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#TwitterTips: Secrets About Twitter, Part 5

26 Feb 2018 | Posted Under Twitter

#TwitterTips Secrets About Twitter, Part 5

Since 2006 Twitter has grown exponentially. When I first started on Twitter in 2008, some of the numbers I saw on marketing estimates were projected by 2020. By that time, internet marketing will increase to about 500%.

So, if you are not on Twitter now, creating a presence, carving out a niche, connecting with an audience that can be your customers or referring ambassadors when the rest of the world gets on, where are you going to be?

You will be struggling to understand Twitter. It is hard enough now to get the traffic to our sites and stores. More than likely, it will become more complicated. You will need to know how to do Twitter, or build a team of people who know how to do it.

Remember from my past blogs in this series, the secret on being found is in your profile. You want to have the words on your profile that when people do an internet search, those words will help solve their problems.

TWEETI work with a lot of different coaches. When they post a blog, I tell them that they need to create 5 or 6 different tweets, headlines for every blog or an offer that they want people to click on. We are looking to connect with people in their search for their problems. So, when you write a blog, it is not just the title. When people read something they have two responses: tell me more or so what! You probably can look at your email, and about 95% of the stuff is … so what! Subsequently, it is the same thing on Twitter. Therefore, you want to get that ‘tell me more’ response.

So, when they are looking at your offers and blog posts, what words are in there that someone is searching for their problems? Put in those key words, which will help you get found.

Again, make sure your profile is current, there is a picture. If you are making connections and you have a current picture, a photo that people will resonate with, they will find you and be attracted to you. People may be tempted to put their logo up there. However, your logo does not mean anything to your clients. The most important thing is to let your smile be your logo. Put your logo on your banner. Let people connect with you.

Another way to be found is sharing great tweets. Go to other tweet chats and Twitter parties. For example, if I found your tweet, and you share it and I share it, now you have some of my audience that may resonate and check you out, and want to share it. Hence, those connections, sometimes a 3rd, 4th, 5th generation retweets are magic.

There is one women that posted a graphic image, a picture quote, at my Twitter party, and it was retweeted even up to 6 months later. That is an important thing to remember, every retweet becomes a mini-webpage, so it will always be there.

SEOIf you have a lot of SEO words, people are going to find it on Twitter. Twitter has an agreement with Google that tweets are googled indexed. A lot of those tweets will show up there, so if you are focusing on those key words, you are going to show up in a lot of searches. Naturally, organically include those words in your tweets.

Retweeting is free content, complimentary to your brand, what you are doing. I share a lot of Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, millionaire, billionaire coaches and thought leader tweets. It shows people who I am watching, who I am connected with. That is another way of establishing yourself with your audience by showing them who your mentors are, who you are connected to, who has influenced you.

Dig a little deeper and ask … what is your purpose? What is your mission? Where do you eventually want to lead your customer, or how do you want to serve them? That is the first thing you want to do when you get on Twitter, figure out why you are there. As Napoleon Hill stated … have a clear and definite purpose. So, why are you there? This way you can stay on that purpose.

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