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Mary Magdalene's Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment 12-11-2017

Greetings, my beloved, yes, it is I, Christ. I come forward to step into this energy field that you each are embracing and embodying at this time. It is of great importance, Dear One, that you hold the space of love for yourself and allow yourself to feel the unconditional love that I send to each of you. I ask at this time, as a beautiful Christmas gift that I bring onto you, that you open your heart to my unconditional love, and to unconditional grace and peace. This is extremely important as we talk and speak about this most frequently, of how to open the heart, and to live from the center of the heart, and to live from the place of heart warmth. 

When I lived 2,000 years ago, it was extremely difficult to bring my teachings and my messages onto the world. There was great resistance, and it was a very strong, insular, paternal, male-dominated society in which we all lived. The energy at that time was extremely dense and extremely heavy, and you may feel that you are still living in those frequencies. But I tell you, Dear One, that the energy now is much lighter and more free than what we lived in. I had to be extremely careful as to how I shared my teachings and my words of wisdom. As you know, I worked with the energy of my mother and the mysteries of Divine Sophia and the Sacred Feminine. But I was not allowed to speak of this then. I was only able to talk in parables, so that people perhaps could understand on a subconscious level what I was trying to say and trying to share. But know, at this time, Dear One, that I can speak freely, and I am grateful for the opening of the conscious minds in your civilization. It is a great honor to speak with you and to help you to understand the cosmic frequencies in which I embodied. And so, I ask each one of you to take a deep, inhaling breath, and breathe in the vibration of what we call Divine, Holy Grace and Divine Light. Divine Holy Grace and Divine Holy Light. Breathe in this energy of Divine Grace and Divine Holy Light, breathe in this energy of Divine Grace and Divine Holy Light, and allow your electromagnetic field to vibrate with this energy, with this frequency, of what we call harmonic peace. It is in this frequency, Dearest Ones, that you are embodied into the essence of what we call the cosmic energies and cosmic frequencies of Divine Grace and Love. Today, as we surround you with these frequencies, I ask that you begin to allow these frequencies to embody you and to be strengthened around you so that your own cosmic egg or merkabic field begins to strengthen with unconditional love, peace, grace, and harmony.

Begin to take a deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in these frequencies, and allow your heart to open to the Living Light of God. Begin to breathe in these frequencies, and begin to allow your heart to open to the Living Light of God. As I step into your energy field, I ask if you shall surrender to me all that is not of balance, all that is not of harmony, and allow me to bring to you the energies of peace, love, and tranquility. Allowing all discordant energies now to be healed and to be cleared and to be restored with perfect grace. And so, please take a deep inhaling breath, my children, and allow me to gift this to you. This is extremely important, that all souls on this planet begin to inhabit the cosmic frequencies of unconditional love and grace, as I encapsulated and held these frequencies during my lifetime for all to embrace. I ask you to open your heart to receive. And so, Dearest Children, it is of great significance and importance that you allow your heart to be set free, to have a light heart and a loving heart and a joyful heart. And allow the world as you see it, as you experience it, to simply be. When I walked upon the Earth plane 2,000 years ago, it was my honor to walk amongst the people and to leave my energy and my imprint of unconditional love and peace for all to embody and all to embrace. And today, I am bringing my frequencies into each of your auric fields, into your merkabic fields, into your electromagnetic frequency, and if you so agree, I will leave the imprint of my cosmic frequencies for you to receive.                                       

The world as you know it is in need of peace. Yes, Dearest Children, the world as you know it is in need of peace. So many souls are suffering and out of balance, and as my Mary and I step forward, and as we have said so many times before, we say again be in the world but not of it. Be the change you wish to see. I am coming, bringing my frequencies to each of you at a very potent and powerful level. Tonight, Dear One, the Cosmic frequencies of my energy are being infused upon this planet, and if you are open to receiving, then I ask you to open up your heart and feel the love and feel the peace and feel the tranquility upon your soul, allowing your heart to open, and simply to receive. Please take a deep, inhaling breath and allow yourself to open up your heart, as if you can begin to feel your heart beat, beating to the frequencies of Divine Love and Cosmic Grace. Before, during, and after my lifetime on the Earth plane as Jesus of Nazareth, I brought forth the desire and the intention and the frequency to hold the template for all to step into to be free of all energies that are not of balance. You see, Dearest One, I became what you may understand as a teacher of balance and unity consciousness. I came to bring this energy of what many call the Christ Consciousness, the energy of illumination of both the balanced energies of Father/Mother God into the physical body and template of all who are ready to receive. And tonight, I continue to grace your Earth and all people with this energy once again. As this is the Christmas message of your year 2017, I come to bring this frequency and this harmony and balance to all sentient beings and to all who are ready to bring peace and tranquility to their lives. And so, Dearest Children, allow yourself to feel this and allow yourself to release all energies that no longer serve you, moment by moment by moment. Allow yourself to live in Divine Grace in these powerful frequencies, of Holy Unity and Divine Love. 

