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How to Use a Planner to Sell Your Other Book(s)!

Happy New Year!


Friday, January 1, 2021

2020 was a strange year.

I've worked at home most of my adult life, so that was nothing new. I decided early on that I hated working in an office environment when I was an editor for trade magazines in the late 1970's so I decided to plan my life to always work at home from then on. But, it would not have worked out once I lost my recording studio in the l990's and once flipping houses was no longer an option into the 2000's when the market got too hot to buy anything. However, at that time, the Internet became a very attractive option and I've never looked back; working at home has been my normal.

However, live normally beyond that has been a challenge this year, to say the least. And being cooped up for so long, even with people you love, can definitely get on your nerves. But, we have so much to be thankful for, it's hard to complain.

In addition, at the beginning of the year, before the pandemic, I had decided to uplevel my skills by enrolling in a rigorous program to learn more about running a high-end business from a mult-millionnaire entrepreneur. But, when the pandemic hit, other great opportunities came along that were too good to pass up, so I didn't stop at one. I enrolled in a second one. I also attended several online challenges as well as three "Live" virtual three-day events and they were all awesome!

But what's been going on outside my world has weighed heavily on my heart. Too many have died and too many are suffering. So, I'm more than ready to say goodby to 2020 and hope that 2021 is better. I think it will be, but we'll see.

In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend and let's all hold a good thought for 2021!

That's it for now!

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Books Open Doors!

Stay Safe & Healthy!


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This week's podcast, Episode 77: How to Plan a Business Planner, (and why you should)!

In this week's Books Business Abundance Podcast, book planner expert, Tammy Fink. shares how you can use planners in your business to create additional income as well as a better customer experience for your clientele as well as how to make more money by adding a planner to your collection.

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" You're building that connection, you're building that wow factor for them (with a planner)"
-Tammy Fink

Article: How to Use a Planner to Sell Your Other Book(s)

Tammy: I think you have to look at who your client is. Who's going to be that end-user, is it male? Is it a female? Is it gender-neutral? Whatever those pieces look like. What about your programs are you wanting them to connect all the pieces? Why is this a piece that they need to buy? Maybe there's things that you can add to it that make it special, right? These are unique. What we call "unique client experiences". We want the readers of your book to buy this additional book, right? That's the overall goal.

Ellen: Right.

Tammy: And for them to be able to tie it all together. So, my...

27:00 Ellen: Well, let me interrupt you for one minute, which is, and also to say, like, if you've got other books, and then in the back of the book, you say, “Check out my other books,” and one is a planner, that could be like a really thing like, "Oh," because that's not just like all the other ones that are training books.

Tammy: Exactly. Exactly.

Tammy: And with that, I would go undated because you don't know when somebody is going to buy it.

Ellen: Right.

Tammy: And you can do it more than once a year. I would go undated with it. I would also tell you, as you're putting it together, use maybe excerpts from your other books. How brilliant is that right?

Ellen: Yeah.

Tammy: Do quotes out of your other books. Notate that's where that book, because maybe they've missed a book. Maybe they haven't bought one, two, three, four, five, just down the road like you want it. So, maybe you have it, part of that. Maybe you have notes. You have areas in there for them to take notes on your other books or on your other programs, things that they're going to want to remember. Maybe they buy the first book and they buy the secondary planner so that they can start down the process.

28:02 So then, the next book makes sense the next quarter, the next month. Whatever ones you're talking about, maybe you added in that way. The overall idea is to help your readers, right? at this point. You're helping your readers to enjoy more of the pieces of the things that you're teaching and training on. And then, as you're putting it together, help them to discover right? a little bit about themselves in what you're doing. And that makes it personal, so, you're building that connection, you're building that wow factor for them, because then maybe later on you include it as part of a three-book series and the planner, right? But you're constantly planning for other things. You're constantly putting a little bit of seed in that, so that they're following you along on their customer journey.

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