the light I shall remain. I am love and love I shall remain. I am holy, and holy, and whole and balance I shall remain. As you begin to feel this energy and essence of remembrance, begin to feel it deepen in your soul, begin to feel it deepen in your heart chakra, begin to feel it deepen in the essence of your being, as if it is now anchored. I remember union. I remember union. I remember union. I am light, and light I shall remain. I am love, and love I shall remain.

As you move forward into the seventh gift, it is the gift of Divine power. As you begin to build this energy of love, compassion, purity, wholeness, balance, tranquility, remembrance, you are now merging into the seventh gift of Divine power. Begin to feel the power building within you, the gift of Divine power. Can you begin to feel the strength as you allow your personality, the ego simply to fall away, and you now merge with your Divine self. You merge with the Great I AM. You merge with the essence and the energy of Father/Mother God, Divine power, holy grace. Can you feel the power now beginning to emerge within your essence? Can you begin to feel the power emerging within your essence? I remember union. I remember union. As you return to oneness.

Now Dearest Children it is our eighth gift, which is returning to oneness. The gift of oneness. The gift of re-remembering your connection to the Great Source, to the Great I AM. Returning to oneness. Living in the sacred balance that you are, the love, compassion, purity, holiness, tranquility. In your oneness. That you are remembering your connection to Source. This is why you have come here, it is why I came to teach, it is what I thought 2,000 years ago. And I continue to teach, and others now continue to be aware and understand and embody and embrace their connection to oneness, to the energy of the I AM presence. That you are one with all of life, and yet you are in attunement with yourself. That you are one with all aspects of your being. In many ways, Dearest Children, you are all coming into your completion lifetimes and returning to oneness. As if all of the soul essence, all of the lifetimes, all of the manifestations that you have created from the inception of your spirit is now returning to oneness. I remember union. I remember union. I remember union. Can you feel it in the depths of your being, can you feel it in the depths of your soul? I remember union. Even if it is transitory, can you feel it? In this moment can you feel your connection to oneness? Feel this energy, for it is why I came. It is the meaning and the significance of my teachings, to help you all to return to oneness. This is the power that you have sought. Not external power, not power in your material world, but divine power, that you have returned back to the power of the Great energy of the Great I AM that you are. The external, the material has no power over you. For as you emerge into your oneness, you have all the power that you need.

Now as you move into the ninth gift, it is a gift of what we call acceptance. I accept and I embrace and I understand the truth of my divinity. Truth and acceptance, this is the ninth gift. Accepting the truth of your divinity, that you are a divine child of light, and a holy being. The essence of you is love, compassion, purity, wholeness, tranquil lity, remembrance, divine power, oneness, truth. The ninth gift, truth. I am that I am. This is my truth, that I am one with the essence of the Great I AM. I am that I am. This is the essence of my truth. I ask you Dearest Children to feel it and to embrace it. And to honor it as the truth of who you are. 

Dearest Children as we move forward into the next gift, it is the gift of forgiveness. It is a gift of grace. As you allow yourself to grace and honor yourself for that which you had forgotten, allowing the energy and the essence of forgiveness that I have forgotten my true nature. I have forgotten the truth of my being, and now I call forth the energy of Divine grace, holy grace, with the frequency and power of forgiveness. Divine, Holy Grace. Forgive me for I know not what I do, forgive them for they know not what they do, forgiveness. As you have allowed yourself to be separate from the truth of your oneness, of your divine power, of your remembrance, of your tranquility, of your wholeness, of your purity, of your compassion and your love. I have forgotten. Yet now I can remember, as I call in Divine grace that graces and brings healing to all. As I heal, I remember. As I forgive, I shall receive. And so as you stand in this frequency of your divine light, as the beautiful being that you are, remember Dearest Children you are holy, you are divine spirits. You are full of grace.

Now as we move into the twelfth gift, it is about merging into the energy of peace. Bringing the vibration of peace to you as you have now graced yourself for all of the separation and all the fear and all the energy that no longer serves you. As you move into this frequency of peace, it is your birthright, it is the essence of who you are, and so Dearest Children begin to feel this vibration of peace, as it enters into your soul. I remember union. I remember the peace, I remember the tranquility, I remember my oneness. I feel my divine power, I accept the truth of my being. I know that I am a holy, pure light. I am a point of light. I am a vessel of light, and light and love I shall remain. 

As you move into the last gift, the gift of joy, the energy and the totality of all that is, this is the energy of God, this is the frequency of the Great I AM, it is the expression of joy, joy to the world. As so many celebrate my birth, and they sing these songs, joy on earth and peace to the world, that is the essence of what I brought forth. It warms my heart for others to feel this and to sign this, and to hold this frequency within their being. I ask you now to hold it within the essence of your soul, so that it is never lost, and never forgotten, but held there within your remembrance, within your memory, peace and joy. Peace and joy, peace and joy. I remember union. I remember my oneness. Peace and joy, peace and joy. 

Dear Ones, as you feel these vibrational frequencies, and these twelve gifts that I bring to you, they truly are and continue to be the true meaning and essence of my teachings, nothing more and nothing less. I had come and I continue to come to help each of you ascend and to rise into these frequencies, and to feel the power and the joy. As you live in a state of joy, vibrating at this purest level, it is the energy of the God essence. Joy to yourself, joy to the world, joy to all life forms, joy, joy, joy. And your vibration shfits into this frequency of joy, simply letting go and letting God. Allowing your beautiful light to shine. Each of you are powerful conduits, and each of you are healers and teachers and wayshowers, and beautiful sparks of light, and beautiful points of light, and where you are living, and where you choose to bring your light to this planet, will be honored. Mother Earth is honored to have each of you as points of light, anchoring your energy into her being. Honor yourself, and live in joy and remembrance of who you truly are. 

The search for the Goddess, and the search for the God essence within you is now complete. I ask you once again to take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this frequency, from love to joy. Breathing in love, compassion, purity, holieness, tranquility, remembrance, divine power, oneness, truth, forgiveness, peace and joy. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Can you feel it as you anchor it within your being? Now I infuse this energy upon the surface of Mother Gaia, and my beloved Mother Mary, my beloved Mary Magdalene, we step forward and we are sending this energy as if we were dropping these frequencies onto the earth. At this time of the celebration of my birth, we ask that this energy now be brought forth onto the planet, and that it shall remain and it shall grow in this time of the celebration of my birth, as the energy becomes contagious and continues to expand and to be received and to be ignited within the hearts of all living sentient beings, in all lifeforms, in all kingdoms, the animal, the planet, the mineral, the crystal, the delvic kingdoms. All kingdoms. And into the earth herself, into the consciousness and into the physical structure of Mother Gaia. Into the physical structure of all lifeforms. That the essence of my teachings be infused into all beings. This was the meaning of why I came, and this is why I come today.

Mary, my Mother and myself stand with you as the Trinity, holding this frequency of compassion and mercy for each of you, so you may stand and live and breathe in the truth of who you are. This is why I came, nothing more nothing less. Go now my children and be at peace, and know that you are loved.

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