Perhaps you may say to yourself, I don’t know how to acquire this frequency, I don’t know how to receive. I perhaps do not even understand what is being spoken of. But I say to you, Dearest Children, open your heart, and allow your heart to feel, and allow me to come forward to open up your heart so that you may find peace, so that you may live in harmony and balance with all of life. This is an important time, you see, for at the time of the Great Conclave, when I spoke as Lord Sananda, I chose to be an oracle. And so, many of you who are listening, and who are present upon this day, were there at the Great Conclave, eager to serve the living planet of Mother Gaea. And so, today again, I come bringing the message here on this most auspicious day, of December 11, 2017, a day of peace. A day of tranquility. A day of harmony. A day of love. This powerful day of peace which is represented in your calendar day of your 11, is extremely powerful and potent. And so as you call forth this energy, as it is imprinted into the Earth, as it is imprinted into your physicality, as it is imprinted into your consciousness, and into all aspects of your being, I ask you to breathe in the energy of peace, for each of you are here by Divine appointment, and each of you are here to serve the living God, and each of you stand proud and stand tall in the reality that you are serving, serving the Living God as the living vessels that you are. You are the beautiful vessels that are bringing the light and the peace upon this planet, just as we have spoken, my Mother spoke at our last gathering, infusing the joy upon this planet, I’m asking you to hold the peace within your system, because now, over 2,000 years later, there has been a shift in consciousness, there has been a shift in vibration. Do not become discouraged if what you feel is not happening in your current state, but know that with each moment and with each breath, as a peace maker, as a vessel, you are making a difference, you are changing the world, you are holding the light for this planet.

And so, just because you cannot see clearly through what we call the smokescreen, I assure you, Dearest One, that your current civilization is much more advanced, much more open, than it was 2,000 years ago. So progress is being made, and yes, Dearest Ones, peace does and shall prevail upon your planet. More and more souls, unbeknownst to what you can understand, are embodying the frequencies of the cosmic light and love and harmony and grace that I and many of the other messengers are sending upon this planet. And so, each 24 hours, your planet is rising in consciousness and ascending, and there is indeed more harmony and more balance than you can imagine. The beautiful Lemurians are extremely pleased by the progress that is being made, and in due time, the Lemurians will return to the surface of the planet and help the surface population in educating and helping them to return to live in a balanced state. I am giving you hope, I am giving you a sense of peace and understanding, that all is in Divine order, and all is as it should be. There is more happening upon your planet than you can realize, and it is of goodness, it is of richness, and so please do not allow yourself to be consumed with negativity or fear. Remember: each one teach one, each one lead one. You are the living example as you are holding the frequency of the Christ essence, and my cosmic energy into your being.

My beautiful Mary Magdalene is preparing the way for the energies of the new year of 2018. When we speak again, she will step forward and she will share the new vibrations that are being brought forth upon the planet in 2018. This will be an extremely powerful year for many of you, as you will begin to walk in your divine pathway, into the great union and balance that I am bringing to you tonight. In the year 2018, each of you will be brought forth into a greater state of balance as I am bringing this frequency to you. And by the beginning of your year, you will begin to see a shift in the change of your energy frequencies, and you will be calmer, you will be more focused, you will be more centered, and you will have greater clarity about what you wish to do and bring forward into your life. And as we have spoken before, there is a new timeline, a new paradigm shift, a new frequency that is being brought forward at this time. As I’m bringing you to the cosmic energies of my frequency, you are moving into a higher frequency, into what we call the harmonic state of grace. And each of you will be living from this frequency, this new timeline, this paradigm shift, as if you are now operating effortlessly, in this higher vibrational frequency, of unconditional grace, harmony, peace, and love. You will be operating from a place of total and complete grace, as if everything is falling into place for you, easily and effortlessly. One moment at a time, you are shifting your frequencies and your vibration into a beautiful state of grace.

And that which you desire shall manifest, easily and effortlessly. You are now operating from a new template, a new paradigm, and it is why I, Christ, come to you, to infuse these cosmic frequencies within you, as you are living in the divine presence, in divine alignment with Father/Mother God. You are living in divine alignment and divine presence with Father/Mother God. And at this time, as you stand tall and proud, we ask that you not be afraid of what you do not understand. But allow yourself to feel the grace and the blessings that are being poured upon your soul. You have lived in the old pattern and the old frequencies for too long now, and each of you are being placed into this new timeline with the frequencies that I bring to you, because I am asking each of you to step forward and to bring your light onto the world, and serve with an open heart, with heart warmth, touching the lives of so many, by your presence, by your strength, and your willingness to serve. Know, Dearest Children, that there is no time to waste, for time is of the essence. And so, allow your heart to open, to receive. I come to you at this time of celebration, when so many hearts are opened, and they are feeling hopeful and joyful. And at this Christmastime, at this time of the celebration of my birth, it is so much easier for these energies to merge and to be imprinted into the hearts of all souls, simply because their hearts have opened to the joy and the energy of the holiday season.

