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Mary Magdalene's Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment 7-3-2017

Greetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step into your energy fields upon this day, I see also a bit of what we call fear and trepidation, but there is nothing to be afraid about, for you see, Dear Ones, you are all multi-dimensional, and you exist simultaneously in different realms. This may sound strange to you, as we begin to talk about the probable realities, not only of your future selves, but as we talk about the probabilities you have created in your own life pathway, for you see, Dear Ones, when you first entered into this Earth plane and began your incarnation, you made your agreement prior to your physical incarnation, all of the “probable realities” you would be experiencing while you are here on Earth. You see, your beautiful spirit came forward and made the agreement and the arrangements of probable outcomes of your life. And so you see, this is why at times you find yourselves very frustrated and feeling alone and isolated. Simply because your soul and your spirit are not in alignment with your personality. As you know, you have free will, and your personality, your soul, your spirit, and your oversoul are in need of being in alignment. And it is of great importance that all three, your personality, your soul, your spirit, and yes, your oversoul, are in alignment with the reality and probabilities of the outcomes in which you agreed to make manifest into your incarnation. That indeed is a mouthful as they say, for I wish you to understand that this can be rather confusing to the personality, and this life that you live in your third dimensional reality can be rather harsh, and it is difficult to discern what your soul and your spirit are calling you to do.

And so today, I ask you to allow us to recalibrate, to remagnetize, your energy and your physicality with your spirit, your oversoul, and bring you into alignment with your life pathway. Simply meaning that you are able to bring forth the probable realities that you have created. You see, Dearest One, it is like a play. Your life is like a play in many ways, stage 1, stage 2, or act 1, act 2, act 3, playing up on the stage. And you are currently in the stage 3 of your life probabilities, all of you on this call are in a certain time of your life, and yet, upon this day, the probabilities of what you are creating in your life pathway is in the form of the Creator energy. It is of great importance to understand that as you align yourself with the Great Creator, with the Supreme One, you are truly able to align yourself with these outcomes for your life pathway. And so, Dear Ones, we ask you to take a deep inhaling breath, and Dear Kryon is here, and he is here to help recalibrate your frequencies, and to bring your electromagnetic energy back into alignment, for some of you have been off-kilter with life circumstances and life challenges that have caused you to be in despair. And so, Kryon is here to recalibrate your frequencies. And so, bring this energy into fruition, as you see yourself being aligned, just like a top that perhaps has been spinning out of control, you are now being rebalanced, and recalibrated in alignment with your spirit and your oversoul. And so, today, as you call forth the multiple probably realities that you have created prior to your incarnation, we ask that you align these frequencies into reality, as if you are calling them into manifested form. You do not even know or understand all that you have called forth, but that is fine. Just call the vibration, call the frequency, for it is for your highest good. You have made this agreement for these outcomes, for your life pathway, to bring you joy, and so, today, we simply ask that you imagine, if you could, the imaginary vibration of these probable energies, as if it is a wave of energy, like the wind blowing through your hair, gently, bringing in this gentle vibration, like a gentle breeze, and aligning you to their pathway.

It is here that your consciousness will align with this probable reality, or probable realities. It is as if this vibration is now emerging into your etheric field, into your conscious mind, and you will begin to sense and feel and know through your own intuitive senses the reality that is for your Highest Good that shall manifest at this time. This is where dreams are made, passions are formed, great ideas are made manifest from these probable realities. It is where the frequency, when Einstein brought forth his beautiful essence and creations upon this Earth plane. It is where the inspiration for new ideas and inventions and music and sculpture and painting and scientific discoveries come from. It is there within these frequencies in what surround you in your probable reality, that all that you have come to do is made manifest, like dropping an idea into your head. Many have said this before, but why did I not think of that. Someone else had created an invention and patented their idea. It was in their probable reality and in their life pathway for this to be made manifest. And so, we ask that you call in all that you are intended to do, that you had created prior to your birth. And so, Dear Ones, it is never too late, you are never too old, and it is never for you to be afraid of bringing the creative energy of the Supreme Creator into your conscious awareness, allowing these frequencies for all to be made manifest.

When you have these ideas and inspirations, please do not discount it, please do not allow your mental mind or your fear to say I cannot accomplish this, for this is not of truth. You are able to create what is in your life pathway through your own free will choice, and through your own desire. And so, please do not be afraid again of your own power, of your own pathway, and yet so many choose to operate out of fear or lack, and so we are asking you to stand tall and proud, and prepare yourself to be in alignment with these frequencies. And so, please take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the life force energy. Begin to breathe in the life force energy as your own spiritual team and master guides are here aligning you to these frequencies. It is difficult at times for people to understand this concept, for when they are told by an intuitive reader the probable realities that are shown within their own Akashic Records, and it does not manifest. People do not understand that they are the Creators, and because perhaps it did not manifest, or has not manifested, then that individual must be wrong. And yet, Dear One, it is shown within your Akashic Records that which you have brought forward, so it is up to you to decide whether you are going to create this, whether you are going to call it in, whether you are going to bring this into your reality. Is this for your Highest Good? And just because you do not understand, that does not mean it isn’t in the Great Design of your pathway.

