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From Fighting Fires To Creating An Empire

26 Jan 2023 | Posted Under Success

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Berry Gordy (record producer, songwriter, film producer and television producer) started Motown Records, the hit-making enterprise born in Detroit, Michigan, after working on the auto assembly line.

Gordy used that auto assembly line concept to create a string of hit songs.

This week, we are spotlighting other rising stars that are the result of incorporating lessons from earlier job activities to build a publishing empire – “Code M.”

"Code M" is a hot new magazine that is taking America by storm. The publishers are a former fireman and a former marketing and sales executive, who came together to start a fire with their new media business.

Bilal Akram, a retired Cleveland fireman, decided to start a magazine. He created one that was nice-looking and published once a quarter, but he struggled with sales and marketing.

Brad Bowling, a former sales and marketing executive, saw the magazine and realized it had great potential – but was in dire need of marketing.

Brad reached out to Bilal and shared his ideas which Bilal implemented. Sales went up. Bilal and Brad decided to become partners and move from quarterly publishing to a monthly magazine.

They expanded their reach beyond Cleveland and the magazine took off. Today, they are one of the hottest magazines in America.

During my interview with them for my Willie Jolley Wealthy Ways radio show on Sirius XM, here are 8 pivotal entrepreneurial concepts they stressed:

  1. Everything starts with a dream, a vision, and a picture in your mind. Once you get the vision, then you must do all you can to take the picture from your mind to the real world.

  2. Start without knowing all the details and be willing to continue to learn along the way. The key is to be willing to be a student even while doing the work.

  3. Bootstrap. There will be times when you will keep it together with Scotch tape, rubber bands and popsicle sticks. Just stay positive and keep fighting for your dream.

  4. BET on YOU! You are designed for accomplishment. You might get tired and weary. Take a nap. Then, get back up and get back at it. You are designed to achieve!

  5. Be relentless. Intensity and focus are essential to succeed in business. Berry Gordy didn’t know how to run a record company, but he kept his intensity strong and kept his focus on his dream. He did it.

  6. Solve a problem. Your business must solve some problem, even if it’s an informational problem.

  7. Develop discipline. Either you will discipline yourself or life will discipline you! It’s less painful when you discipline yourself.

  8. Take accountability. Choose people in your life who will keep you accountable and cheer you on as well as tell you when you have broccoli in your teeth. Keep friends who encourage and correct with love!

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From Fighting Fires To Creating An Empire

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