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Added $1,053,722 Revenue to Woman-Owned Business in 12 Months

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Here is the Exact Model I used to add $1,053,722 of Revenue to a Woman-Owned Small Business in 12 months with Facebook Advertising and How You Can Model it to Scale Your Business – (Part 1)

My journey of taking a client's start-up business to $1Million+ in 12 months.

..... From January 1st to December 31st

But I HAVE to warn you, it's quite a journey.

So let's strap in, plug into your business brain and get ready for some mind and money expanding nuggets from someone who's been there, done that,

AND got the t-shirt!

I am about to be 100% transparent with you.

Helping my client build a 7-Figure Company was NOT built by…

Working Less

No Stress

No Pains

No Failures


And many more negatives that repel a normal 'corporate 9-5’er'.

This is not some post that will paint you a glorious life rainbow.

And it may scare you a little.


It is my plan for you to get at least ONE THING that will help YOU

in 2017.

I want to help you get...

More leads

More sales

More freedom

More peace

and A competitive edge

Let’s start this journey.

I feel that it is important that I begin with my youth and move it to the present.

Understanding that life's failures and pains are truly blessings.

That is extremely important for me to optimize the present.

My past is the strong foundation behind me that helped me build my client's million dollar company.

I grew up with a loving mother and a father and lived on a farm in Michigan with my 4 siblings.

We had moved two hours north of Detroit to the farm when I was 4.

My Dad was very strict and he ruled.

If we broke a rule he didn't try to figure out which of us siblings did it, he would line us all up.

He didn't believe in playing 'favorites' – we were all punished equally!

We used to learn 'our lessons' from going and finding our own sticks for him to use on us and

if it wasn't a big enough stick, we had to go find another one.

Funny thing is… I knew that if I cried out really loudly, he would stop tanning my hide and go to the sibling standing next to me.

My youngest sister thought it was weak to cry, so she got the worst of those “lessons”.

Many things were far from perfect growing up.

My least favorite job was washing the crud off the chicken eggs so that my Mom could sell them in the city.

Mom would drive down to Detroit every weekend to sell fresh eggs, butter she had churned and her homemade jam and baked goods.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was my Easy Bake Oven – I wanted to bake like my Mom did, she made the most amazing fresh Apple Pies.

I learned how to be Entrepreneurial at a young age. Living out in the country you had to create your own social circle,

so at the age of about 10, I started a “Private Club”.

Neighborhood friends paid me a membership fee to be in my club.

It wasn't a lot of money, but we had fun and it was the beginning of my Entrepreneurial thinking.

And yes, I also set up a Lemonade Stand on the side of the road.

I used my little Red Wagon to carry the Lemonade and cups out to the road and used it as my serving station!

My Dad was a builder, so we were always living in the middle of a remodeling project.

My parents had bought an old farm house that had been used to store grain for animals,

so it needed a lot of work.

I remember the time when we didn't have a roof over the kitchen and bathroom,

and you could look up at the stars while sitting on the toilet.

Some highlights of growing up on the farm doing wild and fun things:

Like flying through the air on the big rope swing hanging from the rafters in the neighbor's barn and jumping into the piles of hay!

Or the time I jumped off the roof of the corn crib thinking I had super powers and could fly

And the times we had to round up the pigs that had gotten out of their pen – have you ever tried to catch a pig! It's not easy.

When I was a junior, we had an exchange student from Germany live with us for a year.

It was wonderful to learn about life in another country.

And when I graduated from high school, I went to Germany to live with her family for a summer.

It was a glorious time and after that experience I could not stay on the farm.

The experience of living in a big city in Germany had piqued my spirit of adventure.

When I got back home, I became very depressed living on the farm.

I was anxious to find my ticket out.

My ticket out was to get married – I was 18 years old.

Everyone else in my family stayed near the farm, I was the only one ready for an adventure and moved away when I got married.

This is some of the reasoning behind me wanting to live a different life, rather than stay on the farm.


I wanted them to be able to explore the world.

And not be limited to the small town I grew up in, living on the farm.

My mom and dad were devoted to each other – they were a powerful example of committed love.

When my mom was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy, we all took it in stride and my dad was her strongest supporter.

Through it all, my mother never had a 'victim mentality'...

even though she was wheelchair bound for 40 years.

Mom and Dad were married for 69 years, before my mom passed at age 85.

And my dad lived a few more years and passed at age 91.

What I saw displayed in my parents lives was a COMMITMENT to each other that you just didn't see in a lot of other families.

It had a huge impact on me in my marriage as well.

