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The Top 6 Best Alternative Book Publishing Sites (Beyond Amazon & Ingram Spark)

Happy Live Long & Prosper Day!


March 26th

On living long:

My great-grandfather lived to be 106 and my grandmother lived to be ninety-four, but other members of my family weren't so lucky. I had a cousin I never knew who died at sixteen and another one who died in his early twenties. So, I have never taken having a long life as a given. And now we've got a pandemic and mass shooters among other threats to contend with. So, I welcome Live Long & Prosper Day!

I know my lifestyle hasn't been the most healthy over the years,. As a kid, I was athletic and I took dance lessons and played tennis. But now, I'v been sitting at a computer for too many hours a day for too many years. Plus, over the years, I've had some major health challenges. I do yoga, I dance in my house, and I go for walks, but not always as consistently as I would like and drinking enough water every day is an ongoing challenge.

But last year, I had two podcast guests on who pushed me out of my comfort zone even more. One was David Brooke on gratitude and the other was Tim James of Chemical Free Body. I bought David's gratitude journal and I joined Tim's membership.

I also wanted a way to be more consistent with my morning routine, so I created a personal to-do list. It serves a few purposes. First, it reminds me of the tasks I want to get done before I start work. I cross off the tasks as I complete them so I can see how much I've gotten done before my day even begins, so I've already got some wins!

Plus, it makes me feel guilty if there are items I don't get to right away, but it also reminds me to get them done before the end of the day if they haven't gotten done in the morning, and I can fit them in between other tasks during the day. Consequently, I'm more consistent more often and I feel accomplished before I start my work day and I love that!

On prospering:

Last year, I was feeling like I needed to uplevel my skills so last year I took two big programs. But I knew I also needed a personal coach since both of these were group programs, Product Launch Formula with Jeff Walker and Driven with Suzanne Evans (which you can experience as my guest if you're serious-see announcements), so I hired one. I am pretty self-motivated when I know how to do what I want to do. But if not, I get stuck and I realized that in those cases I had a pattern of pivoting and dropping it and going on to something else. But, that wasn't getting me where I wanted to go.

The challenge was finding the right coach, but when I got really clear that that is what I wanted she showed up. I believe life works that way. Set the intention, take action, and the rest usually takes care of itself.

If any of this resonates with you, then I encourage you to what will help you live longer and prosper!

Stay healthy, stay safe!



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"There are gifts in everything that happens."
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Article: The Top 6 Best Alternative Book Publishing Sites (Beyond Amazon & Ingram Spark)

Last week, I talked about publishing in Amazon and Ingram Spark. But, if for some reason, you don't want to publish there, these are the next top six book- publishing sites to consider:

Apple Books
Barnes and Noble
Rakuten Kobo
And Publish Drive.

All of these sites are free to get started, but they do offer different fee structures for each book sold.

Apple gives a 70% royalty on most books. Barnes and Noble (formerly known as Nook Press) offers 65% on books $2.99 and $9.99 or 40% books priced below $2.99 while Rakuten Kobo gives 70% on books priced more than $2.99 in the U.S. or 45% on books below $2.99.

Smashwords charges 15% of the retail price on Smashwords and 10% on other platforms per copy sold, while Draft2Digital and PublishDrive charges 10% of the book's retail price per copy sold or you can get subscription pricing in PublishDrive; pay $100 a month and you can keep all of your royalties, which could be a good deal for some established authors. And Publish Drive is the ONLY site with this option of the sites mentioned here. Also, they calculate co-author royalties, which is a nice feature to have.

Apple and Rakuten Kobo focus on ebooks and audiobooks and Smashwords specializes in ebooks while Draft2digital carries ebooks and books and Barnes and Noble carries books and ebooks as well as some in audio.

The downside to Apple is that you have to have an Apple Computer or you have to use a third-party site that distributes to Apple (known as an aggregator). The upside is that you can publish directly from Pages (Apple's doc creator) to Apple Books, so it makes publishing very easy to do.

Smashwords and Draft2Digital are both aggregators (as is Ingram Spark, which we discussed last week) and are similar except that Smashwords has a slightly bigger distribution network than Draft2Digital.

In fact, according to Google, Smashwords is now the largest distributors or ebooks to libraries and it also helps you sell more ebooks to other retailers except for Amazon. The downside is that they do NOT distribute to Amazon and they do not format ebooks for you.

Draft2Digital, on the other hand does. And the cool thing about that is that you can set the price of your book to zero if you want to give it away all the time. And when you do that, you can then ask Amazon to match it. This is the only way that you can always have a free book on Amazon.

To determine which site is best for you, you'll have to decide what your goal is and which site can best serve your needs. Or, you can publish in Amazon and/or Ingram Spark as I suggested to get started, so you don't get caught up in the minutia and get overwhelmed by all the choices and then, if you feel you need to check out other sites, go for it and adjust later. But don't let this decision become the one that gets you so stuck that you don't publish your book.

If you have publishing questions, you are welcome to post them in our Facebook Group and I'm happy to answer them.

If you need help publishing your book, we offer a complete publishing package at: Check it out and then send an email to me at and we can set up a time to talk.


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