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Mary Magdalene's Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment 6-16-2018

June 16, 2018 – Powerscourt Waterfall

Greetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I step into each of your energy fields, I ask you to hold the space of love for this beloved frequency of the element of water. Know, Dearest Children, that you are made out of water, and most of your body is in this beautiful fluid frequency of Divine light and Divine love, the power of the water that is not only held within your physicality, but in the energy field in which you were born, in the womb of the mother, the sacred fluid of the great goddess energy. And so today, we ask you to feel the energy of the beautiful waterfall, and allow this essence to now begin to shift any vibration within you that is disharmonic or not of great balance. For you see, Dearest Ones, many of you are holding the imprints of your parents, your grandparents, your ancestors, and even the energy of their belief systems that have held you captive to what we call the energy of the Old World Order, the energy and essence of life that no longer serves you. Please, my children, I ask you to call in this frequency of the element of the water, and begin to feel the refreshing, rejuvenating, restoring, and revitalizing energy of this powerful water that is running not only through your physicality, but through your own etheric field. Can you begin to tap into the power of the water to allow yourself to feel the flow of life, the energetic frequency of life, the power of the energy of the water? Just as the wind, just as the Earth, just as the fire, the power of the water is now moving through your life, allowing Divine Grace, Holy Grace to enter into your frequency. Allowing the sacred flow of the beautiful synchronistic energy of the power of water to create and to recreate your soul’s journey as you move forward into your life with ease and grace.

And so I ask you, Dearest Children, to take a deep inhaling breath, and if you so shall, begin to breathe in the vibration of the eons and the ions that are being emitted here at this waterfall. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you literally taste the energy of the pure water as you feel this frequency in your physical taste buds, on your tongue? Can you feel the vibration of this powerful frequency of this energy bringing forth an energy of a live essence, a live frequency within you, as if every cell within your body is being recharged with the powerful eons and ions that are being emitted from this waterfall? Allow the beautiful scenery here to now enter into your conscious and your subconscious as you allow yourself to meditate and to rest with my words, with my message, with my healing, and with my understanding that each of you are sacred beings of light, and that your physical bodies are temples, that you literally are the temples holding this powerful vibrational frequency of the element of water within your temple, which will allow your bodies to be strong and vibrant, and allow yourself to clear the memories and the imprints of your ancestors, of all diseases, of all karmic patterns and all old imprints that no longer serve you.

Yes, Dearest Children, I am asking you to call in the energy of this beautiful waterfall, the energy of the element of water to begin to clear your DNA to begin to clear the energy within your physicality of your ancestral patterning, and your genetic patterning of any diseases that you are holding and carrying. Some may not believe this, some may not understand this, but those who wish to call forth vibrant health, abundance, and joy into their life, please call in the energy of the element of water, the power of this beautiful waterfall, and allow the water to flush through your physical body, through your mental mind, through your emotional body, and to heal you. To begin to heal these imprints that no longer serve you. To heal the energy that serves only that which is for your highest good. Calling in the sacred balance and the sacred light of the element of water, as this energy is of great significance. This particular waterfall holds the beautiful vibrational frequency of balance. The land of Ireland is a land of freedom, it is a land of sacred balance, it is a land that honors all of life, and the magic of life. And so, as you know, the luck of the Irish, allow this beautiful blessing to come to you, of this element of water. And to feel the joy today as you enter into this frequency, and you hold your head high, and you say I am renewed again, I am restored again, I am rejuvenated again, I am healthy, I am strong, I am vibrant. It does not matter how young or old you are, or what you have gone through in your soul’s journey, please allow the water to flow through all the karma, all the pain, all the grief, all the sorrow. And yes, to clear your ancestral lineage of any patterning that you are holding, energetically and physically, mentally or emotionally, within your own etheric and physical blueprint, as if you are now a new template, a new Earth being. That you are now here in this Divine union with yourself, and you are co-creating the life of your body. You are co-creating just as you did in your mother’s womb, in the beautiful water, in the beautiful placenta, in the beautiful sacred womb of your beautiful mother, you created yourself, your physical body. And so today, allow the water to come forth as if you are in the sacred womb of the Earth mother, the Earth goddess, the energy of Mother Terra, Goddess Terra. Allow Terra to heal you, to cleanse you, to restore you, and to renew you. Letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God, letting go and letting God.