I also saw COURAGE displayed during the hard times, and there were plenty, in trying to raise and feed five children on the farm.

That was a life changer for me to say the least.

Their commitment to each other and the way my mom gracefully handled her Muscular Dystrophy, taught me some very important lessons.

For example…


That is pretty important to understand.

You can cry when something happens, but you can't feel sorry for yourself and you better get your life back on track as soon as possible so you don't wallow in self-pity.

Alright… Let’s keep moving.

I helped put my husband through college, at Central Michigan University and we lived in Midland where I worked at Dow Chemical.

When he graduated, we moved to the Detroit area where he got a job and I was able to transfer with Dow Chemical.

I was a receptionist/telephone operator, working on an old AT&T cord-board telephone system.

I must have said Dow Chemical a hundred times a day, as I answered the incoming calls.

It was just like in a SNL skit with Lilly Tomlin!

Then my husband got an offer with the Federal Government in Colorado –

YAY, a New Adventure!

He would never come right out and tell people which part of the Government.

Because he worked for the IRS!

Nobody wanted to talk to him when they found that out.

We moved to Denver and I began my career as a legal secretary, not knowing how it would serve me in the future.

We taught snow skiing at A-Basin on the weekends

We spent every weekend from October through April in the mountains skiing.

When I got pregnant with our daughter, we had no idea how it would change our lifestyle...

Boy were we surprised!

We thought we would just take turns watching the baby and skiing.

That didn't happen – LOL.

The problem was that every time we drove up to the mountains, we were causing a severe problem with my daughter's ears and

at 9 months, she had to have ear surgery.

She was not able to go up into the mountains and

That meant I had to stay home with her, while my husband went skiing.

That wasn't fun!

Having a sick child and daycare issues, didn't work well for long, especially without any family support.

Another major decision/adventure - we decided to move back to Michigan to be near the family and the farm.

One of my favorite shows on television at that time was Wonder Woman –

I loved watching her help people with her Super Powers!

I wished I had some of those Super Powers when my husband started his own CPA practice –

It was brutal!

We had moved back to Michigan During a Recession to start a business!

We must have been nuts!

Starting your own business is so much work – we worked day and night at it.

Things were rough, we had to sell our home and move into a small apartment to stay afloat.

My daughter was about 2 years old when we moved to the apartment and she hated it!

She would sit in the car and cry because she didn't want to go in to that small apartment.

She didn't understand why we weren't living in the big home we had with a large yard for her to play in.

It broke my heart!

I was a legal secretary and each day when I finished my 9 to 5 job, I would go to work for my husband's CPA business until midnight.

Fortunately my husband and the attorney I worked for became best friends,

which helped us survive during the recession with some client referrals.

But basing a business on referrals alone is a huge mistake – you can't do it and stay in business!

Everything was old-school – we didn't have the tools we have today

I wish I had the tools then, that I have now, to market the business

We did not know where our next client was coming from.

We were both working his CPA business day and night and

when we weren't working at the office, we were attending meetings to try and drum up business

It was crushing us! After 2 years of struggling, we were spent.

It was our dream to have a profitable small business.

We wanted more freedom, not less.

We wanted more peace, not struggle and despair.

It was heartbreaking when we had to give up that dream and my husband had to find a job.

When we couldn't take it anymore, we decided to move.

We asked a question: “Where in the United States do we want to live?”

Florida won! A new adventure!

My husband joined a CPA firm and we ended up in Central Florida.

We settled into our new home and after a couple years we welcomed a baby boy to our family.

And we stayed in that home until my baby boy had grown up to be a young man and had gone off to college at Florida State University.

My husband was a huge Florida Gator fan, so it was quite a rivalry between them during football season!

My career had shifted to computers around the time my son was born.

I love technology and I was successful at it.

I was recruited by Harris/Lanier, a Fortune 500 company, as a Legal Software Specialist in the Business Systems Division.

This was amazing because I didn't fit their hiring profile (they only hired college graduates and I didn't have a college degree).

And the only reason they recruited me is because whenever their sales people had to compete against me, I would win the client contract.

They finally said, let's just go hire her.

My background as a legal secretary really helped with my Legal Software success – I could speak their language.

Unfortunately, I traveled quite a bit, and it wasn't easy with a toddler at home.

My toddler son would let me know how unhappy he was with me, by stomping through my flower garden.

It was a difficult balancing act – being a Career Woman & a Mom!

But I was determined that I was going to have success

When someone would say I couldn't do it, I was driven to show them that I could.

I was climbing that “Corporate Ladder”

and it took its toll on my family -

My daughter would get upset with me and say “I have to make an appointment to spend time with you!”

