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Which Type of Leader Do You Strive to Be?

The typical leadership style is an arrogant leader who makes demands of staff but contributes little. An egotistical leader fails in numerous ways, including demeaning many of his reports. Adding to his employees' misery, the manager in charge listens to the input of only a select few while belittling the rest of the team. The entire scenario works to the company's detriment as downplayed employees quickly leave to participate in the costly system of the revolving door syndrome, badly affecting the bottom line.


Today, the voice for diversity, equity, and inclusion are beginning to receive acknowledgment, but more is needed. The good news is we have a new leadership style at our fingertips. Although we are far from companies moving their focus strictly on white males, a small portion are realizing the loss by not being more inclusive and attentive to all. Additionally, there is a growing movement to cross-train employees across departments. The new concept takes us on a better course for enhancing their careers, and developing longer-term employment. 


The beginning phase is to embrace the cross-over of marketing and salespeople crossing their borders to adopt the strategies of the other while influencing enhancements as each combines for a greater force. The results are eye-opening and compelling and give much thought to how businesses of varying sizes may incorporate the same to enjoy better results.

At the early stage of my entrepreneurship, a coach suggested I needed additional modules for the business streams producing best. The emphasis came upon hearing about the Power of Ten. By employing ten related business streams, the likelihood of success increases exponentially. For emphasis, upon multiplying 10x9 down to 1, the exponential number becomes over 3.6 million.

By applying the exponential theory to cross-over training beginning with brand development, marketing, and sales, business growth is likely to enhance greatly. Complementary to the idea is have the departments working together and cross-training the team members. Upon grasping an understanding of the elements that help each department excel, the members can embrace both endeavors for a more significant increase in audience attention. Next, include the idea of the power of ten with cross-training by involving multiple departments to learn about the success strategies of each discipline. Imagine what doing so may create for technology development, branding, and audience growth, plus the increase in sales! It can be substantial when one puts thought and consideration into how it may play out and then plan the steps for implementation. The bonus is for the individuals as they will certainly enhance their careers with the extra knowledge.

Additionally, it become likely that the teams will become more cohesive and employees amenable to the ideas of one another. The underlying benefit of embracing the new leadership style is the uptick of happy employees and morale within the company environment.

Like any new idea, it is up to each of us to test the concept upfront before announcing to the world what we are doing. We are each unique individuals to embrace and apply concepts differently. A significant change requires testing, trial and error, revision, and then testing again.

One motivating force for employees is to host a company meeting to explain the pending idea, how it may work, what will be necessary for each to be involved, and how you plan to proceed. The presentation must be meaningful and motivating with a dash of inspiration to influence an enthusiastic reply from most, 'let's do it!'

Our results are more likely to be exponential when we utilize diverse thinking and inclusion in as many aspects as possible. The positive possibilities become exponential and likely contribute to success beyond the original goals, including a heftier bottom line.

“Communicate to Attract Interest”


                Be A Story-Teller

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Sales Tips:

1.    Experience and insights of team members will add to a better outcome.

2.    Teamwork across the board is essential for longer-term employment.

3.    Cross-training can be highly motivating and cross over to improving customer care and retention.


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