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What are your roadblocks?

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Discover the TRUTH that Can Set You Free!


          It is important to know what we really want when we are trying to manifest something in our lives. To that end, I’d like to share with you an intuitive training process that I use to work through my own unconscious conflicts. This simple but powerful process uncovers the Truth – the real Truth ­– about what is holding you back.

First, there are some caveats. You must really want to know the Truth – the deep, authentic Truth – and you must be willing to experience a little emotional discomfort for a brief period. The process I am about to describe gets to the deepest layers of your issues. It uncovers the core, conflicting beliefs that cause you to remain “stuck.” If you really surrender to the process, you move beyond the apparent contradictions to a higher level of understanding where opposite polarities become one. It is a simple but powerful process. Here’s what you do:

          Set aside 45 minutes of uninterrupted time and lay down in a peaceful, quiet place. Bring to mind a feeling or issue that is related to a “stuck” place in your life. Think about your issue and notice within your body any sensations that you feel…discomfort, pain, tightness etc. Really focus on these sensations. Exaggerate them. Follow them and notice any changes. Very quietly “report back” to your conscious mind what you are experiencing. (I’m feeling a tightness below my ribs…now it’s moving to the center of my chest and growing stronger…). As you do this, every once in a while, gently remind yourself that want to bring forth the message...the Truth… that these sensations are connected to. (It is important to do this quietly in order to maintain the balance between your conscious and subconscious effect, you are training both to be "online" at the same time and are strengthening the communication link between the two.)

     Continue this process as long as it takes, up to 45 minutes at a time. (You may require several sessions.) The messages you receive are often small and fleeting. They may take the form of a word or phrase, an image, or simply an intuitive “knowing”. But when the message comes, it will result in a change in the bodily sensations you feel. You may feel a shifting of energy, in the form of a relaxing of the physical discomfort, a sense of the stuck place being freer or a sense of energy flowing through it. You should then “breathe through” this area to further enhance the energy flow. Afterwards, write down what you experienced and write down any messages you received. Remember, you are creating a communication link between the inner and outer parts of your mind. You are training them how to talk to one another!

     To manifest what you want in life you must find and accept the Truth that lies deep inside. It is this Truth that will dissolve illusions and erase inner conflicts that oppose your conscious desires. It is the Truth that will set you free!

Rita Milios, LCSW, the Mind Mentor, is a psychotherapist, author and workshop presenter from Kissimmee, FL. She can be reached for information regarding workshops or spiritual coaching services at Or call Rita at 863-496-7223.

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