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The Road to Self-Discovery

Most people often ignore the road to self-discovery, many of which who are running to so many other things.  Some of these folks have invested their lives into discoveries and inventions that have changed the world, but have not like many others explored the deeper aspects of themselves.  How many relationships have we encountered where the other person was not available, listening or just ran away in one manner or another when difficult times arrived?

Many sources will tell you to find your purpose and everything will fall into place.  For me, to truly find my purpose is to really dig down deep, past all the layers of suppressed hurts, pains and what I think I was suppose to be to please another.  And, discover perhaps for the first time, which I am, what drives me and to recognize the facade, I created to fit in.

We all have been blessed with truly unique qualities, gifts and talents.  Trying to be something we are not, hasn’t really worked for you – has it?   Some would argue that the success they achieved in the business world was the trade off, to achieve some type of security.  As we found our way in the world, we observed our family and were programmed on how to give and get love, and how to behave in the world.  The ‘be seen and not heard’ thing.

As we have grown up, we are confused by the voices inside of us with dreams, goals and missions to help others and truly be happy—with the voices of our past saying that is not good enough, you’ll never make enough money at that, you can’t be chasing those dreams you have other obligations.

So we wind up swallowing our dreams, hopes and eventually our entire being.  Settling for what we were told by others whom probably had their dreams crushed as well.  Gone are the days of our forefathers who only knew to work for someone else to gather a check and eek out a living.  In these times, people of vision and passion will create the new world.  Entrepreneurs will and have been the stimulus in economic recovery.

To truly find yourself is no longer a luxury of the rich and famous, or a spiritual quest of meditating in a cave or mountaintop.  In order to thrive in the world and to continue to make it better for every life we touch, we must take a journey of self discovery and see who we are, determine which of the old rules no longer fit and create new ones that will move us forward.

In discovering our true self, we will find a joy and lightness—which will probably feel pretty strange to many.  When we have this happiness and know what we are supposed to do and are able to assist others, we can then truly fly with freedom.

I invite you to work with me, and assist you in discovering your true self, and how together we will create a new you full of purpose and joy.

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