I joined AT&T/Lucent Technologies, winning many awards, including Millionaires Club and Super Achievers Club.

Over the course of those years in technology, I had an opportunity to work with many types of businesses and learn a lot from them.

I went on to hold several executive-level positions -

VP of Sales & Marketing at an IT company, Sr Partner at a marketing services company,

Sr Vice President of a CRM software company and Director of Corporate Resources for a marketing automation software company.

While in those executive-level positions, I successfully established and maintained critical strategic alliances,

with PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and MasterCard

and my experience included major corporate clients; General Motors, Time, Inc., and JC Penney

as well as small and mid-sized businesses in Tampa Bay, Florida.

But I paid a big price for climbing the corporate ladder and achieving those accolades for business success –

My children grew up with daycare and after-school programs,

My adrenals were shot,

My husband and I seemed to be in a competition with our careers.

After burning-out as an Executive in Corporate America, I decided to start my own business.

That Entrepreneurial spirit from childhood was reignited.

I started my business as a Marketing Consultant and

then I began to focus on Internet Marketing,

studying SEO, Online Marketing and Social Media platforms.

I was committed to learning everything I could.

I also took some time off to write my first book on the Law of Attraction

about how we create our own reality with our thoughts and emotions.

Then in a moment, my Whole World Changed.

My husband died unexpectedly with a massive heart attack.

I thought I was going to die that night too, it felt like the chords or heartstrings were ripped right out of my heart.

It was the most painful experience in my life.

We were married for 39 years, and I had no idea how to be the left over half of a couple.


It took a lot of COURAGE and COMMITMENT to keep going –

My daughter was living in New York City and my son was in his last semester at Florida State.

Even though my children were adults, we formed a strong bond and relied on each other during those difficult times.

I knew that I had to keep going forward,

even though the PAIN of the past and the FEAR of the future were paralyzing at times.

I decided to immerse myself in energy healing work to heal the gaping hole in my heart.

And I kept reminding myself to read my own book.

After 9 months of workshops and training on many different energy healing techniques, I finally got to peace.

Once I had peace in my heart, my creativity kicked back in and

I was finally able to pick up the pieces of my life and go on.

But it wasn't easy, we were upside down financially.

We weren't prepared for my husband's unexpected passing,

and I was forced into a 5 year bankruptcy.

If we would have had a successful CPA business, we would have had the right insurance, I wouldn't have had to face Bankruptcy.

I experienced every emotion – not just the grief from my loss, but I also was angry that he left me in a big financial mess.

I'll never forget what one of the creditors said to me, “Your husband was a CPA, why didn't he take care of you financially?”

That hurt – yes, why didn't he take care of me?

Our big dream of having a successful CPA business didn't happen

I had to start all over and recreate my life.

I sold everything I could and put the rest into a storage unit and

I rented bedrooms from friends for 3 years.

Life is too short to spend it doing things that are frustrating and overwhelming

So I took a serious look at what I wanted to do with my business and

decided to focus on Social Media and Facebook Advertising.

I studied with the best in the world and learned everything I could about Social Media and Facebook Advertising, so that nobody would have to suffer like I did.

I was determined to use my knowledge to help other small business owners so that they don't have to go through the same thing –

no clients,

not depending on referrals,

praying that a client would come in,

so we could pay the bills.

We lost our dream, I don't want others to lose theirs.

It's the reason I'm so passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses and doing what I do today.

I love technology and have the ability to take complex information and make it simple.

I use analogies and share stories to make it easy for my clients.

I'm known for “Taking the Eek! Out of Geek”,

I tap into my knowledge-base of 25+ years in technology.

I also decided that I wanted to make a difference in the world by inspiring people with what I had learned.

I was honored to be invited to be a co-author in Stepping Stones to Success with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Denis Waitley.

My topic in the book is Social Media and Self-Empowerment Tools for Success.

My clients now MAXIMIZE every dollar spent on Marketing, to get more clients and more orders, using today's available Social Media Technology,

At a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Media.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners are the heartbeat of America and I want to help them make a difference in the world with simple, powerful strategies I've put together utilizing this technology.

These are fast-paced, changing times and the old ways don't work.

Our own business failure could have been avoided if we would have had the tools and strategies that are available today with Facebook Advertising.

I believe, and research shows, that profitable social media communication is about connecting and engaging at a Personal Level.

It's important that I also share Why I Love Facebook Advertising!

You can Zero Right in on your Exact Target Audience.

You are able to target your ideal customer based on:

demographics (age, gender, income, marital status)

and the geographics, their location (country, state, city or zip code).

