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Repurpose your blogs

15 Nov 2017 | Posted Under Blogging
The idea of writing a blog article can give any business professional a headache or at least a little anxiety.

Not all of us are natural writers. We typically process most of what we’ve learned over the years in our heads, not on paper.

But in today’s digital marketplace, new content- better yet, quality content – assists in a business or celeb in proving it is relevant. I find that most people expect too much from the single well constructed blog masterpiece they just completed. Sorry folks, but things don’t go viral on their own without a BIG push and promotion effort from you. The right people have to see your content at the right time. And that can take time. One thing is for sure- you need a plan in place to promote your content.

Therefore, the infographic in this article is all about the process of writing, posting, and then the art of promoting, your ONE blog post.

I hope you find this helpful – read each line and be sure to revisit your own blog pieces to take a truthful look at a few things:

Do you have an awesome headline designed to capture attention?

Are you trying to sell people on your products and services? Stop it.

Educate them first – in the last paragraph encourage them to check out your company and connect.

Does your blog address any pain points or challenges your audience is experiencing? If not- then you’re back to a one way sell job. Rewrite it.

What are you teaching the reader? How are you helping their situation?

Oh, the list goes on but I want to get back to the infographic above. It is designed to help you understand that based on your content- how many talk points you define – and knowing where your audience “hangs out” – you can reuse ONE blog post, over and over again.
Let’s take a simple blog title, we’ll name it:

“10 ways to get rid of your reoccurring and painful heartburn”
The fact I just placed a number on the title should give you a hint on how many posts you can conjure up from this ONE blog post. How I would use this with intention is to take each of the 10 points in the post and separate each one as it’s own entry on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and anywhere else your audience “hangs out.” So think about it – 10 posts for Facebook + 10 posts for LinkedIn + 10 posts for Twitter = 30 posts from ONE blog article. Get it?

Just remember, each post should have the link to your original article which should land back to your website so you can generate a little traffic AND…this is important…. be sure that each of the 10 posts are not the exact same on Twitter – Facebook- LinkedIn. No one wants to read the exact same message on all the platforms. It’s painfully boring. So change it up a little- tell people why they may want to read it -tease them a bit.

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