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I've written my book but I don't know how to market it, help!

Happy Easter!


April 4th

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

But before Easter, there's International Fun at Work Day on April 1st! And that's not a joke!

Ideally work should be fun and the way to make it fun is to stay in your zone of genius, so you do what you love IN your business. But if it isn't fun, at least make this day fun and then spend some quality time contemplating how you can make it more fun on a regular basis. I promise it will make you happier and healthier!

Here's what's going on in my world....

I have decided to postpone the next 5 Day Bestseller Breakthrough Challenge because of some back office issues that would have made it a crunch and therefore very stressful to get done on time and done right.

Also, the tax due date in the U.S. has been moved to May 15th, which would have landed right in the middle of the next bootcamp.

So, I'm disappointed, but I know it was the right thing to do.

We also had been looking to move but then the pandemic hit. This was not the first time. But every time we talked about moving, we couldn't agree on where to move. I wanted to leave and go back to Los Angeles. Christen wanted to stay here.

My reasoning was to get back into the studio and be able to record with my regulars. But, the truth is we've been in lockdown for a year and I've been unable to get a vaccine because I'm highly allegic, so they want me to take the Johnson and Johnson and get it at or next to a hospital and that just hasn't been offered, at least not yet. So, I can't see us getting to a studio any time soon. So, we started looking again. We have some prospect, so we'll see what happens.

Stay healthy, stay safe!



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Books Open Doors(TM)


Attend the Next Driven 3-Day Virtual Event as my Guest. Offer Ends April 3, 3 pm PDT/6 pm EDT

If you are serious about becoming a better entrepreneur and can attend all 3 days April 21-23,send an email to for details. Subject line: Driven

This Week's Podcast:How to Increase Your Business Success with Joanne Angel Barry Colon.

In this interview, we discussed how numerology can give you clarity, how spirit can guide you, and how energy work can help to center you and protect you from energy vampires and more!

The state of the world got you down? If you're feeling depressed or just want support, you are welcome to join us at

"This is a year of opportunity. This is a year to say yes to every opportunity that shows up."
-Joanne Angel Barry Colon

Article: I've written my book but I don't know how to market it, help!

There are an infinite number of ways to market a book. But how you should market depends on several factors. Here they are:

1. What do you enjoy doing when it comes to marketing?
Do you like the speak or write? Do you like video or audio or the written word best?

2. How easy is it to do?
If something is hard, most people aren't going to stick with it. Start with the easy ones to jumpstart your marketing.

3.What will you do consistently?
To get the results you want you have to show up on a regular basis. This creates trust with your audience and it creates momentum over time.

4. What's your budget?
Do you have one for marketing?

5. Are you comfortable spending money to learn while you market?
Spending money on marketing when you're starting out can be costly and doing it well takes soe skill so I don't recommend it. But if you can afford to throw money at it, that's your choice.

I recommend sticking to free marketing starting out.

If you are established and have the budget for it, you can move to or add paid marketing.

Free marketing is generally going to be speaking or writing. You can do a launch and give a book away for free in KDP. You can do book parties and readings. You can offer a free consultation or a lead magnet on social media sites, create a group, do FB lives, you tube videos, blog, guest blog, guest podcast, write articles and do book launches and promotions. You can still create a funnel but you would not use paid advertising to promote it.

Paid marketing include: advertising of any kind, sponsorships, paid networking and events both on and offline, snail mail, and free + shipping offers if you plan to advertise them, need tech help creating them, plus paying for the software.

6. What assets do you have?

Do you have a list? Do you have a podcast? Do you have a group? Can you do a FB swap with them? Can you give value to potential joint venture partners, affiliates, or strategic partners? Essentially, do you have something you can barter?

Before you start marketing your book, answer these six questions, and then make a plan.
Just make sure that your book is market-ready with a great title and cover, positioned properly within your industry, and is well-written and edited before you start to market.

Extra tip: Get feedback from ideal buyers before you publish to make sure your book is ready for prime time!

Want some easy no and low-cost strategies to start marketing your book? Or, to jumpstart marketing for a book that needs a boost?

Grab a copy of 21 Simple Strategies to Jumpstart Your Book Marketing Online: Proven Techniques for Quick Results. and get a fr*ee #1 Bestseller Launch Checklist.

Email your receipt to me at Subject line: "Checklist". Good through Tuesday, April 6th. 6 pm PDT/9 pm EDT.


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