As you know, when Jeshua and I were preparing for his crucifixion and his resurrection, he did not know until it was very near for his own safety and his own protection, regarding his crucifixion and the Great Design. He could have chosen a different outcome, but yet, the outcome that he chose was to survive and to live on. And you, Dearest Children, have the power within your hands to create and to manifest the probable future realities into your lives. What is in your heart? What do you call forth? What is your Greatest Desire? Call it in and allow it to manifest. Call it in and allow it to manifest. You, Dear Children, have gone through the cycle of lives, through many incarnations, and this is the lifetime of what we call your cumulative life pathway. We mean that you are the sum of all that you have ever been, you are manifesting as your beautiful oversoul, the beautiful expression of God in your life. And so, you are powerful Creator Gods and Goddesses. And we want you to call in your probable realities, please bring your pathway into fruition and allow your heart to open as you center the energy into your frequency. Please bring this pathway into fruition as you center your heart into this frequency. I repeat again, please bring this energy into manifestation as you call it into your heart to be made manifest. Each of you, Dear Ones, have a pathway, and it is not to be forsaken. And so, as I repeat myself, regardless of whether you understand what we ask of you, to complete your mission, please call it in, and we are here to anchor it into your frequency. This is of grave importance, because the lightworkers are needed more than ever to come together, to network, and to bring peace and love and healing to this planet. Every person is of grave importance. Every soul is needed to bring their piece of the puzzle together for the completion of the whole. And you are as important as anyone else. Your work, your mission is just as important as any other being on this Earth plane. So do not discount your pathway.

Yes, Dearest Children, you have the choice to refuse any reality that you have created. You can choose to turn your back on any of the outcomes that you have placed into motion prior to your incarnation. But you also have the power to say yes. You also have the power to hold your light and to know the truth, that you are a magnificent being that holds great power. You see, your own spiritual advisors and team are waiting for you to agree, waiting for you to say yes, I choose to step in to my rightful place here on this Earth. I choose to step forward and to receive. And so, they bring you your spiritual team, the gift again of what we call the probable reality that is for your Highest Good at this time to be made manifest into your life. Like a gift being given to you at Christmas time, what you have been waiting for, what you dreamed of, what you hoped for, please call this in. Call it into reality. Call it into reality. I cannot tell you how important this is, I know I’m reiterating, but we are counting on all of you to step into your pathway. Your Earth is tenuous, and she needs your help and she needs your guidance, and she needs your strength, and she needs your love.

And as you know, the world is most difficult, and many people are confused, and fear is running rampant. And as you call in that which is your beautiful gift, and the mission that you are here to accomplish, your frequency will overshadow the fear. Once you step into your power, and you are in full love and in full light, and stepping into your powerful frequency and brilliance and magnificence, you are able to change the world, you are able to heal the world, you are able to make a difference in the world. And so, know at this time, it is of grave importance that you understand the significance of what we are asking you today. This is of grave importance, that you begin to hold the frequency of the living light of God within you. And that you bear witness and begin to step into the reality that you have created. And so, Dear Ones, please acknowledge who you are. I know we refer to the Great Conclave many times, but I will refer to it again. When you had agreed to come to this Earth plane on that most auspicious day of the Great Conclave, you were eager to serve. And your passion and your spirit was indeed anticipating the opportunity to serve the living light of God on the Earth plane. And so, Dear One, please hold onto this frequency, the excitement, and the joy, and the anticipation of serving the living light of God on the Earth. Do not allow your life circumstances to dim your light, or any circumstances to control you. You are all bright lights, and you’ve come to serve. Do not allow any circumstance to control you or to dim your light.

Any challenge that you may be facing, be it financial, physical, emotional, or mental, do not allow any of your challenges to affect you. You are stronger and more powerful than anything you are experiencing on this Earth plane. Any life experience, you are stronger. Just as you see the courage in many who go through adverse tragedies, and they step forward and they wish to bring and help others through their own tragedies, bringing the light and the love to help others. So today, we ask you to call in these frequencies. There are many probabilities that you have agreed to, and you say, which one do I pick? We ask that you understand that they are in Divine alignment to where you are at in your consciousness at this time. And so, please ask that your consciousness be in alignment with the truth of who you really are. That your consciousness return to oneness and unity, and you are aligned with your pathway. Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged and feel, oh no, this cannot happen. That is simply your mental mind playing tricks upon you. And so, we ask you to trust within yourself. And to trust within the Living Light of God. Trust within yourself, and the Living Light of God. Trust within yourself, and the Living Light of God.

