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Do You Recognize the Value In Your Connections?

Connections come in two varieties, annoying and helpful; your job is to detect and recognize the value in your contacts. It’s no secret that many of us frequently consider running away from some to make life easier. Yet, most of the time, ‘hanging in’ to discover underlying issues and potential solutions proves to be the better choice.


For me, social media paved the way to find and connect with those who hold similar priorities and ideals. Accordingly, I achieved new goals that were previously not even considered. The platform enables us to promote one another on the varying media without a fee, the opposite of expensive advertising and publicity opportunities.

It’s evident that the more collaborative we become, the more exposure we receive. The quote, ‘give and you shall receive’ generally holds true and sometimes explodes more than ten-fold!


One habit that works exceedingly well for me is when an acquaintance comes to mind, I check in to see how they are doing. Upon reconnecting, new ideas may arise that will benefit all concerned. Similarly, reaching out to new connections requires thoughtful communications. Instead of inquiring if they are interested in our services, the better approach is to review their profile upfront to see if you may have something in common. Then you will be able to attract their attention by mentioning something you read and liked and then asking a question concerning what they do. During the conversation, you may hear a topic the person can use help.


The best strategy for client and business growth is the friendly conversation style. Listening first to ask intelligent questions up front gives way to a deep conversation that most do not have the privilege of entering. The same applies to whether we are on a committee, conversing with friends, or at a business meeting. It’s best to ask many questions to gain a deeper understanding. At the same time, we see the opportunities ahead to collaborate with the people who operate similarly.


Adhering to these conversational suggestions and seeing the value in your connections, the business will grow with greater ease. Accordingly, you can quash the idea of giving up and instead embolden your plan for moving forward.



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Your Story:  Do You Recognize The Value In Your Connections?


Without being judgmental, we can make better decisions and progress more efficiently as we take the time to realize which processes need revision.  It’s best not to remain too attached to any one behavior as times change quickly.  However, the perennial niceties will remain in the minds of many.


Focus on the bigger picture to embrace the concept of the value in your connections. We learn from both the good and poor experiences. For example, upon realizing that someone works in a way you do not admire, that can be a teaching moment should you take a moment to heed the lesson. One strategy is to take a few minutes each evening to recall the day’s worst and the better events. Mentally compare the occurrences to decipher your takeaways and how you may improve upon tomorrow.


Treat your clientele as valuable connections and resources. Traditionally, most salespeople only see the value in clients via the sales that come forth. But there is far more to the puzzle, including referrals and rave reviews. By demonstrating that we value the connection with each, we earn their loyalty and grow business.


It is in the free-flowing conversations that golden nuggets of insight may be yours. But just taking is a selfish and limited effort that produces few if any results. The better tactic is to share what you learn with peers and the communities that speak to your interests. The reward comes by way of appreciation for the effort you put in and demonstrating that you value your connections.


Some may wonder, ‘what’s in it for me if I continually contribute my knowledge?’ It’s a lesson many of us need to learn. Upon sharing the best of what we know, the appreciation returns in various ways, including unexpected opportunities. You soon connect with leaders in your field and collaboratively create new products and services for the greater community.  


As the activities increase, you may want to consider the one issue that continues to concern or even haunt you to do this day? If you can make one change in the world, what will it be, and how will it appear? You may want to research to see if an organization dedicated to the issues already exists and inquire about the possibility of participation. Otherwise, what is the potential for you to begin a community that dedicates itself to resolving the problem (s) on your mind? Are any of your peers willing to pitch in to help? Working together to resolve concerns will become evident that you value your connections.


Sales Tips: Value In Your Connections


  1. Volunteer appropriate introductions whenever possible.
  2. As a previous connection comes to mind, reach out to them to update one another.
  3. Upon building out new projects, consider which connections may have interest and want to help.
  4. Work toward the benefit of many rather than just yourself and enjoy the greater reward.
  5. Be an inclusive team member who will earn return invitations.
  6. Treat prospective clients as your network connections, and they will show their appreciation of the extra effort.
  7. Demonstrate to clientele that you are ready and willing to help resolve issues.
  8. Be of service wherever possible to earn a returning and referring clientele.
  9. Value your connections and build a recognizable personal brand.
  10. Celebrate Success!



Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the the Smooth Sale!

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