But more than that, you can also target your ideal customer based on psycho-graphics:

their interests,

what they like,

the movies they watch,

the books they read,

the celebrities they like...

You Name It and You Can Target It!

By identifying your ideal customer, Facebook lets you market directly to them for as little as $5 a day. This is Exciting!

For a small ad spend, you are able to test your marketing and determine if you need to make any changes or adjustments.

It's a very powerful form of advertising.

One of my clients, a Woman-Owned Small Business, had focused on Traditional Media to grow their business -

primarily Newspaper advertising, with some Television and Radio advertising, as well as Direct Mail.

She was attempting to model her business off of an old business she owned 12 years prior using traditional media,

but it wasn't working! 

She did not have a good understanding of how the world had changed with social media and was fearful of using this new media.

The client was concerned about the competition finding out what she was doing and

she was afraid to use social media to get her message out.

I was continuously working with my client to help her overcome her fears of using Facebook Advertising to generate leads and sales.

Fear of failure and fear of competition were always in the background of her mind.

Because of my own experience of losing our business, I knew that the old way of doing business doesn't work anymore.

I suggested that we do a test with Facebook Advertising on an upcoming campaign.

The client still wanted to also do some traditional media on the campaign with the following media breakdown:

* targeted local direct mail drop of 10,000 postcards - cost $2,000

* newspaper ad in local community paper - cost $1,000

* targeted Facebook Ad to local community - cost $800

Results in that first test campaign were:

* Direct Mail - 1 sale

* Newspaper Ad - 1 sale

* Facebook Ad - 30 sales

It was so exciting when my client finally realized the power of Facebook Advertising for her business.

After the success of that first test Facebook Ad campaign, the client got really excited.

She dropped all the traditional media and focused on Facebook Advertising.

Sales skyrocketed:

End of year 2014 - 2,447 sales

End of year 2015 - 7,253 sales

Increasing revenues from:

December 2014 - $360,613 to

December 2015 - $1,414,335

Increasing revenues by 292%

I hear complaints from businesses all the time, that they tried Facebook Advertising ONCE and it didn't work for them.

But often it's because they were running the wrong type of ad or not targeting the right audience.

It's equally important that you put the right message in front of your ideal customer so that you are speaking directly to them.

I know how important it is to engage with your audience. 

When I was first starting my marketing consulting business, I had a forum for women that I was growing.

But when my husband died, I just stopped writing and communicating with them.

By the time I picked up the pieces of my life and got myself back together, they were gone.

You can't treat your Social Media Campaigns like a Newspaper Ad.

You must ENGAGE! Have a conversation with them.

When I ask business owners, "Who is Your Target Market?" they usually say "Everyone!"

It's not feasible to market to everyone and it's costly.

If you target the Right Audience with the Right Message at the Right Time, then you can Maximize your marketing dollars –

You won't be wasting your Money or your Time, chasing after the wrong audience that isn't even interested in your product or service.

When you target the Right Audience, you can Speak Directly to Them, and get more customers and orders.

I understand that it's difficult to keep up with all the changes taking place in Social Media,

Especially when you are already too busy running your own business to add this to your plate.

I know what that is like – I was working 12-14 hour days on my husband's CPA business. And we didn't have the tools we have today.

Business owners I talk with are afraid that they are being out-done by their competition.

And it can be overwhelming when there are continuous updates to Facebook Advertising.

I cover the latest Social Media tips, updates and changes on the Small Business Advocate Radio Show with Jim Blasingame each month.

I have been a member of their BrainTrust on the show for 6 years and my shows were syndicated to for 4 years.

Here is the link to all my shows on the Small Business Advocate Radio Show:

Things are changing so fast, and it's frustrating when you don't even have the time to deal with it.

I am passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and small business owners generate leads and grow their businesses with Facebook Advertising,

Giving them more freedom,

less overwhelm

and more peace,

while staying ahead of the competition.

And it does take Courage and Commitment to have Success,

with any program!

I don't want you to feel like I felt when we lost our business.

Between the CPA practice going out of business and now me helping Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs with their growth, I am on track with my life right now.

I have learned that my 'Super Power' is my ability to work with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners and make it easy for them to get more clients and more orders with Facebook Advertising at a fraction of the cost of Traditional Media.

I have Facebook Ad strategies that I have put together, that eliminate the stress and overwhelm, of where the next client is coming from.

I'll be sharing more about the model I used in Part 2.

If any of this resonates with you, reach out to me and connect on Linkedin, email or Facebook Messenger and let's have a conversation.

Thanks for checking this out,

Kathy Perry


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