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Do You Want To Lead?

30 Mar 2021 | Posted Under Business

Upon beginning a career, most have difficulty tapping into their confidence, let alone getting ready to lead. It took a long while to realize that mindset has everything to do with leadership qualities and capabilities. 

How we each increase our confidence and define leadership will ultimately have others describing our character. The matter raises the issues associated with stepping into the spotlight to become the leader others admire.

One term used to describe or define an individual is ‘personal brand.’ As we each move forward to gain experience and recognize what matters most, we improve our brand and potentially demonstrate we are ready to lead. But how we choose to lead is telling. Sadly, the majority decides to lead with ego and authority.

The style we select will further influence how others view us and decide whether to connect, follow, or over-step.

My Story

Getting ready to lead was never on my mind. Due to my being left-handed and green-eyed (according to a Google search), I represent a teensy percentage of the population. I’m a tad more creative and most usually ridicule my ideas. 

I learned to do my own thing. Most people were annoyed, particularly those in corporate to whom I reported. I do not have any leadership capability, or do I?!

How Do We Individually View Leadership?

All we need to do is read the global news or of just one country to realize we each have a varying definition for leadership. The only way to move forward without regret is to come to terms with what motivates and excites us individually. Sometimes we walk alone, and other times we find collaborative others.

I was walking alone for many years. Social media caught my interest almost the day the announcement came forth. I never looked back but continue to utilize and enjoy the varying platforms. My love for travel and meeting people from all parts of the globe continues to enhance the experience. Several events occurred that made my effort more than worthwhile.  

  1. I connect with like-minded people, and without much effort, my networks continue to grow.
  2. Kred first announced I’m a top 1% Influencer; next, they created a Kred page in my honor.
  3. My online friends provide outstanding introductions that continue motivating me and increase possibilities further.

Most of my activity and social connections are on the Twitter and LinkedIn platforms. Greg Jenkins’ tweets caught my interest, plus his work with Inclusion Allies Coalition lead to our connecting. Soon after, Greg introduced me to Sarah Wagner and Kate Surala, the creators of Unleash Today. The name of their business caught my attention, and their work is highly inspiring. 

As one who had to forge my unique path as a pioneer saleswoman on primarily all-male teams headed by male executives, I loudly applaud their effort. One focus is on graduating students who need help with building confidence. The transition from college to a corporate career is daunting at best. One has to prove they are capable with current experience. And then it’s necessary to ramp up to meet the requirements of the position quickly.  

Sarah and Kate’s Story: Do You Want To Lead? ~ Unleash Today!

Next, it is common to face competitiveness among teammates and favorites among management. While establishing oneself in the area, one studied for, overwhelm hits most. Kate and Sarah also teach how to move forward to achieve anything one desires purposefully for those already established. The journey begins with developing a positive mindset and an actionable plan.

Each time I speak with Sarah and Kate, they inspire me to a new level. Their new book, Unleash Today, is described as ‘The handbook for young women to maximize their potential in the workplace.’ Click this link to order your copy Today.  

Prepare to Unleash Today

Topics include building confidence, a positive mindset, and mastering resilience. The content provides insights and valuable information for most people beginning their careers. It’s no wonder that Amazon lauds Unleash Today’s successful launch this way:

The #1 new release in college and university student life.

On a personal note, my two favorite chapter titles are:  Turning Negativity into Your Superpower and Speak Up, Don’t Endure!  The two titles align with my tagline, ‘Breaking Barriers.’ 

Underlying all of the ups and downs our careers may bring, it is our responsibility to figure out what we want to accomplish both in the near-term and the future.  

We all agree that soul-searching is essential for figuring out the why and the how-to achieve everything we desire. The only way success will be ours is when our goals, strategies, and commitment to learning align. And we are to keep in mind that no person is an island. Our commitment should be to work collaboratively so that more people can succeed. 

The bonus in the book is the advice includes insights from global leaders. Should you be ready to lead or know that you want to one day soon, I highly encourage you to order your copy of the book Today!  

For More Insights: Visit Elinor’s Amazon Author Page


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Sales Tips:  Do You Want To Lead?

  1. Prepare to lead by seriously considering the book, Unleash Today.
  2. Give thought to your fondest dream for what you want to accomplish ultimately
  3. When distractions get in the way, carve out quiet time to rediscover what you truly want
  4. Determine which leaders you like and answer the question, ‘why?’
  5. Consider admirable traits you have or can develop for a leadership role
  6. Seek out similar qualities with those you ask to connect
  7. Inquire about interest in collaborative efforts that can benefit all who participate
  8. Connect with those who make an effort to reciprocate goodwill
  9. Share the good work of one another
  10. Celebrate Success!


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