During our lifetimes 2,000 years ago, Yeshua and I would go into the Cave of Creation and we would allow ourselves to be rejuvenated, and we would clear all frequencies from our systems that had remained discordant within our own physical selves and in our own vibratory frequency. We wished to be as pure as possible and as clear as we possibly could be. And so, when we needed to be rejuvenated, we would often go to the place near Mt. Carmel, and sit in the sacred Cave of Creation for hours upon hours and days upon days, we would allow this beautiful energy to restore us.

And so I ask you to call in this frequency of this beautiful waterfall upon this day, calling in the sacred vibration. You do not have to sit for hours or for days or for weeks, you may allow the water to wash you anew. Be free, be free, be free. Just as the wind. The element of the wind brought forth the power of change, please allow the water to bring forth the powerful flow, and allow your heart to open to the energy and the essence of All That Is. The times, as they say, are changing, Dearest Ones. The winds of change are upon us. And the flow of life, the energy of grace Elohim, the power of God is with us. We here on our side in the heavenly realm, and you there on the Earth plane, we are all shifting our consciousness, as we are all elevating into this new Earth paradigm. Yes, we here, even myself, Mary Magdalene, I am shifting my vibration and my frequency just as you are shifting your frequency as well. This may be hard to understand or comprehend, but know that we are all ascending and growing closer and closer to the energy of Oneness, to the energy of All That Is.

And so, as you enjoy your physical life upon this Earth, may you move forward with grace and ease. May you flow like the wind. May you allow the water to flow with grace through your life. May all that you need, all that you desire, come to you as if it is coming to you easily and effortlessly, just like the water, moving through the obstacles of the stone that are here in the creek, the water moving gently and yet powerfully, with no restrictions. Allowing the energy to move through your life without challenges, without obligations, without struggles, allowing all again that you worry about and that you hold within your system that troubles you to be washed away by the water, to be healed by the water, to be purified by the water. And allow the wind to carry you forward, allow the water to bring you peace, to be still and tranquil, just as you have co-created yourself in your mother’s womb, today you are in the womb of Earth mother, the goddess mother energy of Mother Terra, and she truly, truly, truly is holding the space of love for you, so that you may shift your vibration and allow peace to enter into your heart.

These are powerful times, these are sacred times. Truly, Dearest Ones, the winds of change are here in this year of 2018. So much change will come forth in your individual and collective lives, that you will wonder how did I live any other way than in Divine love? How did I live any other way than in Divine grace and flow? How did I live any other way than in Divine grace and flow? How did I live any other way except living in Divine flow and grace, allowing Divine order to move and shift through your life as the winds of change come forward, you can now allow divine flow to settle into your heart and calm your worries, to calm your fears, and allow yourself to live in the present moment, feeling the magic of all the gifts of the angels, the archangels, the Great Creator, all the Gods and Goddesses, and all the beings of light are gifting you, and the Earth mother herself, as you feel the frequency enter into your being, please hold your intention now as the sacred light being that you are, remember your physical body is now filled and renewed and restored with this vibrancy and energy of this powerful water, as if there is a new vibrational frequency inside of you, as if the water that is in your physical body is now recharged, you will physically feel healthier and stronger and more vibrant and at peace. And so allow this now to enter into your soul, for it is the soul’s journey, it is the way of the soul, allowing your beautiful spirit to shine, and to allow the energy of grace to flow through your life.

Go now in peace, my Dearest Children, be still, be still, be still, and know that you are flow, you are in Divine flow, in alignment with the energy of the Great One, and so it is.

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