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How Do You Know Whether to Proceed?

How Do You Know Whether to Proceed?



No matter the company we keep, we can always find negative and positive thoughts regarding a nagging question to know whether to proceed. 


Over the years, so much negativity came my way that I stopped asking others. However, I always stop to examine important decisions from all angles before I take action.


It is even more essential to examine all angles before making a significant change due to the rampant scams in today's business environment. 

One wrong turn can put us out of business. Aside from the worst, we also do not want to sideline our company by going off on the wrong track. We need to weigh the pros and cons before making the final decision. 

However, we also must be careful not to waste valuable time; otherwise, that can also derail business.


Upon recognizing the time is now to decide that may affect multiple elements of how we conduct business. Our best strategy is to unplug and put ourselves in a non-distracting environment. For example, listening to music, being in the outdoors, or usually exercising free the mind to allow it to wander and put ideas front and center. We are typically more adept at weighing the pros and cons of a vital decision in these moments.


I tend to begin with the positive reasons for moving forward and how it may advance business. Once I have a smile within, I begin to examine all the negatives for not moving forward. If I can't convince myself that it's a poor idea, then I return to re-examining all the reasons for whether to proceed.


One most overlooked element by most people is that we are to embrace that our life is about each of us and those close to us. Consider:


· What do I want to portray?

· Will the endeavor potentially benefit me, those close to me, and bring value to clientele?

· Will I regret not taking action to attempt the seemingly 'impossible?'



Repeatedly, throughout my career history, the frequently spoken words were, 


'That will never work, and you will lose what you have.' 


My one question before every essential decision quickly transformed into,


'What is the worst that can happen?'


Those who allow fear to enter their landscape can quickly answer what the worst may be over time. However, by asking for the worst, we also need to be asking, 


'What is the best potential outcome?' 


As we answer the last question, it becomes easier to make the final decision for moving forward.


Although it may be difficult during turbulent times, we should remember that our best friend resides within each of us. We can trust ourselves to do what's right and put an all-out effort to make a new project or strategy succeed against all odds. 


We are also to remember that we routinely recreate statistics for the better. By facing the new challenge, we can once again move past. Business requires that we continue to put out an extraordinary effort to witness success at the end of the dark tunnel that will make the entire effort worthwhile.


It's safe to say that almost everyone has made a grave error on their journey in finding success. By weighing the pros and cons and answering, 'what's the worst that can happen?' you will attain the insight you need.


As you begin to ponder essential decisions, keep in mind that time and money are crucial elements always to hold in check. If one does not spend both wisely, there will be a need to shutter the establishment, take down the website, and inform employees of the situation. It's essential to keep an eye on where the money goes.


Numerous factors contribute to making a solid decision and may include:


· Resources available

· Client acceptance

· Contribution to the overall branding effort


Two essential ingredients to increase the odds for success are to have enthusiasm and energy present while working on the project. People keep an eye on your work; criticism is the initial phase with admiration to follow should all work out well. Passion is an essential ingredient for achieving what you envision.


As you lay out your plan and slowly begin to achieve small baby steps on the long road ahead, always have the result in mind. What will be the significance of achieving what you have in mind, and how will you celebrate? Should employees be a part of the picture, then conjure up a celebration theme they will enjoy and keep it in mind each day to maintain your enthusiasm moving forward.


Upon working through the process, give yourself a pep talk every morning, and each evening recap the day's events for what went well and what needs adjusting. Make it a habit to examine in detail the reasons for and against moving forward before making a serious decision. 


By being vigilant with what you want to achieve, the odds are in your favor that you will succeed!



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Sales Tips:  How Do You Know Whether to Proceed?



1.     Create a list of what you want to achieve.

2.     Prioritize the wish list according to talent and money on hand.

3.     Visualize achieving your long-term goal.

4.     Work backward to create your monthly goals.

5.     Utilize the goals for a habitual quarterly review.

6.     Determine which strategies require refinement or need to delete from the plan.

7.     Ensure everything is working harmoniously to build a more robust system.

8.     Monitor the expenditures vs. the income to revise efforts as need requires.

9.     Encourage everyone to be on the same page for making the new approach work.

10.  Celebrate Success!




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