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What Do You Need To Change?

Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay 

The pandemic had many of us doing the best we could while at home, leading us to examine the question, what do you need to change? Adaption to the good and bad news plus the environment surrounding us requires that we be ready to adjust our thinking. Cybersecurity issues as well as new technology for improving our environment requires a steady update to our skillset 

Slowly but surely, people will be returning to office environments, in-person conferences, and popular trade-shows.  Meanwhile, others may quit. Of course, like all other decisions, there are pros and cons, and we each need to decide what will work best for us.  But the underlying goal for most decisions is will the effort add to our bottom-line, or will we be risking too much? 

That’s why instead of returning to doing the ‘same old,’ we need to pause to consider what we need to change. Next, we are to consider whether our routines are out of date.

It’s effortless to do what is traditional without giving thought to possible change.  But once we realize that we do want to succeed in our endeavor, comes the time to step up and begin anew.  For example, I wasn’t keen on studying or knowing about the latest technology in the past.  Today, I read up on the forthcoming change as much as possible and adapt it to my lifestyle.

Sometimes we need to find new peers with whom to collaborate.  As we advance with experience, many of us realize that a new way of working is to help improve many people.  

Long ago, the common thinking was to seek out a win-win for the salesperson and their client.  But that thinking is limited in scope.  The broader picture is to have the client in mind, their community, the salesperson, their clientele, and the company bottom-line for all. 

Once we begin putting our clientele first and helping them improve on multiple levels, we then see better results ourselves.  ‘The win’ possibilities become much broader in every respect.  Just as technology is changing, so is leadership.  It’s no longer about the person at the top making the rules for all to obey.  Instead, teamwork is becoming the new norm, with management listening to new ideas and accepting them from diverse team members.

Serving communities is another way for entrepreneurs to encourage others to learn how to lead.  Teaching and training people to do well can then help them take over the reins for a more robust effort.  Although we may remain in the background, acknowledgment of our help is highly rewarding.

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Answer: What Do You Need To Change?

Undoubtedly, during the pandemic, you thought about how our traditional life will change when this comes to an end? The question is, did you have recurring thoughts about what you might like to do next? 

Assuming you do have ideas for a new way of working, are you ready to change habits so that you may start your process now?

Should you spend much time on social platforms, research the people whose work sounds of interest. There may be an opportunity to join forces somehow. And should a community-oriented service catch your attention, explore the work they do and the people they serve. In either case, will you feel the reward should you decide to work with one or some of them? Your benefit may be that of stepping into a leadership role as you help others advance.

Take time to consider the aspects of your work before the pandemic. Were you happy with everything, or are there elements that had you wishing for change? Review if a change is in the making automatically or if it may be time for you to change direction. Capture the ideas that come to mind and prioritize them to follow up on the one you find most exciting. And then, the work begins for setting goals and timelines to make it become a reality.

In the meantime, research the new trends and technology updates to determine if you will do better to adapt them to your work. 

A few examples include:

  • Reducing waste
  • Recycling more
  • Limiting the usage of plastic
  • Using solar panels
  • Converting to battery-operated cars
  • Incorporating artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Accepting bitcoin and other new methods of payment

Everyone has varying ideas of what may work best. It’s a good idea to discuss with peers, teams, or focus groups to determine what may work well for you. Keeping an open mind for possibilities and the willingness to change habits are the main differentiators for future success.

Sales Tips:  What Do You Need To Change?

  1. Review the ideas that intermittently flow.
  2. Consider if now is the time to change habits.
  3. Make a list of the new ways of doing business that catch your attention.
  4. Research the latest developments that may apply well to your work.
  5. Inquire of others if they are considering similar new technology and exchange insights.
  6. Take classes to learn more and adapt well.
  7. Ask questions of those who already made the change in their business that interests you.
  8. Compare and contrast varying ideas to select the one(s) appealing most to you.
  9. Make one adjustment to track what works well and what does not to proceed accordingly.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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