So tonight, I am imprinting this energy within you, because the veils are thinner in the human consciousness, in the collective energy. And so, I come at this time to imprint this frequency of Divine, Holy Grace so that you may move into this frequency and this paradigm and this new template, and begin your mission work with greater ease, and with greater understanding. When Mary and I completed our lifetimes individually and collectively 2,000 years ago, we knew that there was much work that we had done, and we knew that there would come a time when our energies collectively and harmonically would return and be welcomed with greater ease and understanding in the hearts of all sentient beings. And this is the time, it is why we have chosen to come to bring our words of wisdom, and why at this time we have brought forth our daughter Sarah, who will begin to share the message, the energy, and the essence of Mary and my collective energy together. Dear Sarah will share her voice, her message, her teachings, as the Divine template and the Divine Union, as she represents what we call the missing, Holy Grail. She is the missing, Holy Grail. She is the energy of the union of the energy of Father/Mother God, inhabited and embodied and imprinted in our daughter. The lineage of Sarah, the voice of Sarah, the teachings of Sarah, will step forward to help further bring the truth of Mary and my Divine Union together. And so, in this year of 2018, truth shall prevail, the energy of the Sacred Feminine, the voice of Mother Sophia, our beautiful daughter Sarah will set the stage for the understanding of the Divine balance, and of this new frequency that is being overlaid on the collective consciousness of humanity.

Tonight, I am imprinting this overlay of energy upon the hearts of all who will listen. This message will go far and wide, the energy is being infused into the Earth, it is being infused into your souls, it is being infused into the collective consciousness. And so, even if you do not understand completely what I speak of, I ask that you open your heart to understand that I come at this time to bring a deeper level of understanding into the hearts of all who are willing to receive. It is a powerful, powerful day, and a power union. We want each of you to begin to realize that as you begin to honor and love yourself, you  partner with yourself - what we call partnering, meaning bringing forth a union of the divine balance and the divine dance of Mother energy, Father energy. Bringing in the balance to your own Divine vessel. When you feel this energy of balance, you will feel more solid within yourself, more secure within yourself, more content within yourself. And you will be able to walk this Earth plane, leaving your imprint of peace upon the Earth. Remember, Dearest Children, you are the second coming of Christ. No, I will not reappear in the sky, as I have said before, but each of you are the representation of the Christ Consciousness. The second coming of Christ. You are embodying my frequencies, I am bringing you the cosmic energy, into your being tonight. That you may hold more peace and more tranquility upon your soul. This is a powerful, powerful time, Dearest Children, and I am grateful to serve and to stand with you at this time. And grateful to gift you with my unconditional love and cosmic grace. It is the energy that people felt from me, as they say, as they felt the peace within my own aura, and I am infusing it within the Earth, and I am infusing it within you, and I am infusing it within the collective consciousness of this planet, Mother Earth.

And so tonight, peace, joy, and love are being infused into the heart of Mother Earth, and into the hearts of all souls. We ask that you allow this to center into your being, into your heart chakra, into your own merkabic field, into your own etheric template, and allow not only the physical heart, but your etheric heart to receive the cosmic frequencies that I bring to you as my gift. This is the gift that I bring to you as the Prince of Peace, I bring to you this gift as the Prince of Peace. Step into my footprints, and allow your heart to open to the greatest gift of all. Allow yourself to be at peace, loving yourself enough to be at peace and centered at all times. Walking in the strength and in service to the Great Creator. I thank you, Dearest Children, for your time and your attention, I know there is so much to be brought forward onto the Earth, but I tell you, Dearest Children, never give up hope, allow yourself to be a vessel of peace, for Mary and I, we remain committed to serving the Living God and bringing peace to this planet, just as we did 2,000 years ago, and just as we continue to do today. Between now and the first of your year, 2018, allow these frequencies to now begin to embody within you and allow yourself to feel this sense of peace and confidence, as you step into this new frequency, into this new timeline, into this new template of energy, you have now risen in consciousness that you are operating from another dimensional frequency that is lighter, freer, more balanced, harmonic, and peaceful than you can ever imagine. And so, Dearest Children, we say to you, may peace be with you, and as you celebrate my birth and you celebrate the frequencies of love and joy and harmony that are surrounding all of life, may this be your living mantra, that you are a peaceful being of light, choosing to serve in Divine Grace, Holy Grace, with love within your heart and joy within your being. Go now, my children, and understand that all is in order, and all is as it should be. As you enter into this state of grace, know that you are supported and you are loved, and we thank thee, and so it is.

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