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The #1 Reason People Do Not Achieve Big Results In Life

13 Jan 2022 | Posted Under Success

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What’s the #1 reason people don’t achieve big results in life?

It’s that they don’t have clear, empowering goals. Goals took me from a broke-busted nightclub singer, to become a professional speaker who’s gone on to become “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers In The World” and inducted into The Speaker Hall of Fame.

One major key to my achieving those goals is that I learned how to effectively set goals, and then design plans for achieving them.

The secrets to setting and achieving great goals came from the “goals guru,” Jim Ball. As the founder of The Goals Institute, Jim helped folks all around the world achieve big results by effectively empowering their lives with goals.

Jim passed away about ten years ago, and I was able to have him as a guest a few months before he died.

I dug into my archives and found that interview.

Here are 12 principle lessons guru Jim Ball shared in this powerful interview.

  1. Everyone wants something. But most do not know how to turn those “wants” into realities by using empowering goals.

  2. Every championship team wins because they have a clear goal that the team is totally focused on, and they play together to hit that goal.

  3. Having too many goals with no support systems will keep you busy, but often with no measurable results, because you are too scattered!

  4. The circus performer who spins ten plates on ten sticks, always starts with one plate spinning successfully, before going to the second, then on to the third, etc.

  5. Say NO to resolutions! They’re glorified “wishes” and have no power.

  6. Visualize what you want. Get the image clear and focused in your head. The clearer the image, the picture, you have of what you want, the more your brain will go to work to help you make it happen!

  7. Next, write down what you want. Then from your “want list” organize and prioritize your ideas.

  8. Your “want list” actually become goals when you organize and visualize them.

  9. Next, write down the steps you will take to achieve each of your goals.

  10. Watch out for the "WMDs" - The Weapons of Mass Distractions!

  11. Focus on becoming a goal achiever, not just a goal setter.

  12. The “Secret Weapon” to achieving success is saying, “I am working on A” and then get it done; then “I’m working on B” and hitting that goal, then going to “C” and on and on and on.
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The #1 Reason People Do Not
Achieve Big Results In Life

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