These are powerful days, and as you all come together, bringing forth your collective realities, you will all make a difference in the world. You will all change the world. You will all serve and be served. And put away the false conception that you have no power. That your life is over, or such other thoughts that you have bad luck, or you have no control over your life. Giving in to the ego, and to the mental mind, lowers your vibration and dims your light. And so, please call the inertia of the energy of the Living God that lives inside of you to bring the passion to you, so you are excited again, and feel alive again. You feel excited again, you feel worthy again. And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to hold your head high, and be not afraid. This is a powerful time in your Earth’s history, as you know, there are many who are awakened, more and more are awakening to their own divinity and their own truth. And you are all instrumental in helping others to achieve their probable realities and their future. Each of you have touched so many lives and will continue to touch more. Each one teach one, each one lead one. You are not fully aware of all of the lives that you have touched, and how you’ve changed them. And so, now, as you call in your probable pathways, and say yes, I am magnificent, and I create the magnificence of my pathway, and I step into this frequency of my magnificence and stand in my full glory, can you feel this? Can you sense this? Can you feel the awakening within every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being?

Your physical selves are responding to the excitement that you are now creating a new reality, a new pathway. Every moment you have the opportunity to change the outcomes of your life, and every moment you have the opportunity to shift your reality in alignment to your spirit and your oversoul. Can you feel the energy aligning now as we speak? And all of the dominos are falling into place, as you push the first domino, one by one by one. Allow this to occur, and be not afraid of changing your life, and creating your own new probable reality. If you are feeling your soul calling you, and you are feeling this sense of discontent or urgency, that there is a need to do something different, and you are feeling dissatisfied, then it is your soul and your oversoul that are calling you to make a change. And so, Dearest Children, it is of utmost importance that you listen, listen and align yourself.

It is difficult to remember your own innate wisdom, and how powerful you are. But your spirit manifested into the living expression of your physical body, your spirit. That is very strong, that is more powerful than you can even comprehend. My spirit created and manifested my physicality. If I can create my physical body, what else can I create? Every day I am creating. Every day you are in control. So call in the expression of the Living Light of God. Call in the expression of the Living Light of God. Every day, in every way, you are growing stronger and stronger, every day, in every way, you are growing stronger and stronger. Every day, in every way, you are growing stronger and stronger. You are the living expression of God’s light and love. We ask you to be the change you wish to see. And feel the power as you call in this powerful frequency into your being. You all are in Divine alignment, Kryon has completed the recalibration and the reintegration, and so, Dear Ones, all of you are in direct alignment to your probable realities and to your oversoul. The work has been completed now. It is up to you to say yes. And to call in that which is for your highest good at this time that can serve you, the living God, and Mother Gaea. This is your commitment to serve yourself, to serve God, to serve Mother Gaea. How can I be the living expression of God in my physical incarnation? And so, you see, Dearest Ones, you’ve set up the probable realities so that you can hold the light.

This may be a bit alarming, but oftentimes, those who have held the supreme sacrifice, who have been murdered or killed in what we call these mass shootings have agreed with their oversoul to be the living light to shine awareness and understanding that is needed for change to occur upon this planet. They’ve agreed to the ultimate sacrifice of their body. This might not make sense to many, but they have served the light and have come to serve and to make a change. It is with the children of New Town, the young children who were killed, and the hearts of those who were touched by the loss of young children, and so understand that even in all tragedy there is purpose and good. The soul, the oversoul, knows exactly what they have agreed to, and you, Dear Ones, know exactly what you have agreed to, and so, call forth your probable reality, call it into fruition. Every soul has a purpose, it can seem rather complex, and a bit confusing, but once you make your transition and you have your life review, you will understand why you came, why you served, and why any obstacles or challenges were placed in front of you, or any grand opportunities and blessings bestowed upon your soul. Everything, Dear One, is an opportunity for growth, and as you call forth this living expression from your Akashic records, I call forth the living expression from my Akashic records, the beauty of who I am, you are the living expression of this beauty and how it makes manifest is up to you. I hope I have not confused you, for I wish for you to understand, Dearest Children, that everything is at your fingertips, if you understand. That is why Jeshua and I would go into the cave of creation, and we would move into silence, and receive our guidance from the No-Names and the Holy of Holies, so that we would have clarity. This was necessary, not only for our survival, but for the Great Design, and our future, and the future of our children, and our sacred contract that we came together to do.

And so, Dear Ones, you have a sacred contract with yourself and your oversoul. And so, we say gently to call it in, call it in, call it in. You are the expression of the Living Light of God, and it is of grave importance that you indeed honor this. We thank you, Dearest Children, for your time and your attention, we say to you that in many ways, this is what we call a somber day, but it is also a day of great excitement. I say somber only in that so many are lost, not understanding that they have the power to create their lives and to call forth their probable realities that they had created prior to their incarnation. They feel hopeless and despair. Today, I give encouragement, and it is my desire to bring hope, helping our people evolve. Hope onto the world. Inspiring them, encouraging them that they are in control, they are in alignment with their spirit and their oversoul, that all will come forth, as they had arranged prior to their birth. And so, Dearest Children, please accept this as my gift to you today, because you are beautiful, beautiful children of the light. I am here to serve you, I am here to serve the living God, I am here to serve Mother Gaea. I have come with the assistance of Dear Kryon to align you to the truth of who you really are. Now go in peace, and be still, and know that you are God.

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