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Lessons from 2020 to Help You Win in 2021

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It has been quite a challenging year, and yet with all the bad news swirling around us, there is still some good news! There have been many outstanding guests on my Sirius XM Show over the last year, having shared memorable lessons.

Here are a few:


B. Smith Tribute Show (with excerpts from an interview I did ten years ago with B. and her husband, Dan Gasby)

  • Make the decision to be the producer, director, writer and actor in your own movie that you create in your mind.

  • Great partnerships are not about EGO but about how WE GO! Couples can go further together.
  • Lust and trust impact relationships. Lust without trust will be a bust; and trust without lust is like dating your relative– it will turn to rust!

Marshall Goldsmith, America’s #1 Business Coach

  • Choose to be and optimist and realistic. Don’t fixate on what you cannot change. Change what you can and be excited about the things that you can work on changing in the future.


Alfred Edmond, Jr., Senior VP of Black Enterprise

  • Make it important to be wealthy, and remember, wealth is always measured in the assets that you own.
  • You know it is an asset when you can put it in your will and leave it for your kids. Then, it can continue to grow in perpetuity!

Barbara Glanz, Hall of Fame Speaker who began her speaking business at the age of 50

  • Use all your gifts. Everyone has many gifts. Do not let age limit your thinking.

  • Learn to network even if it does not come naturally or is uncomfortable. Take it at your own pace. Just continue to grow your network. It will impact your “net-worth!”


Melinda Emerson, America’s #1 Small Business Expert

  • Life can be challenging and business can be challenging, so realize that every kick in the butt can be a boost in your business. Learn from it and grow from it.

  • In order to effectively grow your business you must first commit to growing yourself.


Steve Case, Billionaire Investor and Founder of AOL

  • Always think of yourself as a startup.

  • The internet is an infant, therefore, you must continue to think about the next wave.

  • Wayne Gretsky was right–think about where the puck is going not where it is. Think about where the internet is going in the future.

Jana Stanfield, Iconic Songwriter & Speaker

  • We cannot do all the good the world needs, but the world needs all the good we can do.

  • You must decide what you want to do with your life. If you do not decide then life and fate will decide for you, and you very well might not like what fate decides for your life!


Dr. Bernie Siegel, World Renowned Health Expert

  • Journal daily and find something to be grateful for and write something you’ve learned.

  • Become a love warrior. Say to people, who are driving you crazy, “I love you, and there is nothing you can do about it.”

  • Learn to really leave your troubles to God.

  • Hope exists! Give it a shot. It works!

DJ The Money Coach (Dale Deransburg, Jr.)

  • It is not how much money you make–it really is about how much you keep.

  • You do not have to be born a great businessperson. You can learn that.


Sam Richter, Hall of Fame Speaker, Internationally Recognized Sales Intel Expert

  • Selling is sharing. Getting to know people makes them comfortable with you. People buy from people they like and trust.

  • Great salespeople understand that it is more important to be interested (in them) than just interesting.

Harris Rosen, Founder of The Rosen Hotel Group

  • You must think big, even when you are small, and keep growing your thinking as you grow your wealth.

  • Treat your employees with love and respect, and they will treat your customers with love and respect.

  • The great thinkers do not just think for their own families for the future, but also for the families who can positively impact the future.

Dave Steward, CEO of The #1 African American Company in America

  • When you are at your lowest, always look for a glimmer of hope. If you can hold tight to that glimmer, it can keep you going it until it becomes a flashlight.

  • You must have faith to win big. Faith in God and faith in yourself.

  • Work on your Vision and invest in yourself and your future!

W Mitchell, Hall of Fame Speaker and World Renowned Overcomer

  • In tough times, remember that it doesn’t matter what happens to you, but what you do about it that ultimately counts.

  • We must learn to conquer not only the mountains of life on the outside, but the mountains of doubt that reside within us.

  • The impossible becomes possible with faith and fortitude.

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Lessons from 2020 to Help You Win in 2021

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