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From Awareness to Personal Empowerment: Truth Leads the Way

Are you a seeker of truth? As I observe my own truth seeking process and that of others, I notice a pattern: A new idea breaks through false or outdated perceptions and appeals to the intellect; it then takes us on a journey until we live it every day. This includes personal truth (What is important to me?) and transpersonal truth (What is the soul?). Each time we open our minds and discover a concept that smashes some limiting belief, we invite more purpose, passion and peace into our lives.

In those first moments of recognizing truth, your body confirms what your mind acknowledges. Some people recognize truth through a body sensation and/or a feeling. With an epiphany, you may feel as though you have been struck by one of Zeus’s thunderbolts or a stroke of grace. Profound or simple, personal or transpersonal—truth frees you from a limiting perception and opens you to an expansive possibility that feels “right.” Yet this is just the beginning, you must cultivate this new awareness and put it into action.

Here are four steps that turn a new awareness into a way of being:

1) Truth awakens you to a new way of thinking, feeling, acting and being. A new concept may be given to you through an external stimulus or an intuitive insight.  The external knock comes to you through the written word, media, or people in your life; the internal through “ah ha” moments of clarity. If the new concept brings you feelings of peace and excitement, you are more likely to accept it even though it means a change in your beliefs or your life. If you do not get it the first time, it may keep knocking until you open your mind and let it in. Warning: Life can become difficult if you choose to stay asleep instead of wake up to an idea that wants your attention.

After reading a self-help book on relationships, Gail acknowledges that her history with men who take her for granted is over. She is capable of recognizing a self-centered man who does not make her a priority in his life.

2) You speak to others about the new truth. As you assimilate the new idea, you begin to communicate your new awareness. Sharing this budding truth gives it substance and raises your level of commitment to doing what it takes to make it a part of your life.

Gail tells her friends that she is ready to let go of Jack and attract a man and who will treat her special.

3)  The new truth is tested in real life situations. Once your actions begin to reflect this new truth, you can be sure a real life test will present itself. You will have an opportunity to walk your talk, or not. The struggle between the old and new is a necessary part of becoming more authentic and living higher spiritual truths: Present moment awareness or unconditional acceptance take years to cultivate. With practice the new truth takes root within you. The final transformation is completed by a power greater than yourself.

At a friend’s party, Bob asks Gail for her number and does not follow through. When he sees her again, he asks her to give him another chance. They date for several months. He begins to call her less often with no explanation. She feels anxious about their future and angry by his behavior. Even though she likes spending time with Bob, she tells him she is not interested in continuing the relationship.

4) The new truth is assimilated into your being. If you have done your best to integrate and implement the new concept, you become the new truth and ground it into your body, mind, soul and life. You go from resisting or struggling against the change to living it effortlessly. It has become a part of your nature—your being.

The next time Gail sees Bob she realizes that her negative emotions around what happened are gone. She feels peaceful about being alone and hopeful about finding the right guy for her.

This four step truth awakening process happens over time. Living profound spiritual concepts and eliminating addictive patterns are challenging: It may take years to develop “present moment awareness” or let go of another toxic relationship. Honor and accept where you are in the process and ask for help from a Higher Power. With an open mind, clarity and grace, you will continue to seek truth, awaken to its message and live it courageously. 

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