Welcome to Sacred Journeys! For over 25 years, I have given channeled readings, provided weekly Mary Magdalene classes, and written beautifully channeled books. I know my work has helped many people, and I wish to explore even more opportunities for accelerating personal and spiritual growth. So in June of 2018, I began a series of Sacred Journeys to Sacred Sites around the world, starting in Ireland. I was traveling with two friends, and we felt the energy at several of the Sacred Sites and began filming our experiences, which we uploaded to my Videos page.

In Ireland, I channeled powerful messages on the significance of several Sacred Sites there, including the Hill of Tara and Glendalough, and the importance of awakening to our true spiritual essence at this time.

I continued the adventure in September and October, with a 30-day journey through four countries: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and Cyprus. This time, the journey involved energy activations, purification rituals, ceremonies to anchor light and love, past life readings to discover old connections and new purposes, and an initiation process culminating in a 30-minute ceremony inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

My work in Egypt and Jordan involved channeled messages from the Essenes, the Holy Family, the Pleiadians, Isis, and others, on the true purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the role of the Essenes in the time of Jesus and now, as well as other messages of individual and universal significance. The outpouring of enthusiasm for our videos has inspired me to continue the journey and share it with as wide an audience as possible.  The Earth is at a tipping point, and humanity is greatly in need of awakening individually and en masse. We all need guidance in understanding our true purpose for incarnating at this time, and my role is to help navigate in the ascension process so that we can move into our true spirit essence, and help Mother Earth ascend into the fifth dimension.

Rev. Lea Chapin

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"Not everyone is able to physically visit the Sacred Sites, so this project provides an opportunity for people to receive the same energy activations and initiations remotely, which is testified to by the positive feedback we received from our videos. While many teachers and spiritual healers conduct webinars and have subscriptions for their material, it is my intention to provide all of this material free and available publicly for whomever is drawn to it."