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Do You Learn From Every Situation?

Do You Learn From Every Situation?


We can quickly learn from every situation, albeit experts, business news, and sports victories. It's wise to include athletic champions because they amp up their motivation to win against all odds. Webinars, Podcasts, and Articles are another few examples of how we may remain up to date without getting an advanced degree of study. The idea is similar to keeping an eye on the competition as the sales profession instructs.


But it isn't only about what the competition is doing. The motivation behind observing the world around us is for self-improvement and growth.  The bonus is in improving our business systems with a better income potential ahead. Over time, others may turn to us as a leader in our field.


My Story


While in college, I wondered what the success differentiators were between the large and small companies. Of course, I was anxious about choosing a career and which company might be the better choice. My daydream was to visit varying-sized companies and speak to the employees to find a better match. I wanted to learn from every business professional I could and from every situation.  Little did I know that I was envisioning the sales profession and that of successful entrepreneurship.  


Since its development, I was curious about Amazon and Mr. Jeff Bezos. The empire he built is impressive. As one who used to spend my life doing errands, the value-add delivery they provide is brilliant. Equally remarkable is the price for one share of Amazon stock. As of today, the value of one share is nearing double that of an ounce of gold. The price point indicates excellence in their business practices.  And this is the striking point where we can and should learn from every situation, including this one.


A few weeks ago, Bezos stated that he has nightmares about going bankrupt. The remark stopped me for a minute, upon reading the company made over $100 billion the last quarter. But the statement may have been the gentle precursor to the next announcement about his stepping down. A Google search indicates he will be turning the reins over to the company's longtime cloud-computing boss Andy Jassy. While the transfer can sound alarming, we remember that Bill Gates did the same with Microsoft, and Tim Cook took over for Steve Jobs. Both companies continue to do remarkably well.


The Third-Party Seller Effect


The next question is how the transfer will affect the third-party sellers on Amazon. Questions abound about what comes next:


  • Who are the third-party sellers? 
  • With returns at no cost and goods at seemingly fair pricing, do the third-party sellers make a reasonable income?  
  • Is the effort even close to being worthwhile?
  • What are the necessary steps for doing well?
  • Should it prove to be a good opportunity, how can we maximize the outcome?


Let's return to the idea of keeping an eye on experts, business news, and sports victories for a moment. Before us is a unique opportunity to listen to Jason Fladlien on his free webinar. He is known as the $100 million webinar man and super affiliate. 


Time efficiency requires we listen to those best in their field. And when we do tune in to the experts, there is always something new to learn.  



Your Story: Learn From Every Situation, including TWF


It is a rare opportunity to hear Jason speak at no charge and learn his formula for maximizing third-party selling on Amazon. He refers to his system as The Whole Formula; for short, TWF. He will answer the Amazon third-party seller questions listed above and more. Be assured that there is no obligation to become a third-party seller should it not meet your expectations. The presentation is for you to decide; the decision is in your hands.


Join this free Zoom webinar to discover how a few hundred people have leveraged the most significant online marketplace.


What Will You Learn?


By the end of the webinar, you will know whether Amazon is the best place for you to start or grow your online business. On this free Zoom call, you're going to discover a 3-step formula that helped 421 people initially sell over $510,397,441 on Amazon. Recently, they crossed a billion! 


Surprisingly, those 421 successes had no real "pattern." The fact plays into our being unique individuals. Age, location, and experience levels vary, while most had no previous online successes. Many started part-time. And all did it risk-free. It gives encouragement that we can succeed on our terms as long as they match the Amazon guidelines.  


On the cautionary side, life does not come with a guarantee. Skepticism helps because we listen more carefully to find the flaws. 

However, it is wise not to make a final judgment until after the entire webinar concludes. By waiting, asking questions, and hearing out all the answers enable us to make a credible decision. 

Just In:   You can – in very little time – automatically have for sale a best-selling product that Alexa will recommend that a user should purchase. Find out how: It doesn’t matter if you have never sold anything on Amazon, online, or even ever sold anything in general. There’s a disruption happening… And Amazon needs you. When you have something that a big player like Amazon wants…you win profits. Time is of the essence; Click this link to join the webinar: 

When you join this call, led by one of the top online business trainers in the world, you’ll discover the exact formula, as well as how to get started and head towards success. 


When you join this call, led by one of the top online business trainers in the world, you'll discover the exact formula, as well as how to get started and head towards success. 


Register For Free Zoom Call Here--->>


The good news is that the webinar will be recorded if you cannot make the scheduled call. 


Sales Tips:  Do You Learn From Every Situation?


  1. Consider how new strategies may out-weigh older methods.
  2. Research the history of presenters and their accomplishments.
  3. Dedicate time weekly, if not daily, to learn from every situation.
  4. Confer with peers to get their thoughts and suggestions.
  5. Look for flaws during a presentation to avoid wasting time and effort.
  6. Ask many questions to be sure you are on the right track.
  7. Think about how the new idea may benefit your clientele and bottom-line.
  8. Feel the enthusiasm about moving forward.
  9. Ensure the new project matches your long